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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Mother's Day Experience Inspiration

When I was a child, my Dad would always take us out to choose our Mum a present.  We usually went to the local newsagents on our bike and we would pick her a chocolate bar or packet of sweets.  I am pretty sure we went for our favourites in the hope that she would share, but we chose them ourselves and that is what mattered to her.  

We would go downstairs with him in the morning and help make some toast and a cup of coffee and Mother's Day would begin.  As we got older, choosing a gift got harder.  A bar of chocolate no longer seemed enough, but that didn't mean we had great ideas.  I don't think I really appreciated my mum enough until I had my own children though - suddenly picking a gift to symbolise how much she means to me, to all of us is really tough!

Flowers and chocolates are always appreciated, but I like finding a gift that is a bit different (especially as I know that my brother and sister will be buying her something too).  This Saturday (25th) Tesco have an inspiration station in 300 of their stores (I will be popping down to Broadstairs on Saturday to check it out) for some last minute help.  I answered a few questions online and the team helped pick out the perfect gift for my mum and they will be on hand to help anyone who has left it last minute but wants to show their mum just how loved she is.  

22% of people admit they don't know what to buy their Mums (me included) so the help team can choose an experience based on your answers and you can even use your clubcard points to exchange them for your gift.  Many of the experiences encourage us to spend more time with our Mums - and I am looking forward to a day out with my Mum when we go on the Chocolate Delight Workshop that the team picked for us (They totally nailed this one, we are a pair of chocoholics). 

16% of men are sending their partners out to buy a gift for their Mother-in-law (again, me) and I am hoping to find something perfect with the help of the team on Saturday. I have been accruing my clubcard points all year too so it will be a bonus if I can use those.

I can't wait to give my mum her gift on Mother's day and I am thinking of letting the boys all pick something for Grandma from the chocolate aisle in Tesco on Saturday to keep the tradition going.  

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide // South Aylesford Retail Park

Today we visitied South Aylesford retail park to check out some gift ideas for Mother's Day.  I always find it so tricky choosing the perfect gift for my Mum and Mum-in-Law but I managed to come up with 9 great choices (admittedly a couple were more things I would like).  These are my top Mother's Day picks from the retail park . . . 

I love the cute patterns on these water bottles from Halfords, the whole range was really pretty with cool bags and bike seats too.  These would be perfect for summer picnics and I think both Mums would appreciate the spring colours.

They are a classic Mother's Day gift for a reason and Marks and Spencer's food hall had an amazing array of flowers to suit all tastes and budgets.  I don't know many mums that wouldn't appreciate a beautiful bouquet. 

Marks and Spencer's food hall had a great selection of gifts by the front door and this bottle of pink sparkling wine with chocolates caught my eye.

 Homebase had a great alternative to a bunch of flowers with their selection of potted plants.  The colours were stunning and I can really imagine these in my Mum's garden.

We also noticed this sign whilst we were in Homebase (although they were still finishing it off).

This may be a bit out of my budget this year but Finn and I both agreed that Grandma would love this for her garden.  We got a bit carried away admiring the garden furniture (and testing it all for comfiness).

Ok so admittedly this one was more something I would want, a new camera from Currys PC World.  This is a step up from mine with built in wi-fi and would make a tempting Mother's Day gift from me to me. 

These tablet cases were on sale in Currys PC World too and I know that both Mums love their tablets.  My favourite is the map print but I can imagine they would both choose the floral.

I popped into Smyths toy store not expecting to find much for them, but I think that the boys would love to buy a new board game for Grandma.  They love playing Bingo when we go round and I think as they get older this would make a lovely gift - something they can do together.

All this window shopping got a bit much so we stopped for coffee and a sandwich at Costa - Our final gift idea is a voucher for here - who doesn't love an excuse to go out for cake?

All of these items are available from the South Aylesford retail park near Maidstone, Kent.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide [For a Mum with Young Children]

Mother's Day this year falls on Sunday 26th March and I have put together some lovely gift ideas if you have a Mum to spoil (or to casually leave open on your laptop to give the kids (or Daddy) some help!).    

I have recently discovered there is such a thing as Chocolate Pizza, who knew? It combines two of my favourite things and the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company are selling a special Mother's day edition with a beautiful white chocolate flower sitting in the centre.   To make sure I can wholeheartedly recommend this pizza, I did of course have to try some and it gets my seal of approval!

The Mother's Day pizza is available direct from the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company's website for £11.50

Cath Kidston prints are so beautiful and feminine and the Watch Shop now sell a stunning selection of watches.  I chose this delicate bird print and I love the rose gold details and the slim strap.  As with everything Cath Kidston, these watches are beautifully made and a lovely gift for a Mum of any age.

Cath Kidston watches are available from the and there are over 70 to choose from.  The one pictured is £60.

Nothing has aged me quite as much as having children, and after years of sleep deprivation I am starting to realise that I really should  look after my skin better.  Skin Doctor's luxury products are designed to do just that, looking after the Queen Bee in your life.  Bee lift is a luxurious facial hydrating treatment containing bee venom and natural Manuka Honey to combat fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity in the skin. Younger hands claims to take 10 years off your hands in only 6 weeks and I am really enjoying testing both of these! 

