Saturday 4 June 2016

What the Boys Wore : Toby Tiger

This half term holiday hasn't been at all what I expected.  The sun I was hoping for was replaced with showers, the temperatures dropped and everyone was just a bit too tired for most of the week.  Finally today the sun came out - not until 3pm of course, but suddenly the clouds parted, the skies brightened and we managed to enjoy a bit of the half term holiday I had planned.

We are lucky to have a beach within walking distance of our house and it was exactly what we needed - fresh air, space and ice cream.  The boys were sent some wonderfully colourful clothes from Toby Tiger, an organic clothing company committed to letting kids be kids and it seemed the perfect day to wear their new outfits.

Finn's outfit has to be my favourite, the blue t-shirt with a turtle on is just the perfect colouring for him and the shorts satisfy my love of all things rainbow.  They are both super soft and stretchy and feel built to last.  He is wearing age 1-2 which has plenty of growing space and fits a cloth nappy underneath easily.  

Archie loved how comfortable his outfit was - as a child that needs to move and climb at every opportunity he needs stretch and his shorts and tee offer that.  He is wearing 3-4 as an average sized 3 year old and they will definitely both fit next year too.  The colours are vibrant and the stripes and print hide any mess pretty well (something he also likes to test).

Dylan was sent a long sleeved top and blue shorts and he loves them both.  The shorts are soft and exactly what he would choose for himself.  The red pocket on the back makes the outfit look really well put together and we love that the print wraps around the back of the top as well. 

What I really love is how well these clothes all go together.  The whole range is bright and the core colours run through it all making it easy to mix and match and meaning that getting siblings looking co-ordinated is really easy.  I love how great the boys look together in these outfits and everything is really unisex so they can be handed down and I can even match our little bump into the gang when she arrives.  (in fact I have my eye on a couple of sleepsuits for her already).

These clothes are just perfect for the summer we are hoping to have and the longer length on the shorts will be great to keep them covered in the sun.  Everything is light and airy and such fantastic quality too.  

Thank you to Toby Tiger for sending us such a gorgeous collection of clothes.

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  1. They're all cute outfits but I do love Finn's rainbow shorts, they're just adorable!!


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