Thursday 28 February 2019

Our Family in February

February is coming to an end and two of the boys have celebrated a birthday this month.  With that and a week off for half term, I am pretty sure February has sped by at double the speed of January and March is arriving with daffodils, the lovely/dreaded world book day and the promise of Spring (although the last few days have tricked me into thinking it has already arrived).  February was tiring, if you can describe a month in that way and I am ready for something new.

This month's photo is a classic last minute one taken in our garden which is still very much a work in progress.  The children were bribed with a 'sweetie' (otherwise known as a chewy multivitamin) but they still were not in a particularly co-operative mood and this was the best I could hope for. 

This month I have loved a child free lie in thanks to my amazing mum, walking outside without a coat on, planning fun things for the rest of the year and eating all the Easter eggs!

Ed has loved his first trip to Ikea, being outside in the sunshine, using his chainsaw gardening and having a child free evening.

Dylan has loved starting Karate club at school, lots of playdates with his friends in the half term, watching the The Kid Who Would Be King at the cinema in London and having a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Archie has loved having a big party with all his friends, his new Mini SNES game console, going to the park after school and going to the beach.

Finn has loved telling everyone he is four, opening presents, playing with his new water toys in the garden and seeing his best friend at nursery.

Cora has loved getting new puffin wellies, going for walks in the wagon, playing in the swings until Mummy's arms ache and morning cuddles in bed.

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