About Us

Hello and welcome to our world! 

My name is Bex and together with my partner in crime Ed, we are navigating the adventure that is parenting our four small people.  I never thought I would have children in my twenties and certainly not four of them, but here I am at 31 with a small tribe of mini humans that all call me Mummy (and sometimes Muuuuuuuuummmmmy).

I started blogging over eight years ago after my eldest son, Dylan was born and it has all evolved since then.  What started out as a way to keep me occupied during the night feeds and to challenge me to use my brain a bit more after spending the day having conversations with a six month old has turned into a way to record our life and adventures from the ordinary everyday to those amazing moments I will never forget. 

I am 32 and most of my bucket list revolves around travel.  I want to see the world and I want to take my family with me.  My degree is in English literature but I don't read enough and instagram is my happy place.

Dylan is 8 and it was because of how chilled out he was as a baby that this blog began.  Gone are the days he would sleep all day, now you are more likely to find him drawing, playing with his brother, doing something Minecraft related or talking to me about the countries he wants to visit.

Archie is 7 and is always on the move.  He would spend all day playing computer games if you let him but he loves being outdoors too, practising stunts on his scooter or doing anything with his friends. He is so incredibly caring and definitely my cuddly one!

Finn is five and loving his first year at school.  He is headstrong, determined and absolutely charming.  He makes friends wherever he goes and he loves to climb, dance and sing.  Finn is overflowing with character and once you have met him, you won't forget him!

Cora at 3 is the baby of the family and she goes from being a little baby in my arms one minute  to an independent sassy toddler the next.  Despite my intentions to raise her like her brothers, she is in to all things pink and fluffy and she loves a dog.

Our house is noisy, messy, slightly chaotic and absolutely full of love. 

If you want to get in touch to discuss working together, if you have a comment or if you just want to say hi then please email me at Beckygower@live.co.uk

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