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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Looking After My Skin With Aveeno

There are so many things I love about winter from the fairy lights on the tree to the crisp frosty mornings and hot chocolate under a blanket in the afternoons. I hate how cold it gets on the school run though, how my feet never quite feel warm enough and how dry my skin gets.

Long walks in the sharp winter strip my skin and the central heating and hot baths which I very much rely on seems to dry out what is left and whilst I use very few products in the summer, it is a different story in the winter. I have always had to be careful with what I use on my skin as I had bad eczema as a child and I am still prone to flare ups. Aveeno® Skin Relief Nourishing Lotion and Restoring Hand Cream are gentle on my skin with its triple oat formula and they sent me a lovely hamper to help look after my skin this winter.

This winter I am determined to look after myself a bit more too,

My Hands

I have buggy mitts to keep my hands protected from the wind when we are out walking and AVEENO® Skin Relief Restoring Hand Cream for restoring moisture and keeping them silky smooth. There is nothing worse than dry hands and the 75ml tube is perfect for popping in my handbag to use on the go!

My Skin

The AVEENO® Skin Relief Nourishing Lotion with Shea Butter comes in two sizes and I have the pump lid one in the bathroom for after a bath or shower and the 200ml tube in my
bedroom. It is clinically proven to moisturise skin for up to 24 hours and help to prevent that tight irritable sensation of dry skin.

We already have the new AVEENO® baby range for the little ones and I am enjoying focusing on myself a bit more this year too, looking after my own skin as well as I look after theirs. None of the children see bad weather as a reason to stay outside so if my winter is going to be spent at parks and the beach then my skin definitely needs a little bit of TLC!

This post is in collaboration with Aveeno® but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. #ad

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Win // Skin Doctors

I was recently sent some lovely items to include in a Mother's Day gift guide which included Skin Doctor's Beelift face cream and Younger Hands hand cream.  I am only a few days into using them, but I am really enjoying pampering myself and looking after my skin.

Here is what Skin Doctors have to say:

Beelift helps fight premature ageing ensuring that your skin is nourished, renewed and revitalised. Beelift contains the Bee Venom (Melittin), Manuka Honey, the collagen treatment Trylagen® and Hyadisine® - a complex mix of peptides, amino acids, proteins and key enzymes. Together these ingredients trick the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung, instantly working to control facial muscles for cumulative tightening, lifting, plumping and firming of the skin.
Beelift is clinically proven to 
  • Increase Collagen by up to 300%
  • Cumulative skin tightening
  • Plumping and firming of the skin

Take 10 years off your hands in just 6 weeks! The combination of active ingredients in Younger Hands works on the most common skin concerns, with dramatic results:
  • Skin is visibly plumper with thickness and texture returning to the levels of 10 years ago
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced, with the appearance of wrinkle depth and roughness reduced by more than half in 28 days
  • Age spots and freckles are visibly lightened. Skin is resurfaced, unveiling a smoother, more uniform appearance
  • Skin is hydrated and softened
  • Contains SPF 15 UVA/UVB protection to help prevent further ageing

I have a wonderful Mother's Day bundle to give away consisting of beelift, younger hands and a pair of The White Company cashmere socks, total RRP is over £100!  his is perfect for the Queen Bee in your life and entry is via the simple rafflecopter form below.

Good luck!!
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Thursday, 24 April 2014

M&S Holiday Essentials Review

You may have seen that we have recently spent a fantastic week on a family ski holiday, where we enjoyed the sun, the snow and some time away together.  The lovely people at M&S sent me a few bits to pack in my suitcase and it was lovely to have some little treats whilst we were away.

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mama Mio Skincare

I hate to say it, but my body is just not the same as it was pre-baby.  There are lumps and bumps in places that were once smooth and my tummy has a silver map of something resembling the london underground etched into it thanks to stretch marks.  As much as I tried to look after my body during pregnancy and afterwards, motherhood has taken it's toll.

I was invited along to learn about Mama Mio's pregnancy skincare range and their new 'Fit Skin Test' and I was interested to see whether their products could make any difference at all to me. 

The fit skin test is
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