Tuesday 3 March 2020

The Ordinary Moments - Walking Home

Next month I find out what school this tiny girl will be going to.  I already know really, she should be pretty certain of a sibling place as she already has a brother at the infant school we have chosen but it is still a step closer to her starting school, something I am both ready for and dreading at the same time.  I will miss those snippets of time I get with just her whilst her brothers are at school.

She does 2.5 days a week at nursery, we look after my nephew all day on one day off and see friends all day on the other usually so it is that afternoon after nursery that is our real quiet time together.  Sometimes we stay at home and cuddle on the sofa or she plays quietly whilst I get things done and sometimes we go out for a little wander, to the park or the shop or down to a cafe.  The school days fly by now (I thought I was going to have so much free time!) so it is never long before we have to start the school runs but I love those moments with her which will be harder to come by in a few months.

I know that right now mainstream school is the right place for us, I know she will be ready in September and she is going to love it, I am looking forward to having more time to work, socialise (and nap) without little people around but I will miss this one on one time that I get with her every week.

These photos are from a walk home, we had popped over to a friends house and the fastest way back was through the park.  I love that they capture a variety of her cheeky faces, and the last photo just as we got back to our house showing how long her hair has got now that she isn't a baby anymore, the way it falls on her back.  If I could freeze these moments to revisit when she gets bigger I totally would.

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  1. I can't believe she's nearly at school! I remember really cherishing these last few months with Troy before he started school too. We really never get that time back x


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