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Friday, 29 December 2017

Cora at 18 Months

On the 27th of December, my baby girl turned 18 months.  It is a funny milestone for me as I really need to admit that Cora is definitely a toddler, but that means no more babies.  When Dylan and Finn were 18 months, they had tiny siblings already and I was three months pregnant when Archie hit this milestone.  Cora is the final baby though and she is growing up so fast.

At 18 months she isn't much of a speaker, but she has a few important words mastered including cheese, shoes and more.  I have no concerns about her speech, I think with three big brothers, they often do the speaking for her.  She can walk, run, climb and she is trying so hard to jump now.  She bends her legs and pushes up, usually raising one foot off the floor and she will gallop round the room in this way.  She loves to copy her siblings and I think she will catch up with Finn in regards to many of their physical milestones.

Cora is headstrong and determined.  She knows what she wants and she is not giving in until she gets it.  She isn't a big fan of sleep and only naps every other day now and night time is hit and miss, with her sleeping through some nights but up every couple of hours on others.  She takes a long time to really wake up though, especially after a nap and she wants to be held close for a long time afterwards, getting cross if I pay anyone else attention.

The pushchair isn't getting as much use anymore as my little girl wants to walk everywhere, and she is quite capable most of the time too.  She thinks of herself as one of the boys .  At home though, her favourite toys are her baby doll and pram, and the Duplo.  She loves books and is always bringing me her 'thats not my' books and climbing into my lap to read them.  She plays peekaboo with Finn (usually with the curtains) and they love to lie down together under the dining table pretending to sleep.  They are inseparable when they are at home together and I love watching the ways that they interact and play together.

Cora is still pretty petite and is just starting to move into her 12-18 months clothes.  She is around 77cm tall and weighs roughly 22lb with size 3.5E feet.  She is still breastfed on demand and she is starting to eat a little more although nowhere near as much as her brothers did at the same age.  She has 16 teeth, hair long enough to tie back (when she lets me).

I think the next 6 months are going to be so exciting as she finds her voice and her independence.  This Christmas I don't think she understood very much but I imagine next year will be a different story!

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

One and a Quarter

15 months, one and a quarter.  That is Cora's age today and it is such a fun (and difficult) age.  I am reluctantly giving in to the fact she is now a toddler and 75% of the day she really is.  She walks around the house, usually with a shoe in one hand.  She walks out and about sometimes.  She climbs, she attempts to run and jump and she stands on things she shouldn't.  The other 25% of the day she is still very much a baby still.  She snuggles up close, she likes to be carried everywhere in my arms, she wants to fall asleep safely tucked up on my lap and she wants milk on tap throughout the day (and night).

At 15 months she still doesn't really talk, or rather she is efficient with her language and uses 'uh' to communicate a multitude of words.  She can say mama, dada, hiya and bumbumbum though - all very important! She understands so much though, is learning where her body parts are and she tries to keep up with the actions of her favourite nursery rhymes.

Cora loves playing with anything with wheels, telephones (real and pretend), her wooden bobbins and the ice cream truck.  She plays in the pretend kitchen and she will follow Finn around joining in his games and experiencing life as a two year old.  She prefers throwing food to actually eating it but broccoli, biscuits and berries are all favourites.

At 15 months Cora still breastfeeds on demand although I try and encourage her not to feed so much when we are out and about now. She still wakes multiple times a night and although we did move her into her cot in Finn's room this month she still ends up in our bed for most of the night.  She loves being carried in a sling and is usually on my front still.

I took her to the health visitor last week out of curiosity and my little girl is now 75cm tall and weighs 21lb.  Her feet are a size 3E and she loves shoes (all shoes).  She wears 9-12 month clothing although we have found that the wonderful thing about girl clothing is that it fits much longer as her dresses can be worn as tunics (and she still has lots of 6-9 month clothes for this reason). Her hair is just about long enough for pigtails but it is mostly worn down with a knotty mess sticking out the back of her head.

My baby girl (and she will always be my baby) is growing up so much at the moment and I love watching the little changes as she becomes more communicative, more confident and more determined (and she is a very determined little girl!)

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

21 Months Old

My littlest guy has hit the milestone of 21 months, meaning that his second birthday is coming around fast.  The benefit of a February baby means I don't really need to think about this until after Christmas though which is comforting.  Archie is a crazy, cuddly and cheeky toddler with a fearless streak that is so different from his brother

From the moment he wakes up until he finally drifts off, Archie knows what he wants, and he thinks he knows how to get it.  We are definitely at the beginning of the terrible twos and I expect it to be much worse than it was with his brother.  He has a little temper which we see when he doesn't get his way, and whilst he is lovely around other people, he does like to play up for his Mummy sometimes.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Archie at 18 Months

A year and a half has passed since my littlest one entered the world and it is amazing how far the little dude has come.  From a helpless newborn to a walking talking toddler in what feels like the blink of an eye.  Archie has the cheekiest personality, and every single day he shows a little more.

From the smile that screws up his nose, to the way he tells you off right back if you say no to him, this boy is challenging and cute in equal measure.  He pushes every imaginable boundary, but does so with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. When we take him to the park, he no longer heads for the slide, but straight for the borders, where he searches for everything he shouldn't and brings me his finds.  Half empty cans of cider, cigarette butts and apple cores amongst other things.  He sees himself as either a litter picker or treasure hunter, I am not sure which.

18 months, 18 month development, gorgeous blonde baby

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Archie at 17 Months

Suddenly Archie looks so big, I don't know if it is the fact he is walking so much more, the clothes he wears or the fact that I have been thinking of him as a baby until I was forced to face the toddler he has become.  

Archie is a boy who knows what he wants, is determined to get it, and will let you know how displeased he is if anything stands in the way.  No obstacle is too big, no mountain too high that he won't attempt to go over, under or through it in the pursuit of something he probably isn't allowed.  If I tactfully block his way, I am met with a mini meltdown, and I catch a glimpse of the terrible twos which we seem to have skipped with Dylan but are inevitable with this little dude.  He is by no means bad, but he is testing the waters.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dylan at 34 Months

34 months, toddler development, toddler diaries
Whilst I still write monthly about Archie, I have never documented Dylan in the same way.  I never managed weekly, monthly or even quarterly posts, but sporadically write about where he is at.  At 34 months, he is racing towards 3 and from September he will be considered a pre-schooler (which is a pretty scary fact!).  For now though, he is my baby boy, and at 2 years and 10 months he is leaving behind the toddler traits.

34 months old, toddler development, Ramsgate beach, the mummy adventure

You would never guess to meet him that my baby boy is only two.  He has a confidence which doesn't come from me, and appears to not have a shy bone in his body.  He is inquisistive, curious and constantly wanting to know what is happenening (and what is for his next meal).  He stands tall at one metre and we have started buying clothes in age 4-5 to account for his size.  His feet have shot up to a nine and his shoes are discarded with little wear as he grows so fast.
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