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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Tomorrow You are Three

It was just after 2:30am that you entered the world and you felt like a little secret because everyone was still sleeping.  We didn't want to wake them to share the news, we didn't want to post anything on facebook yet so we just sat and adored you for those first perfect hours.  By the time the rest of the world was rising from their slumber, alarm bells were starting to go off in the heads of doctors and nurses in the midwife unit and everything got a bit more complicated after that.

I can still remember that perfect stillness though when three years ago it was just us and you were so tiny.  I imagine the nurses and doctors would be amazed to see you now as you charge headfirst into life as a three year old without looking over your shoulder once.  All those things we were told you may never do have been done and so many milestones have been met. Two to three was the year you got louder, clearer, more articulate and more able.  This year you learned to count higher and recognise numbers written down.  This year you started nursery and you do six hours a week, running in and leaving with a big grin on your face.  This year you fell in love with scooting and you are rarely seen without one in your hands and this year you realised truly what an amazing playmate you have in your little sister, and how much more trouble you can cause when you are together.

I said last year in my letter before you turned two that every family has different parts that make it whole, every member brings something unique and indispensible and you, Finn, are our smile.  This still describes you completely.  You have the most expressive face and your smile lights up everyone around you.  Your laughter and enthusiasm is infectious and everyone you meet falls in love with you the same way we do.  You know how to show love and your reaction when I return after just a trip to the shop makes my heart burst.

Of course you are coming out of the terrible twos and heading into what appears to be the threenager stage.  You took the term terrible two and ran with it and you have lived up to every stereotype.  You are difficult, impulsive, determined and not afraid of consequences.  If we serve up a dinner you don't fancy then you walk away, refusing to take a bite and let's not even start on the glasses (which you need to wear full time and won't even allow near your face at the moment).  You are the hardest work out of all your siblings and you challenge us every single day.  I can't pretend it has been the easiest year with you, but we have loved watching you grow up, learn and play.  

You adore your little sister and your bond is so special.  You play your own little games, you cuddle up on the sofa to watch Blaze and the Monster Machines and you love to feed each other yoghurts.  If she isn't there you look for her and she hates when you go to nursery.  You are always up to mischief together and I worry that she will make you look like an easy two year old!

You are going to challenge anything that gets in your way, you are going to move mountains and you are going to change the world one way or another.

Happy Birthday baby boy, Happy Birthday Finn.  You are loved more than I ever knew you could be

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Life With Three - Month Two

It has been over a month since we brought Finn home from the hospital, and we have had plenty of time to adjust to the new dynamic in the house.  Those first nervous days seem so long ago, and whilst I wouldn't say I have everything sorted, we have certainly found our groove now.

Preperation is key, and whilst I used to leave things until the morning, I now make sure I have the changing bag full, packed lunches made and outfits picked out for us all the night before.  In the evenings I can run around getting things done without tripping over little feet and it makes getting out the house before 9am a little less stressful.  We have even made it to nursery on time once or twice without forgetting anything.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Just the Three of Us

Our lives seem busy, without me really being able to explain why.  Playdates, play groups, picnics in the park, people to see and places to be.  For two days a week the boys are in childcare whilst I work and for at least one day every week we have an extra toddler whilst I look after a friend's little boy.  At the weekends we enjoy time as a family of four and it is lovely having two of us around to do the parenting.

That doesn't leave a whole lot of time with just the boys and I, and after an extended maternity leave where we spent nearly a year just the three of us, we are still adjusting to the changes.  The time I do spend with my children is all the more special because of this.

We don't do anything particularly exciting, and that is what I most enjoy.  No day trips, long journeys or big days out.  We stay close to home so that we can enjoy each other's company.  We play at the park, we walk into town to pick up some groceries and have a cake at our favourite tea rooms, we play with playdough on the dining room table or we have a picnic in the garden.  

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