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Monday, 8 May 2017

Yummy Tastes

At 10 months, you would think we had weaning cracked, but in many ways we have only just started.  Cora was reluctant to start eating, and it has taken until the last couple of weeks for her to start dropping any milk feeds in favour of food.  Suddenly she is interested in trying new tastes though, she is eating bigger portions and of course being newly mobile, she is not content to watch her brothers eating anything without coming over to see what they have.

We have taken a mixed approach to weaning as that seems to be what suits her best, she has finger foods, our meals and some pre-packaged foods too.  The combination of these gives her a great variety and fits well into our lifestyle.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t often get to eat her own food in peace as her brothers have realised how much her fruit pouches actually taste like smoothies and I often have four little mouths all trying to get a spoonful.  Knowing they are full of goodness and have no added sugar means I don’t mind them sharing and we get through quite a few fruit pouches at the moment! (Peach, mango and banana is definitely their favourite).

Cora tends to eat our dinners when we are at home which is both convenient and incredibly messy (have you ever watched a 10 month old feed themselves spaghetti bolognese?).  When we go out for dinner I am a bit more fussy though and I worry about the salt in the meals.  I also find that all three boys now demolish a kids meal with ease and I am reluctant to spend out on a whole meal just for Cora, so I often take a Heinz pouch with me which is full of goodness and salt free so I know that she has something tasty to eat.  We all pay our ‘Cora tax’ by giving her little bits from our plate too.

When we are out for the day, I try to pack snacks that all 4 children can eat as it is much easier than packing seperate boxes for the bigger and littler ones and the Heinz biscotti are loved as much by the 4 and 5 year olds as they are by Cora and Finn. They are pretty mess free and convenient to take for trips to the park. I usually have cut up fruit, breadsticks and biscotti for the four of them to share.

I am never going to be that mum that makes everything from scratch, but I am ok with that.  Modern parenting is demanding and I know there are tasty options out there which compliment the home cooked meals and help provide my baby girl with the vitamins and minerals she needs.  Cora has a variety of tastes and textures, she eats with us as a family and she loves her food now.  

Weaning is such a fun experience and I have relaxed more this time, taken it at Cora’s pace and followed her lead.  I have no doubt in a few months she will be demolishing dinners the same way her brothers do!

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Half a Year Baby Girl

Somewhere in the mayhem of Christmas and New Year, in between the mince pies and Prosecco, my baby girl turned six months old.  Her half-birthday was spent in a Christmas comedown, we were too busy finishing the boxes of chocolates and playing with new toys to really notice it, but like it or not, Cora is now six months old.

Six months old means the newborn days really are gone and we have replaced that tiny newborn with a baby that sits up and rolls around and shouts at us to get attention.  She chats away in her own little language, she chews everything in sight and her personality shows through more each day.  My little lady is a Mummy's girl and wants to be in my arms all day.  If I hand her to anyone else she needs to check constantly that I am still there, still within her sight and ready to take her when she lets us know she has had enough.  She still wants to sleep curled up next to me and I can't imagine her anywhere else.

On Christmas day we started weaning and I have a feeling it will be a slow process.  2 days off of the recommended six months and we offered Cora carrots on her tray.  She picked them up, she licked them, she pulled a face of utter disgust and she left them alone.  We are following the principles of baby led weaning so I am confident when she is ready she will eat a little more.  I am quietly hoping it will improve her sleep (without holding out too much hope) as she has recently taken to feeding every hour.  She can sometimes do a 2-4 hour stretch when I first put her down, but after that she likes to wake and feed very frequently, sometimes just being awake for a few hours in the middle of the night.  

Cora is pretty average sized and we are starting to pack away some of the smallest of her 3-6 month clothes and bring out some of the smaller fitting 6-9 month bits.  I will be washing her stretchy wrap this week ready to pass on as she is so curious and heavy that I find her more comfortable in a more structured carrier.  We swapped the carrycot for the seat unit reclined on her pushchair about a week before she turned 6 months (although she was back in the carrycot tonight) and she loves being able to see a bit more of the world.  

The boys still adore their baby sister, they know how to make her laugh, and they are incredibly gentle at times.  Finn is desperate for her to join in with his games still and he is a lot less gentle, Cora adores him and I can already foresee the mischief they are going to be causing together once she is on the move.

