Tuesday 7 March 2017

5 Things to Consider when Moving Area.

I am sure most of us have thought about moving area for some reason or other .  Some want to be closer to a city, or more rural, others dream of the beach or the lakes, we have been looking at how much cheaper house prices are in the North of the country and wondering whether it it is worth it.  Here are 5 things to consider before you decide to set down roots somewhere new.

1) House prices.  When you look at what you can afford for your budget there is such a huge variation.  The same amount may get you a one bedroom flat in central London or a six bed detached house in County Durham.  If you have a job that is flexible then knowing what you can get for your money is a big factor.

2) Burglary Rates.  Burglaries make up roughly 7% of all crimes in the UK and are much more prevalent in some areas than others. This map shows how living in a big city can put you more at risk of having your possessions taken and you can find more figures on this Burglary map of England Wales if choosing somewhere with lower crime rates is a priority.

3) What will your support network be like?  If you are leaving friends and family then choosing somewhere where you already know someone may make the move easier.  Having to make a whole new set of friends can be challenging so finding somewhere with a little familiarity could help you decide on where to move.

4) What local ammenities does the area you have chosen have? If you don't drive is there good public transport? What are the local schools and neighbourhoods like? Is there a nice park for children to play in? Visiting the area in advance can help you get a better feel for how your family will fit in and how it will fit with your lifestyle.

5) What kind of jobs are available in the area?  Are you close enough to a big city if you have a corporate job?  If you work in a specialist job then it may be worth researching where the best companies are based to increase your chances of finding the ideal position.

What plays the biggest factor in your decisions of where to live?

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