Tuesday 31 January 2017

Me and Mine January

We are already a whole month into 2017 and what a crazy one it has been! In the wider world we have seen the devestation that Trump is causing and in my smaller world we have applied for a school place (Archie) , travelled to find snow, gained extra teeth (Cora) and watched far more TV than I would like.  

My photos from this month aren't the sharpest and typically we forgot to find anyone to take them until the last minute of our ski trip so there is a fading light and less than ideal background.  We managed three vaguely happy (not crying) children out of four so I am still calling it a win.  We had the most amazing family holiday and I hope I will look back and remember how we were too busy having fun to stop for photos.

In January Mama is loving seeing her sister in France, going up to London for the kids fashion trade shows, hot baths after a cold day and eating cheese fondue and raclette.

Daddy is loving skiing down the red runs, watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix, quiet weekends at home and watching how well Dylan could ski.

Dylan is loving going down the blue run with mummy and Daddy, making a holiday scrap book, birthday cake at Uncle Oli's birthday and learning about the Chinese New Year at school.

Archie is loving skiing down the snake, playing Dig Out on the tablet at the airport, finding the letter 'A' everywhere and playing with Cora in the mornings.

Finn is loving spending time with Aunty NatNat, pinching everyone else's food, turning the tv off if we put anything other than Blaze on and perfecting his pronunciation of the word 'biscuit'.

Cora is loving carbs (her favourite foods are toast, chips and potatoes), her doll from Nanny, bouncing on her feet and sleeping in the crook of my arm.

February may only be a short month, but two out of our six have birthdays to celebrate so the boys are all pretty excited for it!


  1. Love your happy snowy photos and can't wait to go skiing with men family #meandmineproject

  2. Love the snowy photos, I am desperate to take mine skiing one day. It sounds like you have had a lovely month and a great one to come too x

  3. Aww look at your lovely family. I love snow pictures! xx

  4. Ahhh these are some of my fave girl. I love the family snowy ski trip. Sounds and looks amazing. You all look like you are having such a great time. Happy month ahead. #meandmineproject

  5. Aww these photos are lovely - you're all looking at the camera which is amazing! Bet you had the best time skiing xx

  6. There's been a lot of tv watching going on in our house too - Dave and I have been working hard on the house and the kids have been chilling out with tablet and telly - February shall be the month we get our adventures back!


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