Monday 24 August 2020

What the Kids Wore // Treads School Shoes

We were sent two pairs of Treads Shoes for the purpose of this review

Back to school is looming and we are preparing the final pieces of school uniform ready for September 1st.  Everything looks a bit big still as I seem to inevitably buy with some growing space, and all the polo shirts are so bright they seem to reflect the sun.  We all know that will last approximately one wear before they are stained by dinners, pens or something completely unidentifiable!  This year we are trying out Treads shoes for the older two and the plan is that they make it through a whole school year.

Treads come with a 12 month indestructible guarantee which means they are build to withstand typical playground behaviour and the way children sit and act in school as well as on the football fields.  Obviously most children wait until just after you have bought them new shoes to have a growth spurt, and Treads come in dual sizing with a removable insole so they last that little bit longer too! For both boys I chose their current size and the shoes can not only grow with them into the next, but the sizing is generous too so I really do hope they will last all year!

Dylan chose laces this year, something we haven't tackled yet but at 9 years old he is definitely ready to learn!  He went for the Tokyo which have plenty of rubber to protect his toes and I think they look a little more grown up whilst still being playful.  Archie went for London which is a classic, comfy, velcro style.  The shoes are available for both girls and boys from sizes  junior 11 to adult 11.

The real test of these shoes will be in a few months time though, so I plan to do a little update at 3,6,9 and 12 months to show how the shoes are faring! For now they look shiny and clean and I was keen to pop them back in the box to preserve that as long as I can! Both of these boys start back on the 1st of September ready for the new term though so it is time to get labelling!

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