Sunday 31 July 2016

Me and Mine July

July has been a month for juggling - working out how to do everything with a small person firmly attached to me.  It is our second me and mine as a family of 6 and we are all a little more in focus this time! July has been packed full of birthday parties and has seen Dylan and Archie break up for the summer holiday.  We have had enough sunshine that I am leaving the month with happy memories of four weeks spent outdoors.

We are finding our feet as a family of six and with a little bit of winging it and a lot of teamwork things are getting simpler.  These photos were taken in the woods where we spent a lovely afternoon eating a picnic and exploring.  We each wore a baby on our front in slings and a back pack on our back and the bigger two wandered with us.

The month Mama is loving snuggly newborn cuddles, listening to the boys singing to their sister, days out with the whole family and all the birthday cake we have eaten this month

The bloke is loving collecting Pokemon, introducting Dylan to computer games, eating at the Carvery when we can't be bothered to cook and ice cold Coca Cola.

Dylan is loving playing minecraft, counting down to his birthday, lazy mornings in his pjs and playing in the sea.

Archie is loving having his big brother home from school, singing twinkle twinkle to his baby sister, pointing out numbers everywhere we go and playing with water in the garden.

Finn is loving walking along just holding one finger, unravelling the tin foil in the kitchen, cuddling baby Cora and playing in Grandma and Grandpa's garden.

Cora is loving milk, cuddles, her first bathtime and being in the sling.


  1. Ah you must be so busy lovely, I can only imagine. But you all look great and how nice has it been to be able to go for nice picnics in the woods and such? The weather has been lovely this month! xx

  2. Such a nice family encouragement. Sometimes i wonder how you manage...well done

  3. Awww, gorgeous photo and huge congratulations!!

  4. Aww they are such lovely photos Bex, and good for you for going for it and heading out on a picnic - it looks like everyone was having a blast!

  5. Ahhhh beautiful photos Bex! Cora still looks days old, bless her! Shes so tidgy!! Its crazy how grown up Dylan and Archie suddenly look! You look amazing and like it's all coming so naturally to're my mama inspiration ;) #Meandmine xx

  6. Oh bex these are adorable. I love your family captures each month. You look amazing and little princess looks so tiny. I always forget how small newborns are until they are next to their older siblings. You are like super momma. I wish I had your magic mommy skills. You seem to do it all so smoothly. #meandmineproject

  7. You are looking fab Bex! Look at her, so teeny, still can't believe she is here after months of seeing your bump grow! Hope you are doing well, hard to juggle everything isn't it? xx #MeandMineProject

  8. I love these photos - especially the boys with their grubby faces! I have no idea how you are coping with four kids, I struggle with two! You are totally winning at this mama business x


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