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Monday, 28 May 2018

An Ordinary Day at the Beach

These four, they are a team.  They are a little gang of small people, the leader often changes as do the dynamics and my gosh do they like to squabble but underneath it all is a friendship that nothing will break.  They have their own personalities, strong opinions and unique perspectives but together they are strong and I love watching the way they react to each other.

This was just an ordinary half term day but we had no plans and the sun was shining so the beach seemed like the obvious choice.  Ed was working and so it was just this gang and I which always prompts comments every few metres as we walk to the coast about 'having my hands full' (I totally do!).  We had the wagon packed with buckets and spades, water and swimwear and we had nowhere else to be.  

I think the freedom of the beach always puts them in a good mood.  The sea and sky seem endless, there is nobody showing them how to play or what to do, they are just given tools and left to create their own games.  I think their favourite at the moment has to be throwing rocks into the sea.  I will never understand how it can create so much enjoyment and entertain them for so long, but they can't resist the temptation of throwing and watching their rocks splash in the cold British sea.  They run in and out of the waves, kick the water in the air and splash with their fingers and they smile and laugh as they do it.

The day wasn't all perfect, but this moment was and looking back, that is what I want to remember.  The way the big two competed, both thinking they had won, the way they encouraged their younger siblings, showing how to throw underarm, and the way they praised them for trying.  The way they giggled as they did it, Archie doing a silly dance in between each throw.  The way Cora counted rocks 'three, three, three', the way Dylan checked them all thoroughly to find the best ones and the way Finn picked only the biggest ones, telling me he was so strong every time he lifted one.

As much as I love recording the big moments and the milestones, I wanted to make more of an effort to write down the little ones too and I hope one day the children can look back on the memories we made and remember the fun of their childhood.
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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

An Ordinary Half Term Day

It is half term which means a week off of school and nursery and we have a week full of little plans rather than big ones.  The weather is set to get wetter as it gets on, so we made sure we got outside whilst we could.  It was one of those rare winter days where the sun blinded us as we drove over to a seafront park and it warmer our faces as we explored the ruins of an old castle built right on the cliff top.

The playground next door had a castle theme and the children loved it.  Some of our local ones are a bit of a struggle for Cora's little legs but this one was perfectly designed for children of all ages and I could sit back and relax as they ran around.  The cafe served fresh cake and hot coffee and it felt like half term got off to a great start.

Of course there were tantrums as we had to leave, a child who refused to eat any of his lunch and the day certainly wasn't perfect - it very rarely is, but we had fun and I took a few photos that I wanted to share to look back on.  I know that one day they won't all be so content with a seesaw and roundabout but for now, this is their perfect start to half term.

There they are, my baby girl with a fringe that just won't stay out of her eyes, my toddler boy who goes one way whilst we all go the other, my four year old whose tongue can't help but poke out his mouth when he is concentrating and my big boy who looks so grown up with his two front teeth missing.

It was just an ordinary half term moment, but it was just as worthy of recording as the big moments.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

An Ordinary Moment - Winter Walks

It isn't as easy to get out every day in the winter, but it makes such a difference to us all and the excitement on their faces when I suggest we put on our wellies is so worth it.  Archie got a new scooter for Christmas which means that his old one has been passed down to Finn and Finn has not left it alone since.  He wants to scoot everywhere and he is pretty good at it too! 

These are a few quick snaps from an ordinary day for us, just a Tuesday or Wednesday.  I take the big boys to school and then the little two and I start our morning properly.  We went for a walk and they insisted they didn't need their coats for all of five minutes (they have plenty of layers on underneath) before they both decided that they may actually be a good idea. 

There is no real story to this blog post, just some photos to remember these ordinary mornings where we squelch in mud, giggle on the swings and race up and down the same path in the park on a scooter.   These ordinary moments that are the highlight of their weekdays.

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Ordinary Moments // These Four

The first week of the summer holidays has passed and we have settled in to this new way of being.  The dynamics are changing, relationships are evolving, our normality has gone and in its place is a freedom from the schedules, and a desire to simultaneously do absolutely nothing, and go on a big adventure.

These four babies of mine are together now, for better and for worse for these six weeks and I love it.  The noise levels have gone up, there is more squabbling, more tears and more demands for food than I am used to, but there is also more laughter, more beautiful moments that I get only to observe as an outsider, and more opportunities for them all to learn and grow.

