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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

An Ordinary Half Term Day

It is half term which means a week off of school and nursery and we have a week full of little plans rather than big ones.  The weather is set to get wetter as it gets on, so we made sure we got outside whilst we could.  It was one of those rare winter days where the sun blinded us as we drove over to a seafront park and it warmer our faces as we explored the ruins of an old castle built right on the cliff top.

The playground next door had a castle theme and the children loved it.  Some of our local ones are a bit of a struggle for Cora's little legs but this one was perfectly designed for children of all ages and I could sit back and relax as they ran around.  The cafe served fresh cake and hot coffee and it felt like half term got off to a great start.

Of course there were tantrums as we had to leave, a child who refused to eat any of his lunch and the day certainly wasn't perfect - it very rarely is, but we had fun and I took a few photos that I wanted to share to look back on.  I know that one day they won't all be so content with a seesaw and roundabout but for now, this is their perfect start to half term.

There they are, my baby girl with a fringe that just won't stay out of her eyes, my toddler boy who goes one way whilst we all go the other, my four year old whose tongue can't help but poke out his mouth when he is concentrating and my big boy who looks so grown up with his two front teeth missing.

It was just an ordinary half term moment, but it was just as worthy of recording as the big moments.

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The End of Winter

Somehow Winter always seems like the longest season.  I know that just like Spring, Summer and Autumn it lasts for three months, but when those months are cold, wet and usually full of snot, it can seem to drag.  Spring is on the horizon and the temperature seems to be picking up already so we have been busy enjoying it.

The beach is my favourite place to go, I love the space, the smell, the freedom, how it soothes my soul.  At this time of year it is pretty much deserted, but it still holds so much beauty, it still captures my children's attention for hours and we still come home with that sand in our socks, glow on our cheeks feeling that makes me think of the summer.  

There are things I love about each season and as Spring begins, I am looking forward to being outdoors more, rediscovering our favourite places, not coming home until dinner time because it is still light, shedding our coats and some of those layers and moving more freely, the beautiful yellows and greens that are suddenly appearing in the parks, bringing my Saltwater sandals back out and painting my toenails pretty colours.  

Winter is ending and I will miss the warmth of walking into a heated house after an outdoor stroll, the excuse to drink hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows every night, snuggling under blankets on the sofa and watching the frost settling on the windows. 

This was the Winter that Cora learned to sit, that she tried her first taste of food.  It was the winter Finn started sleeping better and putting more words together.  It was the Winter that Archie turned 4 and grew tall enough to press the buzzer at preschool.  It was the Winter that Dylan got his confidence in the water and wrote all his own Christmas cards.  I am excited to see what Spring will bring.

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

What the Boys Wore // Bogs Wellies

When I was looking for wellies for Finn, Baby Bogs were repeatedly recommended to me so I was excited when we were offered some to try.  Finn has only been walking for a couple of months and he still has the swagger of a toddler so I wanted boots that he would find easy and comfortable to walk in.  The baby bogs are perfect for his little feet, they are so much more than just a welly boot.

Bogs wellies, baby bogs, baby wellies, waterproof baby boots

Baby bogs wellies, baby wellies, waterproof wellies

These boots are machine washable with a soft fluffy lining.  The 3mm Neo-Tech™ insulation keeps Finn's feet at an optimum temperature and of course they are 100% waterproof.  The insulation and cosy lining makes these perfect winter boots whether there are puddles or not.  Finn has very wide feet and I was worried about the fit but I can get them on easily and he seems comfortable in them.  The handles at the side make them easy for slightly bigger small people to dress themselves and I find them useful to help pull them on.  Finn's have velcro on the back too to get a cosy fit.
He is loving splashing and kicking through puddles and I know he is going to get a lot of wear from these boots this winter!  The boots come in lots of different designs and I love the colours and bears on these ones.

Bogs wellies, toddler wellies, waterproof kids boots

Bogs wellies, micro scooters, puddle splashing, puddle scooting

Bogs don't just make baby footwear and the big boys were sent a pair of wellies each as well.  Their boots are lightweight and flexible and perfect for puddle jumping and scooting.  Trying to take a picture of a 3 and 5 year old in wellies proved to be very difficult as they really weren't going to stay still for me!  If you want to look at the designs you would be better looking at the Bogs website, my photos show how much fun you can have in them though. Dylans are blue and Archie's are covered in sharks.   

