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Monday, 9 October 2017

5 Things to do with a Spare Room

We have recently moved in to a bigger house to give us a lit the idea of an upstairs office where doors can be shut is very appealing!tle more space, but as the boys have decided that they would prefer to still share a room, we have ended up with a completely spare room.  There have been many suggestions from all members of the family with what it should be used for, here are our top 5

  1. A guest room.  The obvious choice is to buy a guest bed and keep the room for when family and friends come to stay.  Guest beds are great for when one of the boys has a friend to sleepover too.
  2. An upstairs office.  We have an open plan downstairs and currently our desks are set up down there, but having a space where we can shut the door is very appealing

playroom 690.jpg

  1. A walk in wardrobe.  I have always dreamed of a simplistic and minimalist bedroom, and having our wardrobes in a seperate room would help keep our sleeping space calm.
  2. A kids den. The boys would love either an upstairs playroom or as they get bigger a games room or den for playing computer games and hanging out with their friends.


  1. A room for students. Having a spare room can allow you to earn a bit of an extra income by hosting foreign students.
How would you utilise a spare room?

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

5 Reasons We Love Having A Larger Family

With four children we are now considered a larger family. Most people (probably the sensible ones) seem to stop after two, but we managed to fit four babies into a rather busy five years and most of the time we love it. It isn’t the right decision for everyone and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the phrases ‘you have your hands full’ and ‘don’t you have a TV?’.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love having a larger family.

1) The kids always have a friend. I think this one is especially for families like us with smaller age gaps. Most often my children play in pairs with the big two going off into an imaginary world and the smaller two finding something very noisy to entertain them. Living in close quarters means that of course they all fight, but having a larger family means they can go and find someone different to play with when it all gets too much. When the big two can’t agree, one will go off and play with Cora and the other with Finn which keeps things a bit more harmonious.

2) They learn to share. My sister works in childcare and she told me that her favourite children usually come from larger families. The children learn to share and take turns at such an early age because they have no choice. Mine have all learned to play pretend from very young and they are usually good at turn taking (most of the time anyway).

3) We get lots of use out of toys and clothes. We have clothes that have been worn by all four children and the beautiful wooden walker that my parents bought for Dylan’s first birthday has helped all four of my babies learn to walk. We see toys played with in so many different ways and I love seeing things being handed down.

4) Hopefully lots of visits as we get older. It’s a bit of a scary thought to think that one day we may be grandparents or even great grandparents but I hope that we always have a big family around us. I was brought up surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins and I want my children and their children to be too. Should the worst happen to us, we’ve made sure we have life insurance in place so our children have the protection in place that they need if we can’t be there to look after them.

5) The perfect chaos. It may sound like an oxymoron but our home is loud, chaotic, messy and perfect. I love the constant babble, the different sounds of laughter and the colour that fills our home. Sometimes all I want is five minutes of peace but really, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What is the perfect number for you? And if you have a larger family then what do you love about it?

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Budget Holiday Tips for Families

We are a family that loves to travel, but as we have grown, we have had to think more about how to make our holiday's as cost effective as possible.  With four children we don't often fit the standard family requirements and we have had to change the way we travel to reflect this.  Here are some of my top tips for travelling on a budget.

1) Flexibility makes it easier to get a better price so search for flights for the week you want to go away and check if one day is significantly cheaper than the others.  Fridays are usually the most expensive so being able to go midweek can pay off.  Flexibility on location helps too, you may want to go to Spain for example but browsing a site like and checking out different regions means you can find something to fit every budget.

2) Book each part of the holiday separately to ensure you are getting the best deals.  Check out sites like skyscanner to compare flight prices and book everything direct with the company to avoid paying any additional fees. 

3) It can pay to stay a little further away from where you want to be to save some pennies and also give you more living space for your money.  Choosing to rent a holiday house can be much easier with a larger family too as you have space to settle the children to bed and still have some adult time rather than playing cards by the light of your phones in a dark hotel room (which we have done more than once). Check out the local transport to see how this could work for you.

4) Choose what is important to you.  We often fly with the cheapest budget airline and don't pay for any frills like choosing seats or quick boarding.  We are happy to stay in cheaper accommodation if it means more money for eating out and going on trips.  If you are planning on cooking more then spend a little more choosing the right holiday home with a decent sized kitchen.

