Monday 30 January 2012

'To Dinosaur'

My son has a ferocious appetite. . . for milk, for breakfast, for dinner, for kisses and for toys, and it is not just children that make up words.  The Bloke has recently created the verb 'to dinosaur' to describe how Dylan growls as he face-dives at whatever it is he is after.

The phrase 'Dylan is dinosauring' is most commonly used when he notices someone's hands.  He has a real fascination with hands- more specifically, exploring them with his gums. I have never seen someone more desperate to have something than when he is eyeing up my fingers!

I understand that babies love to explore with their mouths but I never expected the salivating as he takes it in, the look in his eyes as he wonders whether it will fit in his mouth (and he is very ambitious- the sofa, a leg, the bumbo) and then with a long line of dribble pouring out his mouth he literally face-dives at whatever it is he wants.

My little Dylasaurus is currently 'dinosauring' a microphone on his baby bouncer acting like he hasn't been fed in months!

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