I can't fathom how these six months have passed so quickly and I am desperately hoping that the next six are a little slower.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Dairy Intolerance and Starting the Milk Ladder

I haven't written much about Finn's diet - I am so useless in the kitchen that sharing recipes isn't going to be popular (I can make a great piece of toast though), but Finn has been weaned on a dairy and egg free diet.  His intolerance to dairy was diagnosed at around 10 weeks old (I wrote about his CMPI diagnosis here) and his intolerance to egg was evident when we started weaning.  It took us a long time to adjust to the changes and once I finally felt that we were sorted with the dairy free cooking, it seemed to be time to start the milk ladder!

cmpi, milk ladder, dairy intolerance, ted wears organic, the mummy adventure

If you didn't already know, the milk ladder is a step by step way to introduce dairy to a child or adult that is intolerant to cows milk protein.  We were advised that we could start at any point from 12 months but due to being heavily pregnant and having a newborn, we decided to wait a little longer until we were all a bit more settled before we began.  Finn is now 19 months and whilst his verbal communication is still very limited, we understand what we are looking for and recognise the signs of his intolerance - generally that he is very upset and clearly in pain all night after eating something he shouldn't.

We have made many changes as a family to accomodate his intolerances and we now only have dairy free spread in the house (Pure soya spread and Violife creamy original cheese spread) and all three boys love the Violife dairy free cheese.  We eat certain meals like lasagne less often as making them dairy free was a bit more akward (completely possible but we are lazy packet sauce type people).  We eat fajitas and casseroles more as they are naturally dairy free and we found the places that sell dairy free garlic bread (Asda value frozen is great and surprisingly Pizza Hut!).  Picnics contain pom bears and party rings and Finn's formula milk is available for him on prescription until he is two years old.

This week we took the first step on the ladder though.  Malted milk biscuits are the first stage as they contain milk powder and we gave Finn half a biscuit on the first day, one biscuit on the second day and two on the third day.   It has been roughly a week now and we are still giving the biscuits every day.  We haven't noticed any issues which means stage one is a success!  The next step is digestive biscuits and they are on my shopping list for tomorrow.  Hopefully we will start being able to introduce more dairy into our family meals soon, but we are going to take it slowly making sure there are no issues before we move on to the next stage.  The recommendations as to the amount you can start with vary but as Finn's is an intolerance rather than allergy we decided to go straight for the half biscuit.

Having two big brothers who are still little enough to leave crumbs everywhere, I am hoping that this means I can stop obsessively hoovering the living room floor when they have cheese with their dinners and watching Finn like a hawk at playgroups when they bring out snack time.  I don't think we are going to attempt egg again until he turns two as he definitely still reacted to it at 18 months when he accidentally ate a couple of pieces of egg fried rice.  

I will update more on our Milk Ladder journey as we progress.

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Weaning Two Months In (Giveaway)

We have now been weaning for two months and Finn seems to be getting keener on food. He started off very tentatively, but I see his excitement now when I show him his dinner is ready. Those little eyes light up, his legs start kicking and he uses all his strength to propel himself towards the spoon.

We have worked out that he likes his food cold (out the fridge is preferable) and that with puree a slightly thicker consistency is best, although we haven't tried lumps yet. The vegetable puree that SMA® Nutrition had challenged us to make was a complete hit and the combination of sweet potato, parsnip and butternut squash worked really well.

Celebrity mum Sheree Murphy runs through the recipe that we tried in the video below.

Finn really liked this mix and ate it well. We gave him one portion and froze the others so that we could get them when we need them. He liked having the sticks of steamed veg to hold as well, although these didn't make it into his mouth so often (they did get bashed into the highchair and thrown all over the floor though!).

At the moment Finn's diet consists mostly of fruit, vegetables and of course formula milk, but over the coming months we will be introducing more meat and other flavours. Whilst we were away last month, he decided not to eat anything for a few days (I think the heat and jet lag meant he favoured the comfort of milk), so we haven't been progressing so fast as I thought we would, but knowing that he is getting so much nutrition from his formula milk at the moment is very comforting. I know he will get there in his own time and until then I am making meals perfectly suited to him.

I am running an amazing giveaway with SMA Nutrition, so for your chance to win £100 of fresh food vouchers, hop over to my facebook page and share a photo of your little one trying out one of these recipes or something else you have made for them. (Giveaway ends 6th Decmeber 2015 at 11:59pm, UK entrants only, one entry per person and all entrants must be over 18).