Beelift has an RRP of £38.99 and Younger Hands retails at £30.60.  Both are available direct from Skin Doctors as well as selected retailers including Boots, Amazon and Ocado.

If you want Mother's Day laughs then the latest Mills & Boon book, 'Turning into your Mother' guarantees them.  With talk of Mummy's special Calpol and all the things we don't say but are definitely thinking this book is amusing and about the only kind of book I can actually find time to read with small children around too!

Available for £6.99

One of the highlights of Mum Life for me is getting to drink a hot cup of tea and have a biscuit all to myself.  It doesn't happen often but when it does it is blissful. I don't think you really appreciate getting to eat a whole biscuit in peace until you have toddlers trying to grab a bit!  This little Mother's Day tin from Walkers is the perfect size to hide from little fingers and is full of mini versions of the iconic shortbread shapes.

This tin is available exclusively from Walkers Shortbread and costs £5

Nelson's Arnicare Bath and Massage Balm is a great multi purpose product for pampering.  Whether you want a long soak in the bath or to soothe aching muscles this balm is enriched with evening primrose and rich sweet almond oil to really hydrate the skin.  I can't decideI which is more appealing at the moment, a warm bath to unwind or a back rub!  I love how you can use this liquid balm for either and I think it would make a great Mother's Day gift.

Available from Boots for £8.55, find out more at

ferrero rocher tree, chocolate tree

Chocolate is ALWAYS a great gift in my eyes and I have been admiring these Ferrero Rocher trees for ages.  They are an incredibly unique and deliciously divine gift and you can buy them with a Mother's Day glass too.  I love that they come with a tealight so that you can reuse the glass afterwards too.  This gift is perfect for Mums of all ages and looks really impressive (if it lasts long enough to actually admire it).

Available from Find Me a Gift for £26.99

Ergobaby have recently released their Sophie La Girafe carrier and this is a wonderful gift from baby to Mummy - something they can both enjoy.  We still have our first Ergo from when Dylan was little over 5 years ago and it is a much loved carrier and brand we trust. This new design with the bunting and iconic giraffe is so lovely and I can't wait to try it out with the little two.

ergobaby, sophie la girafe sling

And if you can't find the perfect gift here then you can't go wrong with the classic breakfast in bed!  I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day whatever you choose

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Made By Mum

I am the woman I am today because of my Mother.  She is the one who taught me about the world and about myself, the one who gave me the skills I needed to be independent, who gave me the strength to follow my dreams, who gave me the courage to stand up for what I believe in, who believed in me when I needed her most.

In many ways we are so similar, in others we couldn't be more different but I am #MadebyMum and with Mother's Day approaching I have been looking for the perfect gift for her.  Getting Personal have helped me find something that celebrates everything that my Mum has taught me, because her present should be as unique and special as she is.

My Mum taught me to be strong, and that our inner strength is powerful.  She had three children very close together and my memories of my childhood are fun and happy.  She reminds me that there are tough days (and tough weeks) but I can get through them and tomorrow will be better.  

My Mum taught me to be prepared, to think about the future, to save for a rainy day.  In many ways this is where we are different, I am more spur of the moment than a planner but the contents of my handbag include many strange and occassionally useful things much like hers.  

My Mum taught me how to love through her unconditional love for me.  I grew up feeling loved everyday and I hope my children feel the same way.  She is kind and compassionate, she helps others personally and in the community, she is passionate about recycling, she volunteers, she always has time for her grandchildren.

Getting Personal helped me to create a gift that celebrates what my mum taught me, how she shaped me, that I am #MadebyMum.  Their unique range of Mother's Day gifts is easy to personalise to create something perfect for the woman who made you who you are today.

Getting Personal have launched an exclusive #MadebyMum collection with gifts specially made for mum.  Their gifts are easy to personalise and the perfect gift from children big or small.

 What has your mum taught you?

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Mother's Day

March brings Mother's Day, something that is even more special now I have children to share it with.  Not only do I get to recognise the amazing woman that my mother is and the wonderful Grandma that she is to my boys, but I have an opportunity to stop and realise how lucky I am to be a Mummy to two beautiful children myself.

I always knew that I wanted children, although the number or the time frame was something I didn't need to worry about until the future, or so I thought.  Motherhood came from nowhere for me and in some ways I was lucky, never having to go through the tough times of trying without luck, or the heartbreak of loss.  The reality is that it came with its own struggles, the not knowing, the newness, the beginning of a relationship.  One day I was a girl, the next a mother, carrying a tiny human being inside of me.

Motherhood was a journey, through pregnancy, birth and those newborn days and is still a journey now, an adventure.  I have two little people that call me Mummy, that make me question everything I thought I knew, and every part of me.  Two children that want cuddles from their mummy before bed, who want to hold my hands as we walk, who want to snuggle with me on the sofa.  Two children that need me to teach them, to cook for them, to fix their woes and kiss every hurt better.  Two children that need me as much as I need them.

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