Sunday 16 July 2017

The Ordinary Moments // Birthday Parties

This weekend is our busiest in a while with three birthday parties and a Christening to attend.  We tend to have one day at the weekend where we stay close to home, and then another where we do something more exciting, but this weekend there is no quiet home day and a good amount of cake!

Archie's friend T had a brilliant balance bike party yesterday and the boys loved it.  The older children went out on their balance bikes round a trail and came back covered in mud but with giant grins on their faces.  The younger ones stayed at the base camp and scooted around, had their face painted and played with toys and we all reconvened at the end for party food and cake. 

T's little sister E is the same age as Finn and they get on so well, they were chasing each other round on scooters and bikes, hiding under tables with a bowl of mini sausages and they made the best lion and tiger. 

These two had no problem keeping themselves occupied whilst their elder siblings were off in the woods and their baby siblings were crawling around in the hay.  Finn hates being confined so a huge country park was perfect for him and I think E is just the same. 

The countdown until the summer holidays has really begun now with term finishing on Thursday and I think the boys are going to be ready for a break after our busy weekend!


  1. This looks like a great party and amazing face paints! #TheOrdinaryMoments

  2. That looks like the best idea for a party - and their face paint is amazing!! x

  3. Oh that is a genius idea for a birthday party - and also that there is the cutest lion and tiger ever!!

  4. Those two are adorable! :-) We are looking forward to the summer holidays too.

  5. Wow, their face paint is incredible! Gorgeous photos x

  6. Oh gosh, Becky, these pictures are DARLING! I love their little faces.

  7. Your kids look so cute!! I love your birthday party ideas. What gifts to gave to them? I Buy gifts online as this website have amazing online gifts ideas.


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