Tuesday 1 December 2015

What the Boys Wore - Lottie and Lysh

One of the best things about blogging, is the opportunities to discover small companies that make amazing children's products.  Lottie and Lysh are one of these finds, and they create beautiful leggings, jackets and bibs in a variety of fun fabrics.  Everything is handmade in the UK (down in Cornwall in fact) by Lottie, a mother of small  children just like mine who need fun practical clothes.

kids fashion blogger, lottie and lysh, ambi toys, baby fox clothing

Foxes seem to be everywhere this season which I love as they look so sweet on kids clothes.  These leggings are a perfect fit on my dinky one, with plenty of stretch as he grows too.  The cotton is thick and soft and he has the matching bib as well.  

Baby Boden Fox, Lottie and Lysh, kids fashion blogger

Lottie and Lysh, handmade leggings, Baby dressed as Fox

These cloud leggings are so bright and wonderful and they go with so much of his wardrobe as well. 

cloud baby leggings, lottie and lysh, baby fashion

All the leggings Lottie and Lysh make are completely unisex and perfect for little babies and active toddlers.  They seem to be hardwearing and incredibly comfortable and Finn's look great after several washes too. Our wishlist seems to be growing daily and the new collection launches this week so make sure you go and check them out!

kids fashion, baby cloud print leggings, rainbow top, Lottie and Lysh, Molo

Thank you to Lottie and Lysh for sending these gorgeous leggings and bibs - we will definitely be buying more!


  1. THAT cardie is brilliant! I might try and knit something similar! :-)

  2. FOX LEGGINGS with a FOX COAT? I'm sold. I would absolutely wear that outfit myself!


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