Sunday 29 January 2012

Our Adventure Begins

My partner and I sat down one weekend in December 2010 and started planning our adventure.  We were going to travel the world- Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and anywhere else that took our fancy.  We set August as our departure date and created savings goals and a joint bank account.  I had been travelling straight after graduating from university, but my partner at the age of 27, had never been on an airplane before.

My partner and I sat down the next weekend in December 2010 and started planning a rather different adventure.  We kept the joint bank account and savings goals, but swapped our August destination from exotic lands to the labour suite at the local hospital.

The blog is called 'The Mummy Adventure', as I swapped one kind of adventure for a much messier, much longer and much more expensive one.  Having a baby is exciting, rewarding and I am always learning something new, and it doesn't have to stop us seeing the world.  Dylan is not even 6 months old and has already taken in the sights of Austria and Czech Republic, and hopefully he will be a very well travelled child- (providing he is always as cheap and well behaved as he was previously) as there as so many places I still want to see.

2 hour old baby, newborn baby, maternity ward

weaning, highchair, 5 month old baby

At 6 months old my son seems to have come so far from that helpless newborn baby, and I think the next chapter of our adventure will be noisier and messier but just as exciting!

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