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Monday, 9 October 2017

5 Things to do with a Spare Room

We have recently moved in to a bigger house to give us a lit the idea of an upstairs office where doors can be shut is very appealing!tle more space, but as the boys have decided that they would prefer to still share a room, we have ended up with a completely spare room.  There have been many suggestions from all members of the family with what it should be used for, here are our top 5

  1. A guest room.  The obvious choice is to buy a guest bed and keep the room for when family and friends come to stay.  Guest beds are great for when one of the boys has a friend to sleepover too.
  2. An upstairs office.  We have an open plan downstairs and currently our desks are set up down there, but having a space where we can shut the door is very appealing

playroom 690.jpg

  1. A walk in wardrobe.  I have always dreamed of a simplistic and minimalist bedroom, and having our wardrobes in a seperate room would help keep our sleeping space calm.
  2. A kids den. The boys would love either an upstairs playroom or as they get bigger a games room or den for playing computer games and hanging out with their friends.


  1. A room for students. Having a spare room can allow you to earn a bit of an extra income by hosting foreign students.
How would you utilise a spare room?

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Our New Home

We have been in our new home for one week now.  It was never the plan to move just yet, I thought we had a couple more years in our old house, but somehow the desire for somewhere a bit bigger got to us and we ended up with a moving date right in the middle of the summer holidays.  In some ways it has been great as the disruption of moving, the lack of structure for those couple of days and the lack of curtains for a couple more haven't affected the children as much.  In other ways it has been twice as stressful as there is very little that can be done whilst occupying four small people.

We still haven't quite finished moving everything and there is a lot of unpacking to be done still.  I am waiting on furniture deliveries and I think there will be cardboard boxes lining the walls for at least a couple more weeks.  We need to paint Cora and Finn's bedroom before we can move them in and our room is still in need of curtains ( there is a duvet cover hanging in the window at the moment in an effort to keep the light out).

Moving has been challenging for us all.  The boys have coped amazingly on the outside with it all, revelling in the extra space and the fact we now have a garden.  On the inside they have been more emotional, more challenging and we can see that they need time to adjust.  Cora has taken it all in her stride, but she is waking up much more than usual through the night.

We haven't had wi-fi all week and so I haven't been online as much and I haven't taken as many photos as usual, but there are a few here, to document the early days in our new home.  With it being the end of August, the children have been making the most of their new garden and they are often out there from the moment they get up until it is time to bring them in for bed.  They helped Daddy to mow the lawn and we got out the paddling pool (that I had bought to be a birthing pool but never used) in the later half of the week.

We discovered that our garden has apple and pear trees as well as blackberry bushes, and it also has a friendly cat that likes to come and hang out with us.  We have named her 'fluffy fish' and all four love following her around.  We get foxes in the garden too which they are all quite fascinated by.

It has been a busy week but this empty shell of a house is slowly starting to feel like our home.  I can't wait to decorate it more, arrange our possessions and create a space that we love to be in.

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Moving House

Twice now, I have moved house whilst pregnant.  Neither time was avoidable, but both were utterly exhausting, and I ignored the warning signs from my body telling me that I was over doing it.

The bloke and I found ourselves pregnant so early on in a new relationship, but we knew we wanted to become a family, and so set about finding somewhere to live.  I was back with my parents at the time, and he was renting a furnished room in a house, so not only was it a big step for us, it was an expensive one too! We knew we had a baby on the way, but we had no real idea at this stage what a baby would entail.  We guessed at things, opting for somewhere with a bath rather than a shower for washing him, and making sure the master bedroom could comfortably fit a cot in for the first few months. Ultimately time wasn't on our side, but we found a place to make our own and moved in shortly after.

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dylan's New Nursery

Moving house has taken a lot longer than it did last time and I am inclined to blame the 15 month old who has a rather different idea of unpacking boxes!  I am proud to say that one room in the house is now 'done' though and hopefully the rest of it is not far behind.  

Dylan's new nursery is bigger than his last one and was painted a dark shade of brown when we moved in.  Although the colour was lovely, all of his furniture is white, grey and light blue and so we decided to paint the walls before settling him in there.  At our last house, I spent a long time dreaming up my perfect nursery and lovingly cut out wallpaper shapes for a feature wall, matching the carpet and paint and designing the whole room around this wallpaper.
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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Moving House

I have recently discovered that there is nothing more stressful than moving house.  I have moved before - several times in fact but I have never had so much 'stuff' to sort out and pack, and I have never had a toddler around to 'help' out.  

house keys, moving house

I was quite relaxed in the lead up to the big event, thinking how long exacvtly can it really take to pack up one's life?  The answer is
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