Disclaimer : In Collaboration with SMA Nutrition
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Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Beginning of Weaning

After Finn's rocky start I was determined that he would lead the way with parenting. Whilst I had gone through pregnancy with set ideas on how I was going to parent and how the early days would be, nothing seemed to go to plan and I soon learned that I needed to follow his lead.

I had done my research on weaning and have weaned two babies previously, but Finn is that bit smaller and slower than his brothers and I wanted to wait until I believed he was ready before we started. The six month marker came and went and whilst he was starting to sit unaided, my instincts told me he wasn't quite ready. As the month progressed, he grew stronger, his coordination improved and he started showing a real interest in what we ate.

Just before he turned 7 months I decided we were both ready for the next little adventure and we started on the solid food. I decided that the best thing for Finn was to offer both puree and finger foods from the very beginning. As we had left it a little later than most I wanted to make sure he was getting some nutrients, but I wanted to promote the skills of self-feeding, so we have been offering him sticks of vegetables alongside the spoon feeds.

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Baby Led Weaning at 13 Months

I has been nearly 8 months since Archie had his first taste of anything other than milk, and we have come a long way from bread-sticks and bananas (although they are still firm favourites).  Nowadays my little man loves Pizza, curry, pasta and lasagne amongst other things and we have stuck with a mostly baby led approach.

Yoghurts, rice and similarly messy non finger foods are fed from a spoon, and although Archie is usually more than happy with this if it means the food makes it into his mouth, there are times when little ninja hands strike, throwing food all over the highchair/ floor/ anyone standing close by.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Weaning the Second Time Around

At five and a half months, we made the decision to start weaning Archie.  For several reasons this felt like the right time, and we decided to go for a similar approach as we had with Dylan - a mixture of traditional and baby led weaning.

I was apprehensive about starting the weaning process. My little baby would suddenly be eating real food and it marked the beginning of his independance from me.  For 9 months I grew this little baby in my tummy and then for the next 5, I fed him.  For fourteen months, I was his only source of sustenance and nutrition, and suddenly I would be sharing this role.  Suddenly I am not the only one who can feed him and it is rather strange to let go of this.  

Archie's weaning began whilst we were in hospital and as there are very limited facilities there, it mean for the first few days he had baby rice and later on some puree.  Unlike his brother, he wasn't so sure about the new tastes and seemed to still prefer his milk, but he has slowly come round to the new routine and seems to be enjoying his meals more and more.  

Breadsticks are a big hit as is banana.  He likes the apple or strawberry and apple purees, although he isn't so sure about the spoon yet! We were sent some tommee tippee spoons which have a super flexible end and he seemed to prefer these as he could have a little chew on them too.  They also sent us some lovely little pots which are just the right size for storing mini breadsticks in the nappy bag! They are also perfect for storing and heating homemade purees in.

Tommee Tippee, weaning pots and spoons, weaning second time, baby led weaning

We are taking our cues from Archie, and have been moving more towards baby led weaning over the last couple of weeks as he seems much happier with this and is proving quite adept at feeding himself.  He prefers savoury food and devoured a chilli con carne with rice as fast as his brother could!

As his appetite for solids has increased, I am starting to see the number of milk feeds decreasing and as much as I miss the dependance, it is much easier to go out, knowing that I don't need to stop and feed him quite so often.  His hunger can be appeased with a snack until I find somewhere to sit down and I can have a bit of a lie in at the weekend as the bloke doesn't need to bring him up for milk quite so much.

Archie is putting weight on again now and mealtimes are adding more of a routine into his day.  Although I miss the easy days of a purely milk diet, it is lovely to watch the boys sharing a sandwich at lunch time.

Disclaimer:  We were sent some Tommee Tippee Weaning bits free of charge 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cow and Gate Fruit Pouches Review

This is a Netmum's sponsored review.To find out more click the button:

Despite being a self confessed chocoholic, I am very fussy about what my children eat.  Dylan is now 2 years old and considers raisins and strawberries a treat and dried fruit is still 'sweeties'.  I don't add sugar or salt to cooking and try to give him as balanced a diet as possible.

Cow and Gate fruit pouches, Nemums review, weaning,

When we started weaning Archie, I had the same outlook and am very cautious about what I feed him.  We have taken a mixed approach with elements of baby led weaning as well as some spoon feeding, and we were sent a set of Cow and Gate's new 100% fruit pouches for Archie to try.