5) Travel with friends - if there are a group of you looking for the same kind of holiday then check out some bigger rental properties.  On you can filter by the number of guests and there are stunning villas that sleep up to 16  - you get to split the cost and have a private pool!

6) Booking early is the best way to guarantee low prices and ideally 11 months before you want to travel is the cheapest.  Alternatively, wait until 3 days before you want to go away to make the most of the last minute deals.  Both have advantages of course but planning early gives you more chance to save and pay things off slowly.

7) Before you go away look for discounted entry tickets for local attractions, whether there are any festivals on, free days to visit things or cards that offer entry to multiple places.      

We love to travel and try and cut down costs so that we can go away more often.  Do you have any great budget tips to share?

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Nappy Niggles

One of the questions I am asked most at the moment is whether it is much different having a girl after three boys.  Honestly, it really isn't.  At the moment Cora is just a baby and babies are all pretty similar, they feed, sleep, cuddle and chew things.  I get to dress her in pretty dresses sometimes of course - I don't think the boys could pull them off quite so well - but the biggest difference is when it comes to nappy changing.

According to new research from Waterwipes, a third of new parents fell totally unprepared for and overwhelmed by the realities of changing nappies on a real baby and I don't think anything quite prepares you for how much of your life you will spend changing nappies, especially  with two little ones.  

Their research also found that half of new dads thought they did half of the nappy changes whilst 6 out of 10 mums think it is mostly them.  Nappy changing is definitely split here at the weekend but I think I did nearly all the nappies in the very early weeks.

The big question is who is easier to change - boys or girls?  Apparently 40% consider girls easier whilst only 21% think boys are.  Probably due to the amount of practice I have had changing boy nappies I would have to fall into the 21%!

Water wipes spoke to parent expert Lisa Clegg, author of The Blissful Baby Expert who gave these tips:

"The most important thing to remember is that you’ve got this. To help you feel more at ease with even the most challenging change, here are my five tips to get you in the nappy zapping zone;
1. Prepare and have everything out and ready before you begin – a fresh nappy, a disposal bag and a few wipes. Using a chemical free wipe such aWaterWipes means you don’t have to worry about irritating your baby’s sensitive skin
2. Keep making eye contact and talking to baby, your voice can be soothing even if they become restless,
3. Don’t stop if baby cries, the quickest way of soothing them properly is to keep going until the job is done
4. Use the distraction of a favourite toy for a slightly older baby
5. Always finish with a cuddle -  it’s reassuring for them and for you!”

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Hello in There

Cora arrived four days early, wailing loudly and already aware that she was born into a mad house.  Throughout the pregnancy she had heard me talking and singing, her Daddy's low tones and her brothers' loud ones.  It felt like she recognised us all, and she probably did as it is now known that babies can hear in the womb.  The experts say it sounds muffled, like you are talking underwater, but she will still have heard the intonation, the difference in tones, the squeaks and sqwarks of the three boys and my wonderfully tuneful (of course) singing.  I didn't talk to Cora before she was born as much as I did with Dylan, but she probably heard me more as I was naturally reading books and singing songs throughout the day.

I recently took part in some videos with Aptaclub to highlight the importance of talking to your growing bump and they are now live on the website.  They were filmed only a few days before Cora arrived and looking at my bump is already making me broody! 

With Dylan I felt that I naturally talked to him as a bump and the same songs I used to sing whilst painting the nursery were the ones that comforted him when he arrived.  After the first it definitely doesn't come as naturally but with a toddler (or two, or three) around I was singing and talking all day anyway.

My babies have such a wonderful bond and I always wonder whether Cora is so calm around the rather heavy handed Finn because she recognises his voice as a comfort - something she has always known.  

In some ways giving birth is the first time that you get to meet your baby, but in other ways it feels like you have known them forever - all those one sided conversations, the kicks and rolls and the dreams of what he or she will look like.  Pregnancy is the perfect time to start bonding with your baby. 

Disclosure : This post is in collaboration with Aptaclub
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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Carpet Creations

Have you seen those sweet nap time pictures before?  The ones where the parent has created a fantasy land around a sleeping baby, a human art attack almost?  Well Carpetright have challenged me to make my own and armed with a snoozy baby and some random props I have built five scenes around my sleeping baby.  Well four really as in one she is quite clearly awake - this is a baby who hates to sleep on her back and so her little eyes popped open as soon as I put her down that time.

