Sunday 1 August 2021

Nun Night Nine Year Old

A whole decade of you sounds crazy, I was discussing the night before your birth, how completely unaware we were that it was the last time we would go out without a second thought, and it seems like no time has passed in a way, but also like looking back at two strangers, because ten years of parenting you has changed us beyond recognition.

Nine has been full of growth, mental and physical.  I see more and more of the tween you are becoming and less of the child that you were, but you can still surprise me and I know that you are still young compared to many of your peers.  You want to reach the next stage, but you are not yet ready to give up on the last one, and I don't want you to rush.

Nine has been a whole year spent in a global pandemic, a year of not being able to see your friends as much, of missing large chunks of school, of being understanding when we can't always do the things we are used to, but you have gone through it looking for the good and enjoying what you can.  Your end of year school report is a testament to your intelligence and resilience and I couldn't be prouder of the nine year old that you were.  

This was the year we started experimenting with independence and you are the one who has to push for more, because we know your younger siblings will have an easier journey.  You started walking home from school at the end of the year with friends and you have asked to walk there and back in September for year 6.  You asked for a phone for your birthday and I have been so apprehensive as it seems so young, but I know it will give me peace of mind when you are out without me, knowing you can contact me easily.  It is hard watching you grow up and need me less, but it gives me confidence that I have done something right too, if I can trust you to take the next steps without me.  There will be lots of rules, parental controls and limits on the technology, much like the past ten years, it will be a learning curve for both of us, but I am hopeful that we can navigate this together.

As you turn 10, you measure just over five feet tall, with size 5 feet and I know it won't be long until you are bigger than me.  you have always been tall for your age, ever since you arrived two weeks early and weighing nearly 9lb and I think you are going to be a very tall man! You are still naturally cautious though, choosing to avoid the rollercoasters or bigger rides when we were out for your birthday party day at Legoland today, preferring the more gentle experiences instead.

This next year will see you sit the 11+ at school and choose a secondary school.  I am sure you will ask for more freedoms, and with a new baby coming this year, I think you will be encouraged to learn some independent skills too. Nine was full of fun but I think ten is going to be an exciting new adventure for you, I can't wait to be part of it.

Sleep tight my gorgeous nine year old, for tomorrow is a big day.

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