Saturday 28 January 2012

Welcome to our world

Hello and welcome to our world.

      We- in this case- is myself, Bex and my son Dylan who is 25 weeks old ( 6 months next Thursday).  Dylan entered the world on 2nd August 2011 and turned my life upside down- although I think of it more as him turning it the right way up.  

     From the moment he entered the world I was in love, and even with feeds every two hours in the night, nappies that stink the house out and the terrible state of my roots ( now that I feel Dylan is too old to sit in the buggy for 3 hours whilst I get my hair done) I very rarely feel otherwise.

     I love writing lists, and not the practical 'to do' lists (I write them, but 6 months later I still haven't finished everything on my list for that day).  I like writing any lists, and pregnancy gave me many opportunities from 'baby names', 'things we need for a newborn' and 'Books I want my son to own', to 'names that don't need a surname' (like Thor, and Caesar) and 'what colour buggies I am allowed that aren't too girly' (we ended up with mulberry).

This blog is very likely therefore, to contain many lists both relevant and irrelevant to parenthood, and to start with here is a list of things Dylan and I DO NOT agree on:

1.  When acceptable mealtimes are.  Other than when you are drunk and the kebabs are calling, 3am has never been snack time- especially not every night!

2. That there is a time and a place.  When the extended family is all sat round the dinner time for a special meal, farting so loudly you wake yourself up- although highly amusing, is not general table manners.  It was however extremely funny and as he was only a few weeks old I shall give him time to learn this one.

3.  What tastes nice:  The floor does not.  Mummy's hair does not.  Towels do not.  Teddies do not.  In his defence he hasn't tried chocolate fudge cake yet, but still . . .!

4.  Where his mouth is.  He insists on trying to feed himself but combines it with face painting, highchair painting and floor painting at the same time.  Mummy can get it straight in there nice and neatly, but that's no fun!

Things that we DO agree on:

1. That napping should be part of everyday life.  I could quite easily nap everyday, and probably for longer than he can!

2. Being fed every two hours is nice, but I prefer something more exciting than milk every time.

3.  The importance of cuddles.

4. That the only way I am getting out of bed at 6am is if I get LOTS of smiles, and even then I will find it very hard to reciprocate.

mother and baby, black and white photo, love

Well hopefully you will come back and enjoy the journey with us!
Bex and Dylan


  1. This is lovely Becky :) I especially like the Dylan farting at the table comment... I bet you were in histerics!

    I look foward to lots more stories of your antics :)

    Abbey x

  2. My son Riley was born on the 2nd August too but in 2010, love your blog and really enjoy reading your second pregnancy posts as I'm pregnant with my second too and I think I'm only a week or two behind you :) xx

    Beauty by Emma


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