Flying a kite made of muslins on 'mist' carpet
A snoozing bunny on 'peak district green artificial grass'

my little fairy flying high on 'lilac'
floating around on 'Lolita mosaic'
A caterpillar's picnic on 'highland design'

Carpetright are running a fantastic competition to win up to £1000 of vouchers so if you are feeling inspired by our creations then why not try your own?  Check out the Carpetright website  for more information.

You can share your own Carpet Creation, by either tweeting their picture to the @Carpetright Twitter handle, using the hash tag #carpetcreations, or alternatively visit the Carpetright Facebook page and upload your photo to our dedicated competition

What scene would you create? 
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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Five Ways to Bond with Your Baby

Cora was born into a big family, she has three big brothers that demand my time and attention and where I would spend hours cuddled up with my first newborn, things aren't that easy with the fourth.  Finding different ways to keep the wonderful bond between us is a priority and I still find time every day to just enjoy her on her own, even if it does mean that I don't get much (any) time to myself.  There are little things we do each day that keep us close, that are just between us and I love how bonded they make me feel with my new baby.

Babywearing - Cora wants to be close to me at all times, understandably, and I want to keep her safe.  Her brothers adore her, sometimes a bit too much so keeping her with me makes sense.  As well as using a sling to make getting out and about easier, we also use it in the house.  She is settled when held against my chest, I have two hands free for her brothers and we can have skin to skin.

Breastfeeding - Cora is exclusively breastfed which means that as soon as she is hungry she comes back to me.  I didn't feel like my bond was any less with Finn when I had to bottlefeed him, but I find there to be something so precious about breastfeeding and knowing how reliant she is on me and me alone.

Co-sleeping - Co-sleeping works well for us.  It enables me to get some sleep and Cora to feel secure.  She sleeps the first stretch of each night in her crib and then comes in with me for the rest of it.  It feels so natural to keep her close at night and it means we both get more sleep!

Baby Massage - When the boys all go to bed, the house suddenly goes quiet and it is a great time to have some special time with my baby girl.  We love baby massage as a way to reconnect after a busy day and it keeps her skin lovely and smooth too.  The skin to skin contact releases the love hormone Oxytocin which helps us to connect and bond (I have some Huggies wipes handy for change timeGayle Berry, Infant massage & baby yoga expert says“Nappy changing offers a special time to bond with your baby as you have the opportunity for eye contact, touch and to talk together. Reducing artificial smells in the products you use means that baby can recognise your special scent which encourages the bonding process and is kind to both you and your baby’s skin”. They are made with 99%  pure water and completely free from nasty chemicals such as alcohol, phenoxyethanol and parabens.  To find out how HUGGIES® Wipes naturally care for your little one’s skin visit to find the full range. )

Bathing together - Until she is big enough to go in with her brothers, Cora comes in the bath with me.  We both love the calmness, the opportunity to have skin to skin and being able to feed her and comfort her if she needs it.  I would love to take her swimming one day too and we have plenty of HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® ready with the new Disney© Pixar Finding Dory characters on.  You can pick them up in the baby aisle or visit for tips and advice. HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® is inviting families to “Get set, splash”, inspiring them to enjoy fun in the water with their little ones, giving them the confidence that they’ll be protected from any little accidents

I feel like my bond with Cora is as strong as with any of the others.  She gets so much of me, but she has three big brothers to love her as well.
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Thursday, 8 September 2016

How the UK used to look

My three boys were born in the same hospital that I was, and my Mum was born years before in the neighbouring town.  They are growing up surrounded by the same parks, beaches and high streets that the generations before them played in, but things have changed.  The seaside towns have had their ups and downs, the parks have seen makeovers, had to comply with health and safety and I am pretty sure the maternity ward that has such a huge part in our memories has been updated over the last 30 years.

I love looking back at images from my childhood, seeing the landmarks that are no longer, or those that have stood the test of time.  SunLife have put together some images of the UK 'then' and now, to show how much things have changed and it is wonderful to see how things have modernised but still kept their personality.  London has always been and always will be a bustling city, the majestic buildings of Edinburgh still stand tall.