Arriving with a white bib (which is unlikely to stay that colour for much longer!), the new pouches look great and I felt happy feeding them to my son knowing there were no nasties in there. Being a little on the gummy side, there is no way he can eat a pear or apple quite yet, so the pouches are the perfect way to get him used to different flavours. 

Strawberry and banana were a big hit with Archie and I had a toddler who was more than happy to finish off anything he couldn't manage (especially the pear).  Dylan gave every single flavour the thumbs up, and he loved having them as a snack straight from the pouch.  If you don't have a toddler hoover nearby though, the pouches can be kept in the fridge which is perfect as at 6 months, one packet will last more than one meal for my little guy.

These pouches are reliable, tasty (according to my 2 year old) and so easy to use.  I don' leave the house without one in my nappy bag as they make an easy meal for a baby and a great nutritious snack for a toddler.

“I am a member of the Netmums Blogging Network, a unique community of parent bloggers from around the UK who have been handpicked by the Netmums team to review products and brands on their behalf. I have been paid expenses and supplied with a product sample for this review but retain all editorial control. All my Netmums Reviews will display the Netmums logo within the post.”
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Monday, 26 August 2013

6 Months In

Half a year has passed since Archie entered the world and things have certainly changed.  Whilst I still have a lot to learn, I feel like I have the 'mother of two' thing pretty sorted (for now at least).

This month has been full of change and Archie seems to have grown up almost overnight.  As well as competently rolling all over the place (and quite often across the room), the little man is now sitting unaided.  He loves to play on his tummy but since he found his balance, he is happiest on his bottom and I tend to put a V cushion behind him to soften any falls.  He loves his new view point and watching the world go by.

We have also started weaning, and after an uninterested start, Archie is now incredibly interested in food and desperate to get at anything we are eating.  We started with a mixed approach but are finding that he much prefers the baby led style.  He has moved quickly and this week we are introducing the third meal.  His favourite food is breadsticks and he seems to prefer vegetables to fruit so far

Archie has moved out of the crib next to my bed and is now comfortably settled in his very own room.  He is out of the moses basket and so has his day time naps up there as well if we are in.  He seems quite happy in his cot and as much as I miss him being right there next to me, it is also lovely to reclaim our bedroom and not spend my evening creeping around by phone-torch light.

Generally Archie is a pretty happy little chap.  He loves having his nappy off and is the most smiley when he is naked.  He is definitely teething now and we don't leave the house without our trusty companion Sophie le Giraffe.  He is still comfortably fitting in his 6-9 month clothes but I don't think it will be too long before we are reaching for the next size up.  He is still such a mummy's boy and happiest in my arms. 

Despite the introduction of solids, he still wants to breastfeed often and nights usually include a 3am and 5am feed, with him generally coming into our bed for the second as he won't settle back in his cot.  Sometimes he still adds in a 12pm feed too but not as often anymore.

This month has been the most difficult with both the boys and Dylan seems to be struggling with the concept of gentle.  Sometimes I think he is just over excited, but other times I think he lashes out for attention.  Most of the time he just wants to talk or play with 'Bubba' and he loves blowing raspberrys on his tummy to make him laugh.  I remember very clearly what it was like to have a younger brother, and I am not expecting it to be plain sailing but I am hoping this is just a little phase.

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

5 Months In

We are now 5 months in to our life as a family of four.  This last month has had its ups and downs and Archie has celebrated turning 5 months old in the hospital.  5 months seems to signal a huge change and my baby boy seems to be growing up rather too fast.

 Archie is well and truly a mummy's boy.  He can look rather serious at times, but the moment he catches my eye a huge smile spreads over his face.  He is happiest in my arms and doesn't like to venture too far from me.  He has become very smiley over the last month though and he now gives out gummy grins to anyone who will talk to him.  He is laughing more and more and loves my silly voices.  I think he will be the thrill seeker of the family as he loves being thrown in the air, or when I make sudden movements or loud noises.

He may not be crawling yet, but Archie is well and truly on the move.  He explores every corner of his cot as he twists, turns and rolls around and in the blink of an eye he has moved across the room somehow.  He likes to curl his legs underneath him and then push off against them to go forward.  He is still happiest when he is stood up and hasn't quite mastered sitting unaided yet.

