Saturday 31 March 2018

Me and Mine in March

March is leaving us with the taste of Spring and sunshine along with a threat of snow and plenty of rain.  It feels like Spring should be starting about now, but the weather man is not convinced yet.  Boots and coats are still very much needed and we are feeling a little nervous about our Easter holiday plans.

March was the month that Ed turned 34, that Archie broke his collarbone, that Finn took mischief to another (more destructive) level, that Dylan challenged stereotypes and that Cora decided to assert her independence and the month where we had a 'mini' holiday' to London.  It was quick and busy and quiet all at the same time and we are excited for April and Easter and hopefully sandals and sunshine.

This month I have loved going to see School of Rock with my Mum, buying myself fresh flowers, discovering there is more local woodland than I thought and watching the children playing so nicely when we went to London.

Ed has loved getting new windows for the whole house, playing Junior Monopoly with the boys, eating mini eggs every night and the Beer Festival on Good Friday.

Dylan has loved visiting the SeaLife Centre in London, choosing his new glasses, making Easter hats at school and eating red pepper.

Archie has loved building his own bear at Build-a-bear, getting extra cake because he has a broken bone, playdates with his friends and counting down to Easter.

Finn has loved playing in the rain at the zoo, playing Football with some German men on the Southbank, starting at toddler gym and doing puzzles.

Cora has loved choosing her own clothes in the morning, peeling satsumas,  answering every question with the word 'me' and carrying around a Chase from Paw Patrol teddy all the time.

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