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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

An Ordinary Moment - Winter Walks

It isn't as easy to get out every day in the winter, but it makes such a difference to us all and the excitement on their faces when I suggest we put on our wellies is so worth it.  Archie got a new scooter for Christmas which means that his old one has been passed down to Finn and Finn has not left it alone since.  He wants to scoot everywhere and he is pretty good at it too! 

These are a few quick snaps from an ordinary day for us, just a Tuesday or Wednesday.  I take the big boys to school and then the little two and I start our morning properly.  We went for a walk and they insisted they didn't need their coats for all of five minutes (they have plenty of layers on underneath) before they both decided that they may actually be a good idea. 

There is no real story to this blog post, just some photos to remember these ordinary mornings where we squelch in mud, giggle on the swings and race up and down the same path in the park on a scooter.   These ordinary moments that are the highlight of their weekdays.

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