Sunday 26 March 2023

Femme Luxe Loungewear

Advertorial in collaboration with Femme Luxe

I feel like all my posts recently have been about the big things.  Travel, adventure and birthday posts seem to be what I come to the blog for and it probably makes my life look a lot more glamorous than the reality, which involves endless club runs, meetings at schools and the excitement of getting new loungewear.  I will continue to post mostly about the exciting things we get up to, because I love looking back on our adventures and I hope I can inspire someone else to dream big even with a whole gang of children, but today I am writing about the more ordinary aspects of life.

One of the best things to come out of the lockdowns in my opinion, is loungewear.  I don't think I owned a single pair of joggers before 2019 and now I can't get enough of them.  I still wear my jeans but comfort has become so much more of a priority when I am buying clothing now.

I chose a few pieces off the Femme Luxe website and this  loungewear set of joggers and a hoody is my new favourite thing to change into once the school and club runs are finished for the day.  Despite promising myself we wouldn't get so busy again and wouldn't resume all the commitments, once real life restarted, we appear to have more going on than ever.  The moment I can sit down with a cup of tea on the sofa is absolutely one of my favourite parts of the day.  This drawstring hoody and high waisted joggers set is comfy, warm and has the kind of pockets things don't fall out of (which is a big factor when choosing things for me).  The hoody has a drawstring bottom so it can be pulled in for more shape, but I like it left loose.  I normally wear an 8/10 and I am five foot nine. Everything I am wearing is a 10 and true to size I would say.

I also chose an oversized white hoody dress which I have been wearing both with skinny jeans, over running leggings and with loungewear because it is so effortless to throw on.  It is so easy to wear and the fleecy inside is very soft. I particularly like how the sleeves are nice and long as I often struggle with being taller and having long limbs.  I have already got lots of different ways to wear this hoody dress planned so expect to see it crop up on my pictures regularly!  Femme Luxe sell a variety of hoody dresses and I really like the look of the denim look one.

These loungewear pieces are the kind of clothes that are perfect for the everyday that I don't share so much of.  They are perfect for the school runs, which seem endless now I have children at 3 different schools.  They are ideal for the playgroups, baby gymnastics and chasing a toddler round a park.  They are designed for cooking the three different versions of a meal most nights as I have run out of ideas of things everyone will eat, and I am comfy in the evenings whilst I eat ice cream out the tub in my bed with the TV on.  The 'lazy weekends' (where I am still up early to drop boys at football or parkour) are a whole lot more comfy since the pandemic made us realise the beauty of loungewear.

Femme Luxe do more than just comfy loungewear, check out their Denim shorts and Summer dresses if you are getting ready for the warmer weather

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