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Monday, 27 March 2017

A Spring Weekend

There is something so beautiful about each season and I made the decision when I had children to stop having a favourite, and to appreciate the little things each time the weather changes.  The excitement of snow and frost has gone, Christmas feels like a distant memory and it has all been replaced by blooming flowers popping up everywhere we look, the grass turning a healthier shade of green and that familiar warmth that promises summer is on the way.

I am an outdoor person whatever the weather, but with four small ones some things are just a bit much in the winter.  In the spring it all seems a bit easier, there are so many options, so much to explore and it becomes easier to go out earlier and stay out that little bit later.  

Last weekend in the absense of any plans, we revisited a beautiful local gardens with a museum attached.  We are lucky enough to have lots of local parks, but this one is so clean, dog free and full of things to explore.  I took my camera along to capture some pictures of the bigger boys in their new shoes as Bobux kindly sent us some of their new Kid+ range (they now go up to 7 years!) and I love the images I took.  They capture spring in all it's beautiful glory and the adventures we will be having for the next few months.

quex gardens, quex house

spring photography, daffodil photos, quex gardens

Bobux kid+, Bobux

Bobux kid+, Bobux shoes

The boys love their Bobux shoes because the barefoot soles mean they can really flex their feet as they run and climb.  There are some low hanging branches and trees that are perfect for little adventurers and they kept them entertained for ages.

Inside there is a museum full of animals and artifacts that they love looking at.  The highlight is the interactive room though full of instruments to play and stations to draw at complete with mircrosopes and fancy lights. (If you live locally this is Quex gardens and Museum).  It was a great place to calm down before heading home and there was something for everyone. 

The weather still seems to vary so much daily and there is still plenty of rain but this is what our Spring weekends will look like I hope - full of colour, sunshine and fresh air.  
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The End of Winter

Somehow Winter always seems like the longest season.  I know that just like Spring, Summer and Autumn it lasts for three months, but when those months are cold, wet and usually full of snot, it can seem to drag.  Spring is on the horizon and the temperature seems to be picking up already so we have been busy enjoying it.

The beach is my favourite place to go, I love the space, the smell, the freedom, how it soothes my soul.  At this time of year it is pretty much deserted, but it still holds so much beauty, it still captures my children's attention for hours and we still come home with that sand in our socks, glow on our cheeks feeling that makes me think of the summer.  

There are things I love about each season and as Spring begins, I am looking forward to being outdoors more, rediscovering our favourite places, not coming home until dinner time because it is still light, shedding our coats and some of those layers and moving more freely, the beautiful yellows and greens that are suddenly appearing in the parks, bringing my Saltwater sandals back out and painting my toenails pretty colours.  

Winter is ending and I will miss the warmth of walking into a heated house after an outdoor stroll, the excuse to drink hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows every night, snuggling under blankets on the sofa and watching the frost settling on the windows. 

This was the Winter that Cora learned to sit, that she tried her first taste of food.  It was the winter Finn started sleeping better and putting more words together.  It was the Winter that Archie turned 4 and grew tall enough to press the buzzer at preschool.  It was the Winter that Dylan got his confidence in the water and wrote all his own Christmas cards.  I am excited to see what Spring will bring.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

What the Boys Wore - Tootsa MacGinty SS16

For two weeks now, I have had all three of my babies at home, and it has been amazing seeing them all together.  There always seems to be something going on at the weekends and we all needed time to just take things at our pace, enjoy each other's company and have our own adventures.

These three boys are the best of friends (although they can fight like only brothers do), they love to be together, but they all have such different personalities too.  I always loved the idea of dressing them matching, but as Dylan is growing up and Finn still feels so little, I don't find much that seems to span their ages and come in all the right sizes too.   

Tootsa MacGinty's Spring/Summer collection features beautiful brights ready for the sunshine and as soon as I saw these raglan sleeved tops, I knew they would be perfect for my boys.  Each one is unique, but they slot together so perfectly, they compliment each other, much as these three little personalities do.  

tootsa macginty, siblings, brothers, co-ordinated, tootsa ss16

Dylan loves the colour blue, he wants something a bit 'cool' (his word not mine) and this lolly tee was a huge hit.  Archie suits yellow, despite or maybe because of his beautiful hair and this is my favourite style of top on him.  I love Finn in real brights and the watermelon is seriously cute (and I love how fruit is all over clothes this season). 

