Friday 9 February 2018

Why We Travel

It wasn't until I became an adult that  found my passion for travelling and it has only grown since having children.  We didn't let one child stop us exploring and we aren't going to let four either.  We travel for us, for them and because there is a whole world out there to be seen and experienced.

We travel to explore

We want new experiences, whether those are new skills, trying a new sport, tasting a new dish or seeing new creatures.  We love the novelty of something new and filling our children  with wonder and experience.

We travel to escape.

We want time off work, off of school, off of laundry and cleaning and cooking every day.  We want to sit back and relax and not worry about everyday things.  We want to escape and enjoy being away.

We travel to reconnect.

With school and work, preschool and playgroups, going away gives us a chance to be all together without distractions.  We love watching how our children interact with each other and how our relationships with them change.

We travel for luxury

Let's be honest, who doesn't want to get into a freshly made bed that you didn't make yourself! We want to wake up somewhere beautiful, go swimming every day and feel looked after for a few days.

We travel to learn.

A new language, a new way of doing things, a new skill, a new culture.  Every holiday is a learning experience, sometimes big, sometimes small but we always come away having learned something new.

Simpsons Travel are looking for bloggers and we would love to try out one of their stunning destinations.  As a larger family we know self catering villas are perfect for us and their holidays look perfect for us with a mixture of sun, sand, sea and family.

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