Sunday 30 June 2019

Our Family in June

Goodbye June and hello summer! June was a month of little adventures, days at the beach and in the woods, cinema trips and swimming and the preparing for the end of the school year. These final weeks always seem to take forever as everyone loses motivation but Finn has been excitedly doing his settling in sessions and there isn't long until he will be in a fresh blue polo shirt too! June had plenty of parties including Cora's and it was the last month I could say I had a baby (and even that was pushing it) as my little girl is now 3!

This month I loved spending all day at the beach, playing Pokemon Go on my phone, giving landscape photography a go and throwing a huge garden party.

Ed loved a childfree weekend at Download festival, seeing Tool play, cooking all the bbq food and finding a new favourite beer.

Dylan loved planning his birthday party and sending out very early invitations, having a bouncy castle in the garden, going to school earlier in the morning so he has more time to play and watching The Kid Who Would Be King on DVD.

Archie loved riding a horse at a birthday party, lots of after school play-dates with his friends, swinging on a rope swing in the woods and dressing himself head to toe in pink.

Finn loved seeing the new Toy Story film, going to his swimming lessons, spending time in his new school classroom and playing in the tent in the garden.

Cora loved opening all her birthday presents, stroking every dog she can find and trying to take them all home with her, a toy My Little Pony that her friend gave her and swimming.

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