Having four means that they often pair off, and when things get tense, they can swap who they play with and gain some space.  It mostly works that the big two disappear to play a game of their own whilst the small two play around my feet together, but Dylan will often read a book to Cora whilst Archie and Finn play wrestle or build Lego together.  I sit down and play with them all, but I love sitting back too, with a cup of tea in one hand and watching them together, seeing their differences and their similarities, the way they copy each other, the language they use and the bonds they are building.

We spent last week in France where this photo was taken.  There were three small huts that the elder two claimed as their houses and the smaller two were allowed to visit.  The little ones waved at each other through the windows  and they eventually decided on a picnic right in the middle - the spot where they are sat here.  Of course they wanted snacks - having four children means it is never long between snack requests.  

I can already tell this summer is going to fly by, whilst also feeling pretty long and I can't wait to enjoy it with these four small people by my side. 

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Ordinary Moments // Birthday Parties

This weekend is our busiest in a while with three birthday parties and a Christening to attend.  We tend to have one day at the weekend where we stay close to home, and then another where we do something more exciting, but this weekend there is no quiet home day and a good amount of cake!

Archie's friend T had a brilliant balance bike party yesterday and the boys loved it.  The older children went out on their balance bikes round a trail and came back covered in mud but with giant grins on their faces.  The younger ones stayed at the base camp and scooted around, had their face painted and played with toys and we all reconvened at the end for party food and cake. 

T's little sister E is the same age as Finn and they get on so well, they were chasing each other round on scooters and bikes, hiding under tables with a bowl of mini sausages and they made the best lion and tiger. 

These two had no problem keeping themselves occupied whilst their elder siblings were off in the woods and their baby siblings were crawling around in the hay.  Finn hates being confined so a huge country park was perfect for him and I think E is just the same. 

The countdown until the summer holidays has really begun now with term finishing on Thursday and I think the boys are going to be ready for a break after our busy weekend!

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Ordinary Moments // Settling in Sessions

There are only 6 more sessions of nursery and then he has finished, for the summer, forever.  Next September Archie will be joining his big brother at school and he is pretty excited.  This week we had the final one of his three settling in sessions and I left him in his classroom for two hours.

The first two sessions involved me sitting in the hall listening to the head teacher and other members of staff and PTFA talking to us about the school and what to expect whilst Archie went off to his new classroom for an hour.  This final one was two hours though and I dropped him off and left the school.  

Archie never wavered, never looked back and I think (I hope) September will be just the same.  Unlike his brother who only turned 4 a month before he started school, Archie will be four and a half and that bit more ready.  I heard others speak of the boredom when Dylan was coming towards the end of preschool, but with a summer born baby I never really understood.  With my February son I get it though.  Archie seems to have outgrown preschool in many ways, he seems bored, ready for the next stage and I think school will challenge and encourage him in the right ways.

I didn't feel nearly as emotional when I dropped him.  I remember the worry with Dylan, counting down until I could collect him and constantly checking the time.  With Archie it felt easier and I don't know if it is because he is the second baby, or because he is that bit older, but we both enjoyed the session.

That was the last session until September now.  We need to buy uniform, shoes and a schoolbag and I know the time will fly until this baby boy of mine will be joining his big brother in the school playground at 9am.
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Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Ordinary Moments // My Cora Day

I love having a big family, I spend all week looking forward to the weekend and having all four of my babies at home with me, but I love my 'Cora day' too.  I never had much time with just Archie as Dylan was at home full time and as he started preschool, I started looking after a friend's son.  I try to spend some one on one time with them as much as I can though, and I have been lucky to have one day a week set aside for just Cora and I.

We usually meet our friends and go somewhere, either out for lunch, to the park or the beach or somewhere else.  All of the babies are the same age (there are only a few days between them) and I love that Cora has friends her own age.  Each of the boys has a set of friends outside their school or nursery (lots of them are siblings too) and I like the balance it gives them.  We still see the friends they all made as babies most week and I am happy that Cora has her own set of buddies.

As a parent, it means I have others to share the milestones and troubles with.  We all went through the weaning stage together, crawling and cruising and now planning first birthdays.  It means that I can talk about these moments as much as I want without people getting bored (I hope) and I am loving watching Cora start to interact with her friends.  

It gives me a bit of a break too, only having one to deal with, and one who isn't nearly as mobile as the others.  We get to go for walks together, to cuddle up close without being pulled in other directions and to take the day at our pace.  My Cora day is a special one.

