Monday 22 June 2015

BabyMoov Physiological Carrier

My absolute essential item for surviving three under four is a sling or carrier.  Two toddlers are demanding enough, but when you add in a baby, you end up with more children than you have hands.  Having Finn in a sling has made getting out and about much easier, it has meant that life doesn't have to change as much for the big two, as I can still run around with them, and you can't beat having a tiny hot water bottle strapped to your front.

As part of our role as BabyMoov ambassadors, we were sent their physiological carrier, and I am really impressed.  I have used a variety of carriers before, but this offered something new, with an inbuild newborn insert, making it suitable from birth without paying for any extras, and a uv cover hidden away to keep baby protected in the summer sun.

The carrier is ergonomic and keeps baby's hips in the recommended M position, with their knees higher than their bum.  The newborn insert means that when they are little their legs sit inside the carrier - I loved this as it kept his feet warm in winter and out of the sun on warmer days.  Finn is still comfortable in it at 12lb, but I think he will be moving into the main seat in around a month.

The carrier is easy to put on, and an be used on your front, back or hip.  I have to admit that I haven't tried it on my hip yet, but I wear Finn most days on my front, and I have worn Archie on my back with this too.  Archie is a large two year old weighing just over 15kg (The carrier is suitable up to 18kg).  I found the carrier comfortable with him in it, although I am out of practice toddler wearing so I don't tend to wear him for longer than an hour now. He isn't knee to knee anymore, but the carrier is supportive and comes high enough up his back that it still feels secure.

There is a small pouch on the waistband that stores the uv cape, and I have found I can just about slot in my phone, or my keys and some money too when I am just walking round the corner to the shop.  

I am really impressed with this carrier, I find it really handy that I can use it for either Finn or Archie without having to carry and extra part and it is incredibly comfortable and easy to use even for those who are not used to baby wearing.  You can find the physiological carrier on their website in two colourways for £59.99 - significantly cheaper than pretty much all other similar carriers, I think this is a brilliant price.  It comes with free shipping and a lifetime guarantee too!


  1. That looks like a great carrier, I'm impressed by both the design and the price! It would work well for me too, with both Little E and LM.

  2. Great post! I love it that babywearing is getting popular again! I'm using a Manduca carrier from and sometimes also a Didysling. But I might as well check out the babymoov carrier soon, it looks very comfortable!

  3. What a fantastic carrier. I have never used one with either of my kids and regret it. I love the idea of carrying them and having snuggles and more bonding time. I wish I had done more of it looking back. I always say if I have a third I will get one of these. Love photos you look fab hun.

  4. This just came up in my google search. :) Think this is the one. Thanks hon! xx


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