Thursday 30 November 2017

Me and Mine in November

November has been the month that Autumn became Winter, even if not officially.  We started the month in light jumpers and thin tights, mild mornings and trips to the park after school  yet we are ending it wrapped up in hats and scarfs, with the heating on, candles burning and the anticipation of Christmas everywhere we look.  November seems to be very much a transition month and it has passed quickly and without standing out too much.

I don't feel like we have done much, but friendships have been established, play dates enjoyed, the outside world appreciated and all four children seem to have grown in the past four weeks.  We didn't manage to get a family photo on time, so this is a very last minute phone snap before the school run this morning - only three of us are dressed, the house is messy and not everyone really knows what is going on - we will always make sure we get a photo, even if it is by the skin of our teeth.

December will be full of excitement and magic, Christmas and fun and I feel like our simple November leads perfectly into it.  This month 

Becky is loving a night out with the reception mums from school, playing football, a day out with my big two boys and going to the Mother and Baby awards.

Ed is loving is new breadmaker, getting Sky for the house, discovering that we have underfloor heating in the kitchen and celebrating friend's birthdays

Dylan is loving arts and crafts with Aunty NatNat, a day in London with Mummy, preparing for the school Christmas show and asking 'who would win in a fight' questions about animals and mythical beings.

Archie is loving playing Pokemon cards, talking about Pokemon cards with his friends, drawing Pokemon and thinking about Pokemon related presents he can ask Father Christmas for.

Finn is loving scooting to nursery, getting himself dressed and undressed, chatting to the older ladies in the cafe and the new playgroup we have started going to.

Cora is loving carrying around her dolly, walking on the school run, splashing in puddles and having her hair brushed.

Hopefully our December photo will be a bit more organised!

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