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Ordinary Moments // Cora Tax

Cora is finally starting to eat a little more, but generally the portions she manages are very tiny and we don't really think about her when we are cooking or ordering our food at a restaurant.  In the spirit of sharing, we have introduced a 'Cora Tax' when we serve the boys their meals, which means they each have to donate something off of their plate to their sister.

It started as something little, asking them to pass on some left over peas or pieces of pasta, but it has become part of our everyday routine now, as they each portion up a small amount of their dinner to put on her tray.  I think it may well be Finn's favourite thing to do as he is willing to share anything in the name of 'Cora Tax' and proclaims it loudly as he is passing her some duplo or a toy.

This photo is from our trip to the beach yesterday.  It was a scorching 27 degrees and so it seemed vital to cool down with some ice lollies.  I didn't even think about Cora as I ordered and really she is a bit young to be having her own lolly, but Finn was happy to let her have a few licks of his in the name of Cora Tax. 

These two have a really special relationship and whilst they still have their moments, and Finn isn't always gentle with her, they are so sweet together and they play so nicely, chasing each other around on their hands and knees, climbing on things and sitting together carefully taking apart all their big brothers' duplo towers.  All the worries I had about having them so close together are gone when I see how wonderful they are together.

I am pretty sure that eventually Cora will start eating big enough portions that we factor her into our cooking, but all the while she is eating so little, we will all be paying Cora Tax, even with our ice lollies.
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Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Ordinary Moments // A Saturday Afternoon

Saturdays it is mostly just me and the children.  The bloke works from home and I usually take them out somewhere local to run off some energy.  We don't go anywhere far as I don't drive and we have Sunday to do something as a family, but we pick somewhere fun and go out.  Yesterday we went to Quex gardens - a local gardens that we have an annual membership for.  It is beautiful and well kept and we know it is always quiet and there are no dogs running around.

My sister came with us yesterday which was lovely as the boys just adore her and it makes things so much easier having an extra adult when someone needs the toilet or we want to go and get ice creams.  

We spent the whole afternoon there and only left when they started shutting up.  My sister left and the four children and I set off for the train station to go home.  As we walked past a fish and chip cafe, the boys asked if we could stop there for dinner and it felt so good to just say yes.  I love this time of year where it stays light for so much longer, where you can stay out a bit later without any worries and we had a lovely evening, getting home just in time for bed.

I am loving recording the bigger moments through my blog, our milestones and our travels, but I want to remember the little things too, the ordinary moments, the Saturday afternoons we spent playing hide and seek in a beautiful park, eating a picnic under a tree and staying out late for fish and chips.  These little moments that are the things the children will remember.  My sister took this photo of us today, discussing which ice creams we were going to choose  (-because of course days like this need ice cream).

I am going to try and join in Mummy Daddy Me's linky to record the little things, those ordinary moments, the things that I don't always write about but I want to remember.
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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A Little Winter Sunshine

The ordinary moments are often the most precious, the everyday things are worth remembering and recording and that is exactly what this blog post is - little moments from an ordinary day.   The park is a big part of our life, we go there to blow off steam, to learn new skills, to be close to nature, to climb and swing, to picnic, to meet friends and to breathe some fresh air into a lazy December weekend.

The weather was mild at the weekend and the boys were restless so we popped down to the park after lunch (Finn is on nap strike) to run around.  The sun sets so early that we knew we didn't have long, but there was long enough to play and they love the freedom to explore.

The big two boys don't seem to notice I am there, they become wrapped up in their own little world, playing make believe, racing, driving the pirate ship and escaping from sharks.  They get on so well, and with the freedom and space of the park there are fewer reasons to squabble.  Finn doesn't like to be confined in any way so he goes in and out of the park gates asserting his independence but staying close.  We took his little Toddlebike and he mostly zoomed around shouting 'bike'.

The biggest two boys had these Little Bird gilets when they were small and I have been buying other sizes when they comes up on selling sites as they are perfect for brightening up a cold day and for keeping an eye on them in a crowd (Cora has one too but she wasn't wearing it here). 

And of course Cora came with us, she started off in the sling, but I popped her in the buggy so that I could run around with the boys a bit easier and she could watch on.  She loves being outside and she looked pretty snuggly wrapped up in the footmuff.  

I hope these babies of mine always love to run and climb and explore, that the park continues to capture their imagination (and wear them out) and that they look back on these photos remembering the fun they had on a warmer than usual December Sunday.

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