Sunday 2 October 2016

Babywearing with an AmaWrap

I don't know how people have multiple children without a sling, it has to be one of my most used baby items and it really does make life with four easier.  Stretchy wraps are my favourite for carrying a newborn and we were sent an AmaWrap for Cora.

There are so many companies making stretchy wraps now and whilst in some ways they are all ultimately the same -  a long piece of material - I definitely think there is a big difference between what is available.  What I loved about the Amawrap was that is was just the right amount of stretch for me.  I could tie it before I put Cora in and stretch it around to get her in the right position.  When it was on though, it didn't droop like many I have tried and she stayed in the perfect position for the whole time.

It feels really secure and I can comfortably wear her for hours in my Amawrap.  I use it on the school run, on days out and around the house.  With three big brothers sometimes Cora needs to be out the way and close to me and this is the perfect way to carry her - hands free. 

The Amawrap is easy to tie and wear, feels really secure and means I can carry Cora safely following the Ticks guidelines.  I can completely recommend this wrap and I can see it lasting us for many more months.  I wear it everyday so if you follow me on instagram or facebook you will probably see it popping up regularly.   It comes in a variety of colours and costs £39.99

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