Thursday 4 June 2015

What the Boys Wore - Mini Rodini

Despite the fact these boys refused point blank to wear hats as babies, they seem to love them now, and apparently are never fully dressed without one.  The weather for thick winter hats is over, and it isn't always sunny enough to need their sun hats, so these Mini Rodini beanies we were sent are perfect.

We have never bought Mini Rodini before but I am really impressed with the quality and design of these hats, and have seen some beautiful prints on their website too (check out the crocodiles!).  I love the fact that they run one print through lots of different items, meaning it is great to co-ordinate siblings without completely matching them (I don't get to do this enough!)

Not only do I now have to bribe the boys to stay still for a picture, I also get silly faces pulled every time my camera comes out.  The hats were a big hit though and have been worn lots when the weather isn't as bright.

Mini Rodini are a swedish company devoted to playful kidswear and ethical manufacturing.  Their fabric is certified organic and all designs are still created by Cassandra Rhodin, the illustrated and founder of the company.


  1. Loe the pugs! Mini Rodini is so cute, we have a playsuit on the way for Sienna, it's so cute!

  2. OH but those hats are perfection. We're mad about Mini Rodini here; the designs are just gorgeous and they wear very well.


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