Wednesday 22 February 2023

Safe Skiing with Piste X Code

We first went skiing in 2014 and it has become one of our favourite things to do as a family ever since.  All four children now ski when we go away, with lessons in the morning and out with us in the afternoon and I love watching the pride they have in themselves as they progress.  It is still a couple of years until Rex can put on skis, but he has four mini teachers excited to help him out when he does.  Cora and Finn are still cautious and happiest on green runs (the easiest and flattest) whilst Dylan and Archie are more confident on the blues (next stage up) and love adding in little jumps and off piste sections. 

Learning the basics of a new sport is tricky and with skiing, it isn't just yourself you have to think of, it is everyone else on the slopes.  During a run we will inevitably come across people much faster than us, hurtling past and also people much slower who are still new to skiing and lessons taking place. Knowing how to navigate all that is so important and if the children are old enough to ski, then they are old enough to learn about safety.  This is where the Piste X Code comes in - a simple way to teach children (and remind adults) how to stay safe and respect others on the slopes.  In this video BBC Ski Sunday Presenter Ed Leigh introduces the code.


Thankfully, we haven't yet had an accident on the piste but we do stick to the important rules and ski with respect for both the terrain and other people.  It won't be long until the children over take me with their skills and want to ski the runs beyond my ability so reinforcing the message regularly is so important.  I will be writing more about our family ski holiday this week so if you are considering booking a family ski trip then make sure you check back!

This post is for the Ski Safe Blogger Campaign by Alikats Mountain Holidays and Piste X Code. Find out more here

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