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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Me and Mine in May

I have had so many opportunities to get a family photo this month, but it took until about 6pm today to actually get us all in front of the camera for a last minute snap and I think you can see how tired we all are! May has been a month of sunshine (mostly) and showers, beach trips and shorts, sunglasses and pimms.  It feels like we waited forever for this half term at the very end of the week and now we are just impatient for that long six week break we know is coming.

May has been quietly busy and whilst we haven't been anywhere special, we have been out a lot, spending most of the month outside at parks, beaches and woods.  The children have spent all their spare time in the garden which is slowly getting to how we want it and there have been more muddy knees and grass stains than I can count.

This was the month we decided to give potty training a go for not one child, but two.  Both Finn and Cora are now wearing pants and most days it is going really well, although it is definitely a slower process than with their big brothers.

So here is our family photo for May and a little update on us all

This month I have loved a bit of childfree times, watching 'Life of the Party' at the cinema, seeing how well my babies are doing at potty training and being barefoot at the beach.

Ed has loved seeing his friends at a wedding, choosing a reusable coffee cup (a bigger deal than you can imagine!), bbq weather and gardening with the children,

Dylan has loved hatching baby chicks at school, ice cream at the beach, making fruity (bear) yoyos from scratch and reading Horrid Henry's bodies book.

Archie has loved digging up mud in the garden, playdates with his friends after school, lots of outdoors play and pork pies.

Finn has loved going on the big slide at swimming, choosing his big boy pants every morning, the roundabout on the beach and having tea at nursery.

Cora has loved outdoor baths in the garden, playing with her little cousin Oscar, playing chase with her brothers/friends/anyone that will get involved and taking her babies for walks.

We are all hoping the sunshine returns for June!
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Monday, 30 April 2018

Me and Mine in April

I have forgotten several times this month that it was actually April.  The middle of the month heatwave felt more similar to a warm July day and as the children played in the garden in just their nappies and the thermostat read 25, it felt like Summer had really arrived.   The end of the month felt closer to November as temperatures dropped to seven degrees in the middle of the day and we bundled up in jumpers and coats, swapping our ice creams for hot chocolate.  

It has been a really fun April though, with two UK breaks, school news and the bold move on my part to pack away the winter boots in favour of sandals (a decision I have been regretting all weekend). Let's pray that May is more consistently sunny!

This month I have loved exploring new parts of the country, eating ice cream at the beach,  buying summer dresses (in the hope it returns) and having my sister back home after her winter season in France

Ed has loved winning the family quiz at Crealy, planning summer festivals, drinking beer in the garden and going to see Ed Byrne.

Dylan has loved finding out that he got into his first choice Junior school, revisiting Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight, learning to drive at Crealy Adventure Park and moving up to the next level with swimming lessons.

Archie has loved stomping in the mud at Crealy, moving up to the next swimming lessons, having his arm out of the sling now that his collar bone is healed and sunny days at the park

Finn has loved going on his first rollercoaster at Crealy, roaring at the dinosaurs at Blackgang Chine, doing an extra couple of hours on his two afternoons at nursery and going swimming with Aunty NatNat.

Cora has loved going down the waterslides when we go swimming, chasing and catching her friends, her new purple wellies and using the potty more and more.
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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Me and Mine in March

March is leaving us with the taste of Spring and sunshine along with a threat of snow and plenty of rain.  It feels like Spring should be starting about now, but the weather man is not convinced yet.  Boots and coats are still very much needed and we are feeling a little nervous about our Easter holiday plans.

March was the month that Ed turned 34, that Archie broke his collarbone, that Finn took mischief to another (more destructive) level, that Dylan challenged stereotypes and that Cora decided to assert her independence and the month where we had a 'mini' holiday' to London.  It was quick and busy and quiet all at the same time and we are excited for April and Easter and hopefully sandals and sunshine.

This month I have loved going to see School of Rock with my Mum, buying myself fresh flowers, discovering there is more local woodland than I thought and watching the children playing so nicely when we went to London.

