Wednesday 18 November 2020

Eczema and Me

This post is developed as part of a competition with Epaderm, #BlogonEpaderm

I grew up with Eczema, I remember the rash on my arms and legs and the uncontrollable itch.  I seemed to grow out of it for quite a few years but when I was taking my final exams at university it came back with a vengeance and it was quite a shock having to swap back from all the products I was used to using and sticking with something simple and that didn't aggravate my skin, Epaderm.  I again got through it and it went away but I have found as a parent that it keeps popping up and I think stress might be to blame, especially when I look at the big flare up I am having that started at the same time as the current pandemic!

My skin can't tolerate any products at the moment other than a simple emollient and the change in weather certainly isn't helping.  As an adult my flare ups aren't always in the obvious places (elbows and behind the knees) that I had as a child and I am finding it more important to use only the right products for my whole body as I don't know where the next itch will start.  As I type this I am supressing the urge to scratch my right shin which has been inflamed for several weeks!

None of my children had eczema or skin problems as babies but with my history, I have always been very conscious of what products I use for them and how often we use products on their skin.  As they grew however, two of the boys have developed sensitive skin and patches of eczema  and so Epaderm junior cream has become a staple on the bathroom shelf.  Thankfully neither of them suffer as much as I did as a child but I hope that by using the right products from the beginning we can keep their skin healthy and moisturised.

If you or your child suffers from eczema or sensitive skin then here are some tips that work for me:

-Get rid of all the products and stick to just one that does everything (for me this is Epaderm emollient that I use as a shower gel and a moisturiser).  It lowers the risk of you reacting to something and keeps the bathroom from getting cluttered!

-Don't cover up your skin all the time.  I currently have a flare up on my shin, but I still wear dresses.  My skin needs the air and it means no risk of anything rubbing on it and irritating it further.  

-Once you are in a routine with specialist products, stick with them as these conditions don't tend to disappear, just stay at bay for a while sometimes.

How do you cope with problematic skin?

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