Thursday 23 May 2019

What the Kids Wore // Reima

I very rarely dress the children entirely matching because their personalities and style is just so different that there is very little they all suit but I love co-ordinating them and finding things that look a bit similar or in the same print, partly because they look fun but also because it makes tracking down a lost child a lot easier! I usually have them in at least the same colour for travelling and airports!

I am going to be working with Reima this year, a brand we have loved for years since we first discovered their amazing ski wear and all four children needed a raincoat for the spring so I couldn't resist getting them matching coats in different colours. It means they still get to look unique but they look like a walking rainbow when they are together and I know the quality is outstanding.

All the coats are completely waterproof, windproof and dirt-repellent as well as being lightweight and fleece lined and perfect for spring showers or autumn winds.  (You can see all Reima's softshell collection here).  It has been wonderfully sunny this past week but I don't trust the weather not to change and these sizes should take them through to next Autumn at least! Reima sizing is based on height rather than age and all four children are wearing the size that corresponds to their height with just the right amount of growing room!

You will be seeing lots more pictures of the children in Reima clothing over the coming year and not just their outerwear! We are looking forward to trying out their swimwear and casual clothing too!

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