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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

First Wonder Box Review

Is there anything more exciting when you are five and six than getting your own post?  We have been working with First Wonder Box to check out their dinosaur box and it was a huge hit with them both! First Wonder Box is a subscription box service aimed at children aged 4-8 years old and each one has a theme from dinosaurs, to under the sea to bugs.  They are small enough to fit through the letterbox but big enough to be full of fun.

I was a little nervous when it arrived as we have tried a few boxes and they needed a lot of adult imput which is lovely, but I have been looking for something that the boys can do a little more independently too.  First Wonder Box has a great balance, especially for Dylan, 6 (Archie's reading skills means he still needed a lot of help).  We looked through it together, but I could leave him to explore further alone if I wanted to.  The box had 

-Two collector cards
-an activity book
-a pterodactyl mini kite
-a small stretchy dinosaur
-A pencil and rubber
-A scratch art dinosaur
-The box which turns into a game.

The boxes are priced at £7.99 although you can get your first box for half price and I think it is a great price! Dylan got stuck straight in with the scratch art, something we haven't done before but he loved!  The kite has been put away for the next windy weekend and he loved the collector cards, although he would have liked some more cool facts on them.

The activity book is great as it has plenty of games alongside facts and information so it is educational and kept him busy for ages! The pencil and rubber meant it was ready to go and I would definitely consider buying something like this for travelling and holidays for that reason!  

The boys loved playing the board game too which we probably played about 10 times that first day! Everything you needed was included and it is a great use of materials.  We were also sent an under the sea box which had a game of memory you could cut out on the box which has also been played with loads!

The age range suggested is 4-8 years, and I think this is quite accurate.  At 6, 7 and 8 the child will be able to do the box pretty independently, and at 4 and 5 it is definitely something nice to do with them.  Most subscription boxes are more craft based than this one, however we liked the balance of information with activities.  Overall we were really impressed and both boys have asked if we can get them again!  You can order your first box for £3.99  on the First Wonder Box website

 The post is in collaboration with First Wonder Box 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

What Cora Wore // Trendy Baby Box

Trendy Baby Box is a subscription service that offers you a complete outfit for your baby, either as a one off, or as an ongoing monthly offer and we were sent a box to try out with Cora.  I love shopping for her, and I feel like I am getting to know her style, but sometimes I am completely surprised when someone else chooses an outfit that I would never dream of buying for her and it looks so much better on.

This is how I felt with the Trendy baby box.  When it first arrived, I admired the pretty black dress, matching bloomers and tiny crocheted shoes, but when I put it on Cora I just loved it.  It really isn't our usual style but I think it looks so pretty on and she seemed really happy in it too.

On the website you fill in your child's details including their clothing size, but you have no input in the clothing that is sent to you.  I found this quite strange as I think people's tastes can vary so much, but it is a great excuse to try something different.  I would love to see a few options, the possibility to specify certain colours you don't like, or particular styles you do so that the box is better tailored to the child.

The box came well presented and the quality of the clothes is great.  I love that this outfit is really unique, you won't find any other babies wearing it and it gets a lot of compliments.  The dress fits Cora well and the little knickers have frills on the back and look adorable under the dress.  Unfortunately the crochet shoes weren't right for us as she just pulled them straight off, but for a younger baby they would look really sweet. This outfit is perfect for parties or special occasions, but it works well for exploring beautiful gardens too.  

We don't find dresses particularly practical at the moment whilst crawling is Cora's main way of getting around, but the matching knickers meant I could tuck the front of the dress in when she was on the move (this is the latest trick I have discovered whilst raising a little girl).

This box would make a lovely gift and is a great way to try out new styles and add something a bit different into your baby's wardrobe.  The Trendy Baby Box costs €42 and contains between 3 and 5 items, always making up a complete outfit.

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Friday, 10 June 2016

What the Boys Wore - Bebe Threads

Subscription boxes are everywhere and none are more exciting than when they involve kids clothing.  Bebe Threads is a new company offering not only an online boutique but also a mystery box based on your answers to a series of questions about your preferences and your child's style.

Bebe Threads sent us a box that included a unisex choice, a girls and a boys selection.  It came beautifully packaged, perfect for a gift and I couldn't wait to see what was inside!  

First up was the unisex item in a newborn size.  I love unisex clothing and with a baby on the way I was looking forward to seeing what they chose.  This Duns Sweden romper is stunning - from a company we already know and love and made from Organic cotton. 

Secondly it was the 'boys choice' and Bebe Threads sent us a summer romper from Serendipity - again organic cotton and a light airy choice for summer days.  This lightweight all in one is perfect for warm days and easy to wear with poppers under the crotch and down the front.  The sizing is generous (Finn at 15 months is wearing the 12-18) but it looks super comfortable and smart.

And finally the 'girls choice'.  This stunning dress by Nui is absolutely my favourite item - the colours are stunning, the print is dreamy and fun and the material is organic, soft and light.  It came with an adorable matching nappy cover too to complete the outfit.  Girly without being pastel or pink I think this is a beautiful item and I would be really happy to receive something like this in a mystery box.

I really like the concept and I feel like they picked great items, appropriate for the season and really unique - none of these are your average high street buys.

If you decide to order a box, your items will come with between a 15% and 30% discount.  The choices are one outfit for £25 or three for £70 on an every other month basis.  If you like any of these items or want to check out their online store then head over to Bebethreads

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