Thursday 10 December 2020

6 Simple Tips for an Enjoyable Holiday with Your Children


As much as family holidays are fun and exciting, they are not easy to put together. While planning, you consider activities exciting enough for your energetic toddlers, temperamental pre-teens, and exhausted adults. One wrong move and things could switch from dreamy to disastrous. Below are a few tips to ensure your family holiday is enjoyable and memorable (positively) from the beginning to the end.

1.     Plan and Organize Beforehand

Proper planning and organization are the secrets to a successful trip. Trying to find your kid's toys, tickets, or snacks last minute can cause unnecessary stress. There are so many details that need your attention before you travel and the only way to keep up with them is to stay organized.

Most mums have a personal organization system, put that into action. For instance, pack in order of hierarchy and have a designated spot to keep essential items such as wallets, phones, and passports. Ensure that you create space for toys, board games, and of course snacks. Keep things in order throughout the trip and ensure to return items after each use.

2.     Involve Your Kids in the Planning Process

One of the main reasons why kids can be difficult during a vacation is if they get bored. The best way to avoid this is by involving them in the planning process. If your children are old enough, let them choose the destination and set up daily trip goals such as finding a unique place in the area or trying new food.

Allowing your children to choose the restaurants or go sightseeing will help them feel empowered and independent during the vacation. They are also likely to pick places which they find more interesting, therefore avoiding boredom.

3.     Ensure That Your Accommodation Is Accommodating

If your children go to bed before you do, which is the case in most families, ensure that your place of accommodation will allow them to do so without any disturbance. You should also be able to have a good time with your significant other- or any other friend or family member you brought to the trip- even after your kids lay down.

The only way to achieve this is by finding a suitable place for accommodation. You could settle for a property for rent rather than a hotel if you are traveling to Singapore, for instance.  Vacation rentals have separate rooms for you and your children. Furthermore, they offer amenities such as a washing machine, a full kitchen, and a kids' playroom; great for a family holiday.

4.     Limit Screen Time during the Trip

It is always tempting to throw a screen in front of your child whenever they are restless, in an attempt to calm them down. However, this can cause them to miss memorable highlights of the trip. Encourage them to participate actively as much as they can and limit screen time to situations when it might be necessary, like on the plane.

This rule also applies to you and your significant other. Avoid being on your phones, email, and social media while on the trip. Be present in every moment and enjoy the quality family time you are having together.

5.     Find Some Alone Time To Be With Your Partner

You and your partner deserve a little quality time together after a long period of taking care of your children and coping with your busy schedule. If you select a family-friendly accommodation, you can squeeze in some free time to enjoy yourself along with your partner.

Choosing accommodation with more than one room means being able to shut the door on them once they are asleep and enjoy a film or game as adults.

6.     Avoid Over planning

It is okay to feel like you have done everything possible before and during the trip. Planning a vacation can be overwhelming, and one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary stress is by accepting that not everything has to be perfect. You will always have doubts; no need to indulge them at the eleventh hour.

Find a nice park or beach near your place of accommodation, and spend some time playing and having fun with your family. Not only is this fun for your children, but it will also help them enjoy the other planned activities during the trip.

Planning a vacation with your children is not an easy task. However, with the above tips, the better part of it should be enjoyable.

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