The bold colours look great as the seasons change and the 3/4 sleeves help transcend spring and summer too.  Finn was also sent some leggings and I chose the 'Tour de France', partly because dogs riding bicycles is pretty fun and partly because the two cuffs are different colours, one the exact yellow of Archie's sleeves and the other the blue of Dylan's.  I love that little touch and we already know how fantastic their leggings are.

watermelon boy clothes, tootsa macginty, unisex kidswear

The fit on the tops is on the smaller side, depending on how you like to wear them.  Finn is a pretty average 13 month old and is wearing 1-2, Archie has just turned 3 and is in 3-4 and Dylan is a big 4 year old in 6-7.  The leggings are quite generous, Finn has the cuffs rolled on these and they will easily last him beyond his second birthday (they are age 1-2).  He has some in 6-12 months that still comfortably fit, but the style of these means you can wear them a little looser and they still look great.

Every item here is completely unisex which is perfect for us with a baby girl on the way.  Tootsa is designed to last and be passed down and I have hopes that the blue lolly top will be worn by all four of my babies at some point.  I love how their clothes are designed for children, with movement and comfort in mind.

Tootsa Macginty, unisex childrenswear, unisex kids clothing

We are back to just weekends where we are all together now, although hopefully the brighter evenings and warmer weather means we can make the most of after school time.   I love watching their relationships change and develop and it is going to be even more hectic and exciting when we add baby no.4 into the mix!  For now I get to spend a little extra time with this baby of mine, whilst he is still the baby.

Thank you to Tootsa MacGinty for sending us these pieces, we really love them all
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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

An Easter Outing

This year the Easter weekend has seemed even more special than usual.  I have two children old enough to know what is going on, a little one who can have his very first taste of chocolate and the promise of two weeks with no school run and my biggest little boy at home,  Over the long weekend we managed to fit in some spring cleaning, catching up with friends, quiet time in the house, family time and an Easter outing too.  The winds blew, the sun shone, the chocolate disappeared pretty fast and three little boys were already asleep as their heads hit the sheets each night.

Easter Monday was the day we had planned a day out and despite the fact the wind had howled all night (and blown over our fence panels), the sun was still shining and we needed a day of fresh air.  We headed to our local Wildlife centre as it has something for everyone and had such a lovely day that we all came home smiling.

I love seeing the big cats but we seem to spend the longest time in the reptile house as the big two are fascinated by lizards, snakes, crocodiles and rodents.  It works out well if you manage to time it so that you are in there whilst it rains and enjoy the nicer parts of the day outside though.

We love this park as it has a playground inside that has so much to do and we spend just as long climbing and sliding as we do looking at the animals (and there is a soft play inside so that Finn can get out the buggy or sling and explore too).  There are also ride on electric trucks that they have to have a go on each time we visit.

I can't wait to spend two whole weeks with my favourite small people now, especially considering that when the new term starts Archie will be doing more hours at nursery and our time together will be even more precious. 

How was your Easter Weekend?

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Very First Picnic of the Year

He refuses to keep either socks or shoes on, and any exposed skin looks grubby, covered in a thin layer of mud.  He crawls, cruises and explores every surface, touching everything he sees.  He is inquisitive, adventurous and determined and he is loving the weather getting warmer and the excuse to spend as much time as possible outside.

Archie is in his element in the park, and although he isn't quite walking yet, he loves the freedom when I let him explore his own way.  The warm weather meant we spent the first of many long days at the park, and the picnic blanket made its way out of the cupboard for the first time in months.

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Making the most of it

 Since my return to work in January, our family time has been cut in half.  I only do ten hours per week in my current role, but most of that falls on a Saturday, and with the bloke being at work Monday to Friday, it gives us only one day all together.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Warmer Day

In the middle of rain and wind, of runny noses and chesty coughs, we saw a ray of sunshine. We woke up to blue skies and the kind of weather that needs only a light jacket.  After weeks of soft play, coffee shops and puddle splashing, a visit to the park was exactly what we needed.

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Monday, 6 May 2013

A Beautiful Place to Be

There are of course, certain things I would change about where I live, but there is so much that I just wouldn't have any other way and  I have ended up settling down only 5 miles from the house I grew up in.  My family are close and I still see friends from both primary and secondary school.  I know the area like the back of my hand and there are some really beautiful parts.