Living down in Kent, one of the places that has really changed over the years is Margate.  Once it was a thriving seaside town, one of the biggest tourist destinations in the UK, growing up it was busy, bright and full of entertainment but by the time Dylan was born, the tourism had faded, the high street was shutting down and Dreamland, the iconic theme park had gone.  Now Margate is an up and coming town, recovering from years of neglect, attracting modern families, full of art and independent shops.  To see pictures of the town then and now, you see how much things have changed, whilst noticing that the beach is still as clean and busy as ever,  the clock tower still stands proud and the harbour wall still sticks out, even if there are no longer any boats residing there.

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Matching Sunglasses Style

You may have noticed my love for matching and co-ordinated as I love dressing the children matchy.  The same colours or theme to an outfit not only looks really sweet but with four small people to keep track of it can help me spot them in a crowd too.  I love the idea of matching the boys with me or the bloke and one of the best ways to do that is with sunglasses.

Smart Buy Glasses sell designer sunglasses for adults and children and they have some great options for parents and children to co-ordinate. These are three of our favourite pairings from Bolle, Julbo and Salice.  I love the bright lenses and the funky blue frames and I think they would certainly stand out together.

The streamlines black frames look great for active families and the polarized lenses make them look really different.  Check out the Salice selection on the website for these.

The blue frames are nice and bright and scream summer sun.  I love the orange tips on the children's frames too.

The white is more classic and simple and these are what I would pick if I wanted to get matching for me and the boys.  They go with everything but they are still not quite your average.

I have a few matches planned for Cora and I (one of the geeky reasons I love having a little girl) but it is fun thinking of ways I can co-ordinate with the boys as well.

This post is in collaboration with Smart Buy Glasses

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

5 Reasons I am Looking Forward to Breastfeeding Again

This is a Sponsored Post by SMA® Nutrition

In the lead up to Cora's arrival I was feeling a mixture of nervous and excited. I knew that things were about to get very busy, that life with a newborn is exhausting and draining in every sense and that I will truly understand the term 'hands full' as I tackle life with four aged four and under. I also knew how amazing it was going to be, how the adrenaline makes you feel on top of the world, how precious those early days are and how perfect newborn cuddles are.

I breastfed all three of the boys for varying lengths of time and I am breastfeeding this little lady as well. In fact, it is one of the things I was really looking forward to, for many reasons.

1) Everyone wants newborn cuddles to touch their tiny toes, sniff their little heads and marvel at how small they are. I know family and friends will want to take the baby off me to hold, but once she starts crying, it will be straight back to Mama. Breastfeeding means it is only me that can feed her and settle her, that it is me that gets to enjoy those moments of calm, watch her fall asleep milk drunk and hold her close.

2) Breastfeeding is easy - not always at first, but once those early struggles have passed and things fall into a routine, it becomes so easy. There is nothing extra to pack in an already bulging changing bag, no problems if you decide to stay out later and the knowledge that you have everything you need somewhere that you really can't lose!

3) The knowledge that I am providing my baby with the very best start in life. The first 1000 days (pregnancy through to her 2nd birthday) are so important and my breastmilk adapts to my baby's needs providing her with the right amount of essential proteins she needs to grow and stay healthy. Protein in breastmilk is vital for growth and development and is the foundation for their cells, muscles, brain and other tissues I still find it amazing that my body makes all of this on demand! The World Health Organisation recommends exclusively breastfeeding for the first six months as breast milk has been proven to support an appropriate rate of growth as the level of protein in breast milk changes as your babies grow. When babies grow at an appropriate rate it can reduce their chances of becoming overweight and obese later in life.

This video from SMA Nutrition shows the importance of protein in breastmilk

4) The extra calories having a newborn is exhausting and cake is one of the best ways to get through it. Breastfeeding mamas get an extra 500 calories a day which makes me feel so much better about all those extra biscuits I will be eating! It also means that the inevitable 'mum tum' shrinks a little faster, although I know with four pregnancies under my belt it is just a part of me now.

5) Savouring those moments, knowing that it won't be long before she is running around and not needing me so much. Knowing that whilst I am feeding my baby there is nowhere else I would rather be, that I am doing the most important thing I can be. Being able to stroke a tiny cheek, watch little fingers curl, little toes wriggle, a little body warm against mine. Being forced to slow down and appreciate the moment, exactly as we are, savouring the baby days.

