Friday 30 June 2017

Me and Mine in June

It has been a month of sunshine and heatwaves, beach trips and afternoons at the park, paddling pools and dips in the sea, and yet our monthly photo is taken in our slightly messy and incredibly cluttered living room.  This month we have been so busy having fun that we haven't managed to take a single family photo so at 5pm on the last day of the month, I have balanced my camera on the window sill and pressed the button once. In some ways I am a bit sad that our photo this month doesn't reflect the wonderful month we have had, but equally, this is us still, at the end of a lovely June.

The biggest event this month has been Cora turning one, but Dylan would probably argue that losing his first two teeth is pretty high up the list. I feel like we have had sunshine nearly every day and I am hoping July is a lot like June was.

Ignore the washing basket full of nappies that still need folding, the fact that Dylan won't let go of the x-box remote and my disastrously dyed hair, here is our photo.

So this month I have been loving spending so much time at the beach, discovering a new place to get macaroni cheese with friends, dressing up as a unicorn for Cora's birthday and planning our summer.

Daddy has been loving the hot weather, Father's day at Kearsney Abbey, sitting in the beer garden with friends in the evening and teaching Cora to walk.

Dylan has been loving his first visit from the tooth fairy, making cardboard houses and a cardboard city at school, playing Minecraft and Cora's birthday cake.

Archie has been loving starting swimming lessons, fresh watermelon in the garden after school, helping Cora learn to walk and playing with his best friend Pippa.

Finn has been loving giving Cora tax from his meals, sitting on the potty, sliding down the stairs really quickly on his belly and spending time with Aunty NatNat

Cora has been loving taking her first steps, cake at her first birthday party, playing chase with Finn around the house and giving big sloppy open mouthed kisses.


  1. I love the photos that capture real life - and I think not having pictures of what you've been doing just shows you've been too busy having fun! #MeandMine

  2. This is a lovely photo and sometimes life is so hectic and fun living that you do forget to capture it and I think sometimes that is great!


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