My little town alone has numerous parks, three children's centres and a beautiful sandy beach.  We have shops, cafes and restauraunts and are surrounded by people we love.  As spring appears to finally have arrived, we have been enjoying staying exactly where we are and making the most of our town.

This weekend has seen a fair arrive to the green on the cliff top and we went exploring as a family.  Dylan loved the merry-go-round and fishing for ducks and Archie. . . well Archie had a lovely nap in the sling!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


The start of spring brings new life, new colours and the return of my beloved flip flops.  With the weather finally warming up though, I have been remembering all the things I love about this new season:

Washing drying on the line.  There is something really satisfying about a line of clean washing drying in the breeze and it always smells so fresh and feels so soft.

Not wearing a coat! After picking out outfits all winter and then hiding them under a coat it is nice to have a bit more freedom and a lot less bulk finally.

Walks along the Prom.  Living so close to the sea, spring gives us the perfect excuse to stretch our legs as we can go for long strolls along the sea front with an ice cream as a reward when we get to the end.

Messy play in the garden.  I may not be the most house proud, but I am not confident getting messy inside, so with a bit less chill in the air, we can go outdoors for painting and getting dirty and I am much less worried!

Eating Al Fresco.  There is something about eating outdoors that makes me pick healthier options and this can only be a good thing! There is nothing quite like sitting outdoors and enjoying a lovely meal with a beautiful view.

Getting my flip flops back out.  I love being barefoot and the next best thing is simple sandals.  As soon as the risk of frostbite has gone, I am in my flip flops and the boots don't come back out until I really have no choice!

Painting my toenails.  With the return of sandals, comes the nail varnish.  I love painting my toenails in every shade of bright and showing them off.

Fresh flowers. Suddenly gardens and parks are awash with colour and it can't help but brighten my day to see the flowers blossoming.  Dylan is already getting excited when he spots a daffodil so I can't wait for more to bloom.

Not spending a Penny. With the beach within walking distance of my house, we don't need to spend any money to have a lovely day out and Dylan is entertained for hours with a bucket and spade and somewhere to run around!

The light. Earlier mornings and later evenings mean there is so much more natural light and this makes taking a good picture much easier. I rely on my smart phone for a camera and so sunlight is definitely my friend.

Picnics in the park. As a breastfeeding mummy,  there is only so long I can spend in the park when it is chilly but with the spring sunshine we can spend all day outside.

 It may not be as warm as I would like yet, but spring is definitely on the way, and I can't wait!  What do you love about spring?

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Monday, 8 April 2013

The Start of Spring

After rain, snow, wind and more snow, we finally appear to be getting some of the spring sunshine we have been waiting for.  Saturday was the first time I wasn't worried about packing extra blankets in the pushchair and we took a short journey on the train to a local town, Whitstable to explore.

spring sun, whitstable

Whitstable is a beautiful town with lots of quirky little stores selling all sorts of beautiful things, from vintage clothing to tea sets and gorgeous baby bits that I really wanted to buy. Luckily as they are all old buildings my double pushchair was a challenge to get inside, so my pennies remained (mostly) safe. 

knitted pram, knitted pram cover, whitstable

whitstable, girly buys, whitstable tea sets

 After a lovely lunch, we took the boys for a stroll and enjoyed our first dose of sunshine this year. Whitstable has a lovely pebble beach which we are not used to as our closest beaches are sand but Dylan loved looking at all the rocks and stones as he explored. He ran around in his new Superman top (complete with cape!) and made friends with every parent, child and dog in sight.


toddler exploring, whitstable beach, toddler pebbles

It certainly wasn't warm but with no breeze and bright sunshine it wasn't too cold and we took a stroll along the sea front, admiring the boats and little cafes selling fresh oysters and seafood.  Archie was unusually settled in the Bugaboo, and Dylan was his usual excitable self, running around with squeals of excitement at everything he saw.

oyster bar, whitstable beach
Anyone for Oysters?

A lovely coffee with friends and we got home just in time to put two rather exhausted little boys to bed! I am really hoping this weather sticks around as it is lovely being able to spend more time outside without worrying about frozen fingers and hundreds of layers!

bugaboo donkey, asleep in bugaboo donkey, sleeping buggy

Welcome Spring!

 Whitstable beach, pebble beach, spring sunshine

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