I know that things may not stay easy, but it is something worth fighting for and I am enjoying every moment of breastfeeding my baby girl.
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Friday, 17 June 2016

Art with a 4 Year Old

I have a four year old who is suddenly obsessed with art.  Everything has the potential to be recycled, covered in gloopy glue and paint and repurposed.  He looked quite upset recently when he realised what happens to all the things in the recycling bin and since then our bins have been a lot less full as things seem to be squirrelled away to make 'art' with.  

Writing never appealed to him until he started school and I know how important art is for his fine motor skills so it is something we have encouraged.  The Works do some great art supplies and they are such great value too - something you need with a 4 year old that can use a whole tube of gloopy glue on one egg box.  

We have been stocking up on the kids craft supplies and have an over the door shoe organiser in the dining room which has different craft items in each pocket - I saw the idea on pinterest and it is perfect for children if you find one with clear pockets - everything is on display so they can feel inspired.  Pompoms end up everywhere but they are much softer on your feet than lego blocks - trust me!  

Here are our top tips for doing art with children:

1) Aprons are a must! children are messy and easily distracted and if like mine they want to get creative as soon as they get in from school, you will want to protect their shirts!

2) Have art supplies somewhere easy to reach, but not too easy.  We keep paint and glue higher up so they need to ask first but things like stickers and stampers lower down so that they can start without me.

3) Limit what you keep.  Dylan would happily fill the house with recycled rubbish but we don't have the space and I really don't need it all.  He has a special drawer for projects and art work as well as a wall in the playroom to display his best bits.  If they get full then something has to be thrown out to allow for something new

4) If you want to encourage them to be arty without the mess then look at water painting.  Aquadoodles are brilliant for inside and giving them a paintbrush and a pot of water is ideal in the summer - get them painting the side of the house and know that it will all dry the same day!

5) Make a list of birthdays and never have to buy a card again.  The boys love making birthday cards so we keep a list of whose is coming up so that they are never forgotten

6) For younger children, expensive supplies aren't always worth the money.  Cheap and lots of it are the way forward and the Works sells a range that starts at 49p.

7) Once you start with glitter, you can't go back so be aware when you introduce it for the first time!

8) Try and enjoy it.  It is great for their motor skills, encourages creativity and imagination and takes the stress out of rainy days.  
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Monday, 23 May 2016

Needing More Space

Realistically we are outgrowing our house.  Adding another baby into our three bedroom means things are tight, especially considering both the bloke and I work from home so we need space for a home office.  

I spent many an hour daydreaming about our perfect house, but the reality is a 6 bed with a huge garden and swimming pool isn't looking likely any time soon.  The reality of moving house either heavily pregnant or with 4 under 5s is also incredibly unappealing so we are going to be making the most of the space we do have and trying to declutter over the next few weeks so that the six of us can live comfortably for a few years until we are ready to upgrade.  

We need to find somewhere to store Bump's bits which are currently scattered around the house in boxes.  I love the idea of getting fitted wardrobes in our bedroom to maximise the space and then she could have her own area.  We have recently bought a new bed so that we can store things underneath too which is making a big difference.

We recently when on a giant toy purge and boxed up over half of the boys' toys.  They seemed to be taking over the house and there were too many for them to choose from, so we are rotating them now, making sure they always have a selection but not everything at once.  It has made such a difference not only to the space, but to the effort it takes to tidy up at the end of the day too!

As baby gets bigger and starts to need her own room, it will be the back bedroom that needs a makeover as we attempt to put all three boys in together.  The room is big enough for bunk beds, a cot and some storage, but we are going to be looking at the best way to make the most of the space so they still have somewhere to play away from a crawling baby.  At the moment the boys' bedroom is their haven from Finn where they can play with Playmobil or other games that they don't want him interfering with and I would like them to keep this special space.  

The Boys' bedroom

We are lucky that our living space is quite large and I know we will find a way to make our house work for us until we are ready to tackle moving - until then I may start playing the lottery as the six bed house with a garden and swimming pool that I want isn't going to be cheap!

Disclaimer:  Collaborative Post

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Travelling with Four

I caught the travel bug as a student, when working part time alongside uni studies I realised I had enough money for the odd European weekend break.  I realised how easy it was to travel, how it didn't need to be expensive and I learnt how to pack for a weekend into a hand luggage sized bag.

