Thursday 23 April 2020

What the Kids Wore // Nununu

My garden isn't my first choice for taking photos.  Whilst it is a good size, it was pretty much a jungle when we moved in and even with a lot of work done to it, it is rough around the edges and always looks in need of some TLC.  With the current lockdown situation though, I have to make do and when Nununu sent the children some clothes, they were desperate to get them on.

This is by far Archie's favourite brand at the moment.  At 7 his favourite colour is black, he likes skulls and anything a bit edgy and everything needs to be soft.  Nununu ticks all the boxes.

We still haven't got round to learning how to skateboard, despite having owned this little board for many years but the children love sliding down the little bit of paving in our garden with it.  Archie has recently shot up (probably the fact that he hasn't stopped eating since the schools broke up) and so this outfit couldn't have arrived at a better time.  The leggings have images down one leg, are soft and stretchy and perfect for slim children.  Archie is a tall 7 year old wearing the 8-9 here and as you can see, they have plenty of growing space.  His top is a sweatshirt material with a hood and short sleeves and a big pocket on the front that you can put your hands all the way through.  

We have had Nununu clothes for years and one reason I love them is the longevity.  Cora has clothes that were Finn's, Finn has Archie's and some items will be on to the third child very soon.  Cora was sent an amazing yellow jumpsuit which we layered with a handmedown black Nununu long sleeved tee.  I love how bright this is and how fun it looks.  She is wearing an age 3-4 here as a petite nearly 4 year old and it will fit for a long time still.  The tight cuffs make it easy to start wearing earlier though and the pockets are always a winner!

If you are looking for cool, edgy but incredibly comfy clothing for kids then check out Nununu

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