Thursday 23 March 2017

Mother's Day Experience Inspiration

When I was a child, my Dad would always take us out to choose our Mum a present.  We usually went to the local newsagents on our bike and we would pick her a chocolate bar or packet of sweets.  I am pretty sure we went for our favourites in the hope that she would share, but we chose them ourselves and that is what mattered to her.  

We would go downstairs with him in the morning and help make some toast and a cup of coffee and Mother's Day would begin.  As we got older, choosing a gift got harder.  A bar of chocolate no longer seemed enough, but that didn't mean we had great ideas.  I don't think I really appreciated my mum enough until I had my own children though - suddenly picking a gift to symbolise how much she means to me, to all of us is really tough!

Flowers and chocolates are always appreciated, but I like finding a gift that is a bit different (especially as I know that my brother and sister will be buying her something too).  This Saturday (25th) Tesco have an inspiration station in 300 of their stores (I will be popping down to Broadstairs on Saturday to check it out) for some last minute help.  I answered a few questions online and the team helped pick out the perfect gift for my mum and they will be on hand to help anyone who has left it last minute but wants to show their mum just how loved she is.  

22% of people admit they don't know what to buy their Mums (me included) so the help team can choose an experience based on your answers and you can even use your clubcard points to exchange them for your gift.  Many of the experiences encourage us to spend more time with our Mums - and I am looking forward to a day out with my Mum when we go on the Chocolate Delight Workshop that the team picked for us (They totally nailed this one, we are a pair of chocoholics). 

16% of men are sending their partners out to buy a gift for their Mother-in-law (again, me) and I am hoping to find something perfect with the help of the team on Saturday. I have been accruing my clubcard points all year too so it will be a bonus if I can use those.

I can't wait to give my mum her gift on Mother's day and I am thinking of letting the boys all pick something for Grandma from the chocolate aisle in Tesco on Saturday to keep the tradition going.  

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