Wednesday 22 July 2020

What the Kids are Wearing - Reima Sneakers

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All 4 children ended up going back to their schools for some time at the end of term.  Dylan had 4 weeks of full time, Finn 3 weeks of part time, Archie got 4 days and Cora had 6 hours a week for a few weeks.  It has been difficult but they were all desperate to go back and it did them good.  Today is the last day of term though and the summer holidays is officially beginning for us.

After a strange few months, I think this summer is going to be quite different for us too as many of the things we usually do, like festivals are unable to open this year and we don't have many travel plans but we are looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors and getting as much 'normality' as we can whilst the sun is shining.  Some things have changed temporarily over this lockdown period and some things permanently. I hope that we continue to make the most of the beautiful area we live in and explore it further.

Reima let the children all pick some new trainers and it was no surprise to me when two of them went for pink.  For these mini explorers shoes need to be above all else practical, suitable for climbing and running and they don't want anything 'boring'.  I love the fact the same style crosses sizes so they all have matchy shoes, but the boys all have elastic laces and Cora has velcro.  The velcro sizes go from a  UK 6 to a UK 11 and the elastic sizes from a UK 11 to a UK 6.  As Dylan's feet grow at an astonishing rate it is nice to have easy shoes that fit him whilst most shops have moved on to a grown up style and real laces.  We also love that they are all machine washable!

I took a few photos of the children playing in their favourite place the other day, we met a friend there and the little ones loved borrowing her dog and taking him for walks.  (It is still a firm no to having our own though).  If you want to check out the Reima Sneakers then click through here

Now to look forward to an extra six weeks with these special little people of mine!

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