Monday 29 June 2015

4 Months Old

Finn is now 4 months old, and he has slotted into our little family like he was always here.  His personality is starting to show, and his brothers are getting rewarded with smiles and coos for their hard work entertaining him.

This month Finn has learned to roll from his front to his back, and from his back onto his side.  He seemed as shocked as me the first time he managed it and I wondered whether it was a bit of a fluke, but he has rolled several times over the last two weeks, so I think it is safe to say he is rolling. 

He is getting stronger every day, and when he has tummy time he is now bending from nearer the waist rather than the shoulders.  He can prop himself up and look around for a couple of minutes and his head control is getting so much better.  He is still nowhere near as strong as his brothers were at this age, but then he is nowhere near the size they were either, and he has had a pretty rocky start.

At 4 months, Finn weighs 12lb 4oz and is still fitting in 0-3.  He hasn't yet outgrown anything in this size, but he can fit in some of the smaller 3-6 month bits now, although with lots of growing space.  His legs are starting to get those little rolls that I love and he is storming up the growth chart in his little red book, well above the 2nd centile line now, after dropping off the chart for a few weeks.

Finn is so much happier now that he is on a dairy free diet, and all the issues we were having seem to have settled down.  He drinks five 6oz bottles a day generally, although sometimes a little extra and he sleeps anything from 8 to 12 hours solid as his first stretch at night before waking for a feed.  There is no real routine yet in the day, he naps as and when he feels like it still.

His reflux is more under control, he is still sick after most feeds but the projectile vomiting is more rare.  I still carry around two spare changes of clothes at all times though, as it is a little unpredictable.  He doesn't seem bothered by it anymore which is better too.

Just to be different to most babies, Finn loves getting dressed, pulling clothes over his head has him smiling ear to ear and  we hear the beginnings of a giggle as it comes over his neck.  He is ticklish on his tummy and neck and he loves staring at himself in the mirror.

Finn is nearly always surrounded by his brothers, and Archie had to jump in whilst I was taking photos to look at the card and to give Finn a cuddle.  Luckily Finn seems rather curious about the two whirlwinds who can't get enough of him.


  1. Oh he's changed so much lately and is looking so big... definitely lost that newborn look now! And he looks so so like Archie. Glad it's all going well. x

  2. I can't believe he's four months old- he is filling out more now and losing the newborn features! x

  3. That four months has flown by! Glad he's happier with the dairy free. My little girl had reflux too and Carobel was a lifesaver for us!

  4. He is such a cutie, he looks different already from when we met at BritMums I swear! You're right, he is doing so well considering the start he had! He'll be chasing his brothers around before you know it! Thank you so much for linking up with #WhatmyKidDid

  5. Such a cutie! Aria is four months old and is second centile too!
    I'm glad the dairy free seems to be working for you.


  6. He is absolutely gorgeous! It's so sad when they start to look more like babies and less like newborns. I've not actually plotted Oscar on the height chart so maybe I should do that (oops!)



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