It appears that I breed big hungry babies, and just like his big brother, Archie has stopped putting on weight when he turned 4 months old and started dropping through the centiles in his little red book.  Despite me wanting to wait until 6 months to wean, we have been advised to start now and from 5 months our weaning journey will begin.

Dylan has always been affectionate with his kisses and hand holding, but he is now asking for cuddles with 'Bubba' all the time too.  Dylan loves to show Archie everything he is doing and all day long I hear 'Look Bubba, look' as Archie is shown everything from a toy, to grapes, to Dylan's knees.

Teething is well and truly underway and Archie is soaking through bibs in no time (chewing them probably doesn't help).  Everything goes straight in his mouth and I have invested in a Sophie Le Giraffe after reading such fab reviews.  Archie fell instantly in love with it, and his little legs stiffen in excitement when he hears the squeak.  I see no signs of any imminent arrivals but Dylan didn't get his first two until 8 months so I expect Archie will be similar.

Breastfeeding is still going well and we are still demand feeding with no real schedule.  Nights are all over the place but we are sharing a room on the ward with a child who wakes up screaming at random points in the night as well as having children that need inhalers or medicine through the night, and don't always take them quietly.  I have no idea how much Archie is waking up from other noises or from wanting milk but even on our night at home we have two night feeds still. 

At 5 months Archie is a happy, healthy and beautiful little baby but I can see him growing up before my eyes.

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Monday, 1 July 2013

4 Months In

We are now 4 months in to our new adventure as a family of four and life without the littlest member seems a lifetime ago.

4 month old baby boy, 4 months old, baby dinosaur

Archie turned 4 months and we hit the classic 4 month sleep regression hard.  Our nights went from one wake up, to hourly feeds from 7 until 6 am and I started to doubt my supply.
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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Plum Cookery School

I have never been one to cook.  I don't cook for myself and even with the best intentions, I don't really cook for the little dude. When we were invited to Plum's cookery school I was excited to see if they could persuade me that I can make a healthy meal for him.

As well as being completely lost in a kitchen, I worry that any meals I make for him won't have the same nutrition and taste that the pouches we buy do.  His health and well being is my priority so I need to know what I cook would be packed full of the right nutrition.

We were invited into the home of Beverly Glock which doubles as a cookery school, helping ordinary people get comfortable in the kitchen.  They invited 5 bloggers with young children along so that we could recreate their new taste adventure dish 'cape curry with beef'- one of Dylan's firm favourites.  I was looking forward to seeing how it was actually made and getting to taste our homemade version.

Together with Beverly's help, we recreated this great dish, using all the same ingredients you would find on the back of your plum pot.  It was so much easier and quicker than I
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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mummy Adventure on a Taste Adventure

Parents preparing to wean a child are faced with a multitude of questions; when is the best time to wean?  How do I know my child is ready? What foods should I start them with?  Plum baby invited us to a lovely event to find out more about their answers, and the products they have designed to make this taste adventure easier.

They make food for a variety of stages, with your stage 1 first foods which are simple combinations to get baby used to having something more solid.  Stage 2 is for babies 7+ months, and are fork mash texture, to get little jaws working in preparation for talking, and filling up little tummies with energy for mastering all those new skills.  Stage 3, which Dylan is ready for now although it is aimed at babies 10 months + is about bigger and chunkier textures, and is a final stage before they are introduced to more 'adult' foods.

Their new range of stage 3 meals are called 'taste adventures' as they are based on dishes from around the world, giving your child a varied yet balanced diet, and encouraging their taste buds to discover new flavours.  At the event, we were presented with some lovely little canapés, delicate little crisp breads with a meaty paste and light humus topping.  They were passed around and consumed by the parents as the children ate the lovely snacks that Plum had provided them.  We were later told that we had in fact been eating baby food!

plum baby food, weaning, canapés, baby food canapés

They made an excellent point, how can we expect our children to eat something that we would not?  I try everything that Dylan eats, and we always try and go for the nice tasting purees (just in case he can't finish them!)  The new taste adventures went down a treat with both parents and babies, as they genuinely taste like the dishes they claim to be.

plum baby food, lamb moussaka, weaning,

The new taste adventures range consists of 4 flavours:

