Wednesday 17 June 2020

The Ordinary Moments in Black and White

I have always been a fan of colour in my photos, I like them bright and bold which usually matches the way the children dress but I was playing around with some that I took and decided that I quite liked them in black and white.

After a day spent indoors, I felt like we all needed to stretch our legs and run around so we walked down the road to the beach.  It was busier than I expected but nothing like it has been during the day and I could pretty much let the children run free without worrying that they would be anywhere close to another person.  That bit of normality felt good, I don't want to be nagging them to constantly avoid people and reminding them of the two metre rule.  They were not only happy to be out, but they were happy for me to take pictures, sometimes telling me exactly where they wanted their photo taken.  

They chased seagulls, threw stones in the sea and climbed all over the rocks before finding the perfect spot to launch themselves into the sand.  We ate biscuits and talked and it felt like the kind of thing we may have done that evening anyway until I remembered that Tuesdays usually mean after school swimming for Cora and then Cubs for Dylan which means we actually spend the day running back and forth to the three schools, clubs and everything else.  One of the best things to have come from Lockdown for us is the change of pace for a while.  The freedom to go out late, to fit our day around us rather than having to fit us around the schedule is refreshing.

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