After Uni I went travelling around the world and that time is full of amazing memories of those once in a lifetime moments.  I knew by then that travel would always be an important part of my future and when we found out we were pregnant with our first baby I was determined that children would not get in the way of me seeing the world.  A second baby followed and then a third and we still found ways to explore with them.  Finn has been on three foreign holidays and several UK breaks  before his first birthday and we love showing our children the world.  Baby number four is due to arrive in the summer and whilst I am expecting things to only get more difficult, we are still planning on travelling with our young brood.

Whilst there are certain things that are off limits with little people in tow, you also manage to see parts of a country that you otherwise would have missed.  We search out parks and attractions that they will enjoy and often they are the highlight of the holiday for all of us.

We wouldn't plan anything too big for the early months and possibly years of being a family of six, and we may take this opportunity to see more of the UK, a country I am embarrassed to say I know little of.  The bloke and I would love to head north and spend some time in the lake district - Somewhere we can have the comfort and ease of being able to drive there, but with completely new scenery to the seaside that surrounds us down on the Kent coast and with so much open space for the boys to explore.  We wouldn't need to worry about getting a passport for the baby or packing a suitcase with everything we need for a newborn as well as three small boys but it would still feel like a break.

We definitely want to go skiing again next year as I found it really frustrating this year being surrounded by snow and not able to slide down the mountains.  It is going to be interesting taking four children to the snow, but I am sure that we will find a way to make it work.  

Travelling with four small people is going to be challenging I imagine, but I can't wait to show them the world, help feed their curiosity and  desire to explore and see the world through their eyes.  

Where do you like to travel with your children?  Where is next on your list of places to visit?

Disclaimer :  Collaborative post
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Monday, 6 July 2015

Sleeping Like a Baby - Even in Summer

I have been really lucky *touch wood* with all three of my boys, they are sleepers.  None were sleeping through at an amazingly early age, but they all like their sleep, and my nearly four year old still naps several days a week.  

The recent hot weather has made sleeping difficult for us all, so I thought I would offer some top tips for helping get a good night's sleep, whether you are three months, three years or three decades.

*Dressing for the weather is a great start - Dylan is still insisting on wearing long sleeves and trousers most nights, but he is then covered in sweat within minutes.  We try and dress the bigger two in shorts and a vest for bed, and Finn is in just a nappy and a short sleeved vest at the moment.  We check on them before we go to sleep and can put on a light blanket if the temperature has dropped.

yawning baby, We are scamp, Mummy blogger
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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Big Hero 6 DVD for Free!

Having children is an expensive hobby and most of us are looking for ways to save a few pennies when we can and TopCashBack have an amazing offer that not only lets you earn money whilst you shop, but if you join up now, you can get Big Hero 6 for free on DVD.

With the summer holidays on their way, we are all looking for ways to keep the kids entertained and a free DVD sounds perfect to me for those rainy days.  If you start using TopCashBack now, then you can start saving money to buy the all important popcorn to go with it too!

Signing up is easy, just click HERE and fill in your details.  The instructions are clear and although the cashback may not track as 100% straight away, it will be uplifted after the promotion.  You can then start shopping from their list of over 4,000 retailers and earning money straight away.

This offer is only for new members and is valid until June 7th so be quick!

Let me know what you think of the film - we will be watching it soon!

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Newborn Keepsakes

Apparently a baby is considered a 'newborn' for the first 12 weeks, which means Finn only has a few days left until he is just a baby.  These first 12 weeks are both the fastest and the slowest I find.  In some ways it feels like no time at all since I held my son for the first time but life before Finn seems so long ago, it already feels like he has been around forever.

For each of my children, I have created a keepsake box full of memories from these early days.  I hope one day we can look back together, that they can show their own children and know how loved they are.  Finn's box will grow as he does, but there are so many things from this newborn stage that I want to keep hold of.

His first babygrow, the one I picked out for him after nearly an hour searching for the perfect one.  I bought it the same day we found out that he was a boy, and it was both the first sleepsuit he ever wore, and his 'coming home outfit' from the hospital.  He actually still fits in it, but as soon as it is outgrown, it will be saved.

