Monday 11 November 2019

Kalyves Beach Resort in Crete

We paid for our own flights but everything else was provided by Seacrete Hotels

During our recent trip to Kiani Beach resort, we spent a day at their sister hotel, the Kalyves Beach Hotel just along the coast in Chania.  Kiani Beach was a very family focused resort and we were keen to see the differences between the two all inclusive hotels as I had heard wonderful things about  Kalyves Beach.

We were greeted with such warmth and the hotel was situated right on the beach.  It was much quieter and calmer than Kiani Beach but still with so much for families. We found it more relaxing and if I was visiting without the children then this is the hotel I would choose.  There were two outdoor pools as well as an indoor one and the kids loved the indoor pool as it wasn't quite as deep as the other hotel and the bigger boys could stand up in it.  I loved the fact that it was right on the beach and couldn't resist a swim in the sea.

A river runs alongside the hotel and feeds into the sea and the hotel restaraunt borders it meaning you can sit outside and watch the ducks as you eat.  They get fed at lunch time and the children loved helping out and throwing in some food.  

The restaraunt served delicious food with a great vegetarian selection and all the desserts looked amazing! There was a bar outside with the same service we had at the sister hotel and plenty of places to sit.  The children love taking Uno on holiday and we had plenty of games sat by the pool enjoying some cold drinks.

There are lots of cats around Greece and we found one with a few tiny baby kittens which the children absolutely loved.  I must admit I was very tempted to take some home with me.  One of the things we really loved about Kalyves Beach is that the small town is right next door so there is much more to explore.  The town is small and colourful with shops and restaraunts and plenty of flowers and you can also walk along the coast.  Everyone we met was so friendly and ladies came out of their houses to offer the children sweets and to speak to them.  As we walked along the coast a man called us over whilst he was fishing and spoke to them in brilliant English about how he was catching the fish and what sort of species you find in the area.  There was such a lovely attitude to families and we loved seeing a little more of the area.

There was lots of evening entertainment at Kalyves beach as well as sports activities and a playground on the sand.  We all loved the hotel and the boys especially kept asking to visit again.  I think that Kiani Beach was better suited to our larger family as it is more family focused but I loved Kalyves Beach and it would be a great hotel to go back to as the children get a bit bigger.

Of course there are plenty more photos from our day at Kalyves Beach Hotel and you can see more from other bloggers who stayed there like Pink Pear Bear and You Baby Me Mummy

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