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Monday, 7 May 2018

What the Kids Wore // Little Green Radicals

It has been a week of potty training here, with lots of naked time in the house, but cabin fever has caught up with us and we have needed to venture out.  We were sent a few items from the new spring summer collection at Little Green Radicals and I fell in love immediately.   You may have noticed that yellow is my favourite colour and I love the co-ordinating pinafore and shorts.  The prints are all fun, colourful, childish and playful and they are so easy to wear.  Everything is 100% organic cotton too so you don't need to worry about chemicals.

There is the smallest woodland area near to our house that is just beautiful to explore and ideal for hide and seek and that is where most of these photos are taken.  Cora is wearing a beautiful patterned top that I want to pair with shorts next time as it looks so beautiful on its own too and a pinafore dress that has an adjustable waist and straps meaning it fits all shapes and sizes and has lots of growing room!  Finn is wearing a printed tee and yellow shorts that also have an adjustable waist. 

In the second set of photos Cora has a beautiful summer dress which we layered with a plain yellow top underneath, and Finn has the same t-shirt on but with the star joggers which look super comfy! You can find all these items and more on the Little Green Radicals website.  Both children are also wearing Bobux sandals.

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion

little green radicals, spring summer toddler fashion,

These outfits were sent to us by the lovely folk over at Little Green Radicals

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Monday, 17 October 2016

What the Kids Wore - Tootsa MacGinty

There is something to love about every season and I am sure I say it each time the weather changes, but I do think Autumn may be my favourite.  The memories of summer, the promise of Christmas and the ever changing environment to discover.  The weather seems to change every day and it is all about layers for us as I can never quite tell whether it is arms out or jumpers on.  One of our favourite places to explore in the Autumn is the forest and Tootsa Macginty sent the children some clothes that were perfect for climbing, crunching, running and cuddling in.

Tootsa Macginty, unisex kids clothing, kids fashion blogger

It is the first time we have been since Finn started walking and I love watching him discover things in a new way now that he is more vertical.  He loves the freedom of being able to roam and his brothers mostly followed his lead - it is a lot easier than telling him no every time he walks away from us.  

Tootsa Macginty

Tootsa MacGinty, Bobux

Finn is wearing some gorgeous yellow cords which are soft and lined with an adjustable waist.  I love the colour and the adorable fox poking out the back pocket.  They even have little fox details around the cuffs.  His jumper is incredibly soft and even nicer in real life - probably my favourite piece from the whole collection.

Brothers, Tootsa Macginty, kids fashion blogger

I love how unisex Tootsa Macginty clothes are as it makes them ideal to keep to pass down to Cora.  The new collection is all so well co-ordinated that you can find a style to suit each of them and know that they look brilliant together.  This Northern Lights collection takes inspiration from the dramatic scenery and magestic wildlife of Scandinavia.

Tootsa MacGinty, Kids fashion blogger, children's fashion

Tootsa Macginty, kids fashion blogger

Archie's raglan sleeved top comes up small so definitely size up in this style.  The sleeves have a village scene on them and match Finn's jumper which I love!  Archie's trousers are like jogging bottoms but in a denim shade and they look so comfy.  The waist is adjustable which is necessary on my super skinny boy and they are thick enough to keep him warm over the winter and protect him as he explores the woods.

Children's fashion blogger, Tootsa Macginty

These clothes were designed to be played in and despite Finn crawling, climbing and falling, everything washed really well and looks as good as new still. The cords seem to repel dirt and the white tops stay white even after lots of wear, and my boys are not the tidiest of eaters!

Tootsa Macginty, kids fashion

kids fashion blogger, Tootsa Macginty

There is something so refreshing about being out in the woods - these big boys of mine who have suddenly developed an obsession with the tablet and x-box, need time away from technology where it isn't tempting them, and they get so much more from being outdoors.  I want them to have a good balance and being somewhere so free really helps.

Cora was sent a new dress which matched her smallest big brother perfectly, even down to the little foxy pocket.  This is a 6-12 month on my 3 month old so there is a lot of growing space but it is beautful and I just can't get enough of the mustard colour this season!

Tootsa MAcginty, baby fox clothing, kids fashion blogger

I can't resist a bit of matching and I love how amazing these look together! The dresses are one of the only non-unisex things in the range.  I have a new found love of all things girly though so I couldn't resist it for Cora.

kids fashion blogger, Tootsa MacGinty, Baby fox clothes, fox girl clothing

I want more days like this whilst it isn't too cold or wet, whilst the scenery changes week to week as new leaves fall and new colours line the paths.  I want to watch the boys run and jump around in nature, playing their own special games and I want to carry Cora close as she experiences her first Autumn.  These Tootsa Macginty clothes are perfect for my little adventurers.

Thank you to Tootsa Macginty for Archie, Finn and Cora's outfits.  Everything pictured is from Tootsa Macginty including Cora's adorable hat (although Dylan's clothes are old summer stock so you may still find them in the sale) so check out their website!

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Start of School Holidays

This time last year I was planning how we would spend the final summer of freedom.  My biggest boy had finished preschool and I knew it was the final six weeks before the start of something new and huge.  The year has flown by and my baby has finished his first year of school.  Reception is done and when he returns to school in six weeks time it will be as a year one student - no longer new but a proper school boy.  

He has grown and thrived at his school and I am so happy that we ended up with such a wonderful one.  He has been so busy and tired that we were all desperate for summer to arrive and so far it has been a fantastic one.  Dylan broke up on Wednesday and ever since the sun has shone and we have been outdoors enjoying it.

The first day was spent in my parents' garden, naked boys running in and out of the paddling pool, picnic lunch outside and a day that reminded me of being their age and playing with my brother and sister.  

Friday we headed to the beach, threw shells into the sea, built sandcastles and stayed out late because we could.  We ate ice creams, kicked a ball around and stopped for burgers and chips on the way home.

Today we went to the local woods to celebrate a friend's birthday.  We had a picnic and then explored, the babies in slings and the boys on foot.  They painted their faces with charred wood for some strange reason and they picked up every log to look at the wildlife underneath.  They snapped twigs to see how strong they were and searched for the perfect sticks.  They came home with mud under their fingernails and dirt on their knees and the bath has never been more needed.

We are only three days in to this six weeks of freedom and it feels perfect to be spending every day outdoors enjoying the weather.  The perfect antidote to a year in a classroom, a perfect way to enjoy all four of these beautiful children we created.

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