His hospital tags that show just how tiny his little ankles were, back when his official name was just 'baby'.  I also have the first hospital tags with his name on them, after 10 days of deliberation we finally decided, and the hospital staff gave me his first named tags to put on his legs myself.

A newspaper from the day he was born - buying this wasn't top of my to-do list as I held my new baby, but for each of my boys, my mum has bought them a newspaper that will remind them of the world they were born into.

First photos are so special, and whilst Finn will grow up in a digital age, I think having a paper copy is priceless, and he will have some of my favourite photos from the early days printed out to store in his keepsake box.

When our baby arrived, our family and friends helped us welcome him, and their cards will always be treasured.  Finn will have all his 'welcome to the world' cards in his keepsake box to remind him how it wasn't just us who were excited for his arrival.

I still have all the scan photos, the little momentos from the very first time we saw our baby boy, and these are also in his special box.  We only had two scans with Finn, but I love the image of him hi5-ing the camera.

I still need to do some hand and footprints for Finn's baby keepsake box ( I have a kit from Tesco), he is still so tiny, and when he is a grown man, I know we will love looking back and remembering how big my little finger looked in his hand.

I know I will add more bits over the years, first shoes when he takes his first steps, the first masterpiece he creates, badges and certificates that he is proud of and plenty more.

What did you save for your children?

Disclaimer : Thanks to Tesco

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Monday, 27 April 2015

The Last Few Months

Last Thursday I joined thousands of other anxious parents frantically checking their emails to see which school their child had been accepted into.  Somehow over three and a half years have passed since our Dylan entered our lives, and in September he will be donning a navy blue uniform and heading off to school.

It seems like only yesterday that we were bringing him home from hospital on that warm summers day, and it is hard to believe three years ago he was sat in a highchair with the chubbiest thighs you have ever seen and food smeared all across his face as he learned new schools.  In the last three and a half years we have witnessed and shared so many firsts, from smiles, to words to steps to hops.  In five months we will pack him off for his first day at school, which gives us five months to enjoy the freedom that comes from no commitments.

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Prepararing for a New Sibling

Twice in his three and a half short years Dylan has welcomed a new baby brother.  He is a naturally laid back child which has made things easier, and as he was so young when Archie was born, I don't think he remembers a time before his brother arrived, but there are still a few things we did to try and make the transition as smooth as possible.

We told Dylan about the pregnancy after our first scan, so that he didn't go blurting the news before we were ready to share.  He was very excited and after about 3 weeks of being asked every morning whether the baby was here yet, we stopped talking about it so much.  Toddlers have not got a great sense of time and six months isn't easily distinguished from 6 days.  We then decided not to make a big deal of it until we were in the final weeks and that seemed to work well for us.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Alternatives to Baby Blue for Baby Boys

With Finn being my third boy, I have to admit that I am done with pale blue.  When we were expecting Dylan, we stocked up on the traditional baby blue and he suited it completely but I have discovered over the last three years how great a variety of boys clothes there can be, and Finn has a wardobe full of white, grey and colour.  His clothes are fun, comfy and perfect for a baby boy without being overly blue.  

I love colourful baby clothes, playful styles and pictures that remind me of childhood.  Dylan has loved choosing clothes for his little brother, and he always goes for bright (and usually covered in dinosaurs too).  I have found some great independent stores, scandinavian brands and even places on the high street that have great colourful boys clothes.  This sleepsuit is from Melijoe and I love the colour scheme. 

Blue doesn't have to be pale, Finn looks lovely in blue, but we have chosen darker or brighter shades.  No matter how you dress a baby, you will get asked repeatedly whether it is a boy or girl, and dressing him in blue helps other people to recognise them. It also makes it a lot easier to shop!

There is something so precious about babies in white, and I can't resist that angelic look, especially in the first couple of months.  There isn't long where white works as weaning and crawling soon eliminate it from their wardrobe, so I love white on my babys, although with two big brothers who love playing with him, Finn won't be keeping white clean for long either!

These gorgeous babygrows can all be found on the Melijoe website

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Turning Two

Turning two is a pretty big thing and we got to celebrate with Archie this week as he hit that milestone.  He may have been mostly unaware, but his big brother was not, and with the impending arrival of a new brother, we wanted to make sure Archie had a day just for him.  We didn't plan too much, but we did manage to fit in three of his favourite things - Peppa Pig, Balloons and Family.

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