Saturday 11 April 2020

Preparing for Summer with Protest Swimwear


Between the lack of everyday walking which I rely on to keep me healthy and the p.e with Joe every morning (if you haven't discovered this yet then check it out) which is making my legs ache like never before, between the lack of appetite due to stress at the beginning of this lock-down and the copious amounts of baking that we are doing, that of course needs to be tasted, I have no idea what shape I will come out of this pandemic in, and it isn't something I am terribly concerned about most of the time either.

I have been preparing for summer though, even if it isn't going to look like the summer we were planning.  We have a garden and the option to buy a paddling pool and if the weather today is an indicator of what is to come then that might be happening sooner rather than later!  I ordered a bikini from Protest Swimwear and I am so impressed with the quality and fit.  The bikini tops come in cup sizes so you can ensure you are getting something just right and being able to buy the parts separately means they fit well on those of us without standard body shapes.  I went for a bright floral design which is available in lots of mix and match items and have found the sizing spot on.

I have always preferred a bikini, being taller and finding it hard to find swimsuits that are long enough and Protest have both pretty triangle bikinis and push-up bikinis and those more suited to sports.  They also sell swimwear for men and children.  To get 10% off the Protest wesbite, use the code adventure10. This coupon is valid until 30 June 2020.  

My plans for this lock-down involve spending as much time as I can in the garden soaking up some Vitamin D and I am writing this post from a blanket in the garden as the children are barefoot planting vegetables to grow.  I can't wait to be doing this in a bikini in a few weeks time!  I am still clinging on to the hope that we will make it to the beach before the end of the warm weather this year, but even if I am enjoying the sun in my garden, I am prepared.

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