-Sweet cape curry with beef
-Chickpea and chicken tagine
-Mediterranean paella and salmon
-Aubergine and lamb moussaka (my favourite)

plum baby food, taste adventure, weaning
The handy 190g pots are priced at £1.79 and available in Sainsburys and Ocado from mid June, and Tesco, Asda and Boots during July/August.  They are perfect for babies ready to explore and looking for new tastes and textures.  To find out more, check out the plum baby website

We had a lovely day out, and Dylan enjoyed playing with Oliver from Mum of three boys and Kai from Always a Mummy and we met lots of other lovely bloggers.  After meeting his Aunty Nat for the afternoon he was very tired by the time we got on the train and chilled out with his books.

baby on train, cute baby, blonde haired boy
Reading his books on the train journey home

Disclaimer: We were invited to a blogger event by Plum and provided with a goody bag to take home.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, and we genuinely liked these products.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A day in the life of a nine month old

Ever wondered what goes on in a 9 month old's life?  Dylan and I took some photos today to illustrate his.

smiley baby, morning baby, sleeping baby

weaning, baby breakfast, munchkin weaning spoons
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Friday, 20 April 2012

Munchkin Weaning Products Review

We were sent three products to try out and review from Munchkin from their weaning range;

The Spoons

Dylan had a great time finding out the many uses for the Munchkin weaning spoons;

They make great drumsticks on a petit filous drum.  A rather satisfying noise emits, and if you hit the drums hard enough then the remaining yoghurt flies across the room, coating something important in dairy goodness.  The drumstick always remains firmly in hand

Great teethers for those hard to reach spots.  The rubbery texture on parts of the handle appears to be very satisfying for those orally challenged.

They also work well as dummys, although if you suck them too hard they do hit the back of your mouth and cause a rather unpleasant feeling.  Always worth a go though.

They make for a great game of how many times will mummy pick these up before she gives in and leaves it on the floor.  We all know that throwing things off a high chair is tremendous fun!
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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 21 + 22- Sweet Treats

Unfortunately I have not had a camera to hand for the last two days, because the mess was epic.  On day 22, we gave Dylan his first bit of real chocolate, namely, a chocolate finger.  Luckily, he happened to be wearing just a nappy at the time, so the sticky brown dribble pooled in front of rather than spreading and staining his lovely clothes.

As is recommended, he has been weaned on a healthy diet of fruit, veg, and milk but I thought it was about time he learnt the real benefit of solids- chocolate.
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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day 4- When to Wean

At five months, we were advised by the health visitor to start weaning.  The baby was not putting on weight fast enough and was being fed near enough every hour.  At a rather large 18 pounds, the five month old was hungry!

The department of health recommends giving a baby nothing but milk for 6 months, however my baby is clearly not 'a baby', he is Dylan.  New research opposing the current guidelines is gaining momentum, and studies are being carried out to determine whether late weaning is the culprit behind certain food allergies.

The Daily Mail recently ran an article 'So when IS the safest time to wean your baby' which opened up the debate and features experts advising parents to remember that guidelines are just that, not rules.  After 5 months of trying very hard to follow the guidelines in every area like they were rules, I was apprehensive to break one.

End of the story is that I wish I had done it sooner.  We introduced one meal, then two and since he hit six months he is now on three meals a day.  He is sleeping better, happier, feeding a more reasonable amount of times, putting on weight well, and it is brilliant albeit messy fun.

Before weaning commenced, I had such good intentions for making my own foods.  I planned all the fresh fruit and vegetables I would buy, stocked up on freezable pots and bought an expensive blender.  The reality of the matter is that we have a cupboard full of jars and pouches.

At first I felt very guilty, and then I convinced myself that as I was still breastfeeding it balanced out.  In reality they would not be able to sell the jars marketed at babies if they were not suitable, however making your own is nicer, fresher and you can make a better consistency. (My son does not get on with proper puree he needs it much thicker).

After 3 weeks of jarred food, today's 'new thing' involved me - in the kitchen.  Anyone that knows me will be laughing right now.  I am not a natural in the kitchen, I do not cook.  I microwave, I order take-away, and I tell the other half what I would like for dinner.  That is all.  Today, I boiled, mashed, blended and mixed.  I stocked up the fridge and freezer with my very own creations!


I want to do the best for my son- what mother doesn't?  I am very proud of my kitchen antics today, and have the best intentions to continue but with a cupboard full of back ups, I am not promising anything.
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