I am really impressed with the quality of these boots, we are a family that likes to be outdoors whatever the weather so it is important that the children are dressed appropriately.  These boots are designed to be worn for adventures and that is exactly what we intend to have in them.

Bogs Wellies, Bogs boots for kids
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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Winter.

Whether we like it or not, winter is on the way, and we are choosing to embrace it.  I seem to be the only one apprehensive about going out in the rain and wind, and the boys have the attitude that in the right wellies they can go anywhere.  

Whilst we have plenty of bleak days where the rain seems relentless and I would be happy to curl up with some films, we also have glorious days, where the wind is quiet, and the sun even makes an appearance.  We wrap up warm, and we enjoy as much of the day outdoors as we can.  

These photos are from two separate days, a park trip with Archie whilst Dylan was at preschool, where he was actually happy to keep his hat on all morning, and a day out in London with Dylan where he enjoyed running around the Christmas tree in Covent Garden and feeding the reindeer.  On both days the sun shone and we had fun exploring outdoors.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Buggy Snuggle

With winter on its way, my priority is keeping my beautiful babies warm.  We love to be out an about come snow or sun and so a footmuff is an essential.

I have previously bought the footmuffs that go with our pushchairs but as Dylan has grown, he has grown out of some and we also have a few new pushchairs since last winter, so I have been looking for some universal footmuffs that we can transfer between double and single.  

Buggysnuggle are known for their funky designs and adaptable footmuffs and we were not dissapointed.  I went for the same print but in different colours and I love how they look in the double buggy.
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Monday, 14 October 2013

Simple Pleasures

I can give my toddler all the shiny plastic toys in the world, but at the end of the day, the thing that makes him happiest is the great outdoors.  He has always preferred being outside, since his newborn days and come rain, snow or shine - if he is given a choice, he will be in the garden.

We can spend half an hour in the park enjoying the swings and the slides, and then
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Monday, 18 March 2013

Never too cold!

I am a strong believer that children should play outside as much as possible.  I am as guilty as the next person of putting on the TV more than I ever thought I would, but I like to balance it with some good old fashioned outdoor play.  If we come home with muddy knees and scuffed up shoes then I consider it a successful day out.  I think there are so many benefits to outdoor play; the fresh air, the exercise and the mobility skills that my toddler is constantly learning are just a few.  As well as trips to feed the ducks, walks on the beach and trips to the zoo we all love an afternoon at the park.

winter park, outdoor play, country kids

Recently the weather hasn't been too great, but we haven't let that stand in the way and Dylan is not put off at all when I have to scrape ice off the slide before he can go down it.  Obviously we make sure we are wrapped up nice and warm and Archie has been having well timed naps all snug in his snowsuit in the pram whilst we play.  Between the snow and rain, we have been playing football, climbing and swinging at the park and having a great time as we do it.

country kids, playing outside in winter, outdoor play, ramsgate

No matter how cold and windy it is, or how rosy red the little guy's cheeks get,I still have to drag him away from the park (or more often than not bribe him into the buggy with a well deserved banana!)  I have a beautiful sleeper in Dylan and I don't know whether all the fresh air he gets is a contributing factor to this.

fun in the park, park in winter, ellington park

Does anyone else have a crazy toddler so obsessed with the park they will brave any weather?
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

First Walk in the Snow

Last year Dylan was too little to really understand anything about snow and seemed to spend the whole time outside fast asleep snug in his snowsuits.  This year he is very aware and after spending the morning watching it from the window, we took him out for his first walk in the white stuff.

father and son love, daddy and dylan in the snow, first snow
My Boys

Our little corner of the country always seems to be the last to get any snow so it was lovely to wake up to a white road after watching my facebook timeline and twitter feed fill up with pictures of snowmen and wet wellies.  After getting all dressed up in our warmest gear, and
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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Autumn is Here!

With the evenings getting darker and the weather getting cooler it is safe to say that autumn has well and truly arrived.  Moving house has coincided with the thick winter duvet coming back out, the heating being put  on a timer to come on every morning and evening and the foot muffs being zipped back on to the pushchairs.

Dylan is the proud owner of his very first cosy coat after spending last year in full body snow suits and my scarf collection is hanging by the door waiting to keep me snug.  Winter boots, mittens, hot chocolate, Christmas films, slippers and cosy nights by the fire are the things I look forward to and so far my autumn treats are not disappointing! 

Winter is not all about being cuddled up inside though and with two of us suffering from cabin fever if we don't get out all day it is safe to say we are getting plenty of
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