Monday 23 August 2021

Evening Adventures with Dole Fruit in Jelly

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Summer evenings are my favourite, without school in the morning we can be more relaxed about bedtimes and it doesn’t get dark until late, which means we can enjoy being outside even longer.  Dole mandarins in orange jelly are a favourite dessert sweet treat to pack up and take with us on our evening adventures and are loved by all the family.

We are lucky enough to live within walking distance of the beach and the children think it is the best thing ever when we have an early dinner, change into our jammies or onesies and go for an evening stroll.  The beach is our usual destination and they love hunting for sea glass, searching for crabs in the rock pools or just watching the sunset if we make it to the right part of the coast.  There is something special about sneaking in that extra time to the day, just as we would usually be thinking about winding down and when we get those super hot days, it is our favourite time to be out.

Having an alfresco pudding only adds to the excitement and dole fruit in jelly is convenient as it combines real fruit pieces with tasty fruit jelly.  We have started having our sweet treat when we arrive, rinsing the pots out (the children have usually licked them clean by now! And then using them to collect little treasures like pretty shells and flat rocks for skimming.  Cora is always trying to find space in someone else’s as she wants to collect everything she finds and Archie is so specific about what makes the cut, that he is the last to be pulled from the sand as it is time to head home.

These are the nights they always settle down to bed quickest, having had that opportunity to get out the last of the day’s energy, with tummies full of fruit in jelly, sandy toes and pots of treasure.

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