Ed has loved getting new windows for the whole house, playing Junior Monopoly with the boys, eating mini eggs every night and the Beer Festival on Good Friday.

Dylan has loved visiting the SeaLife Centre in London, choosing his new glasses, making Easter hats at school and eating red pepper.

Archie has loved building his own bear at Build-a-bear, getting extra cake because he has a broken bone, playdates with his friends and counting down to Easter.

Finn has loved playing in the rain at the zoo, playing Football with some German men on the Southbank, starting at toddler gym and doing puzzles.

Cora has loved choosing her own clothes in the morning, peeling satsumas,  answering every question with the word 'me' and carrying around a Chase from Paw Patrol teddy all the time.
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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

My Family in February

The end of Febuary has crept up on us and despite multiple opportunities to get a family photo, I have ended up bribing the boys after school today to get this one and I was only allowed one shot.  February has been dominated by birthdays with Archie turning 5 and Finn 3 and we had a week off for half term in the middle which was very much needed.  The end of the month has been all about the 'Beast from the East' although the reality down here is about 2cm of snow laying over night that was gone by lunchtime the next day.

February has meant the start of shopping for summer clothes despite the fact the weather is only getting colder (real feel -12 degrees as I type this) and I am starting to daydream about afternoons spent at the beach with ice cream.  I like winter well enough but by the end of February I am feeling desperate for a glimpse of Spring.

So here is our one shot family photo for the month and surprisingly everyone is looking, although I can't do anything about the terrible glare on the glasses. And of course a round up of our month by listing what made it special for us.

I loved going to the Greatest Showman singalong at the cinema, shopping for summer dresses and dreaming of sunshine, finishing Grey's Anatomy so that I have a bit more free time and Creme Eggs being so readily available again.

Ed loved a new computer game he has been playing (and winning), hiring a cleaner and freshly baked bread every lunchtime.

Dylan loved having a day out with Archie and I, watching the snow fall, having his best friend to sleep over, watching Early Man at the cinema over half term and the new park we visited.

Archie loved getting all sorts of Pokemon presents for his birthday, winning lots of pennies at the arcades, playing barefoot on the beach on one of the warmer days and going bowling on our Mummy and the boys day.

Finn loved having a birthday party with all his friends, the big balloon Aunty NatNat sent in the post, choosing his own clothes in the morning somedays and telling everyone he is three now.

Cora loved having all her brothers around for half term, watching Blaze and the Monster Machines now that she has finally noticed the TV, watching videos of herself and pointing at 'baby' and the word  'MEEEE'
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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

My Family in January

The first month of the year (and by far the longest) is coming to a close and despite the fact it has been cold and wet, we have had a great one, mostly down to the amazing week we spent in France on our family ski holiday.  I would like to say we have started the year as we mean to go on, but we have left the house late for the school run almost every single day (thank goodness for scooters!) and I have eaten far too many Easter eggs already!

This month I have loved eating cheese fondue in the French Alps, binge watching Grey's Anatomy, that creme eggs are back in the shops and being a bit more organised with my new planner.

Ed has loved challenging himself on more red slopes when we were skiing, having his first spa day with me, skiing with the children and seeing how good they are now and the way Cora says NO so seriously.

Dylan has loved his new school reading challenge, zooming down the blue slopes, learning about astronauts at school and his swimming lessons.

Archie has loved going skiing with Ed and I, playing in the park in the rain, practicing on his new two wheel scooter and practicing writing his letters.

Finn has loved scooting everywhere, playing with his friends at nursery, seeing Aunty Nat Nat in France and singing Happy Birthday

Cora has loved sweetcorn, shouting NO at people when she isn't happy, singing twinkle twinkle and saying Archie's name over and over and over and over . . .

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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Me and Mine at the end of the Year

It is not only the end of the month, but the end of a year, and I am so proud that we have managed our 12 families photos again.  It has been a busy year and a great one and we can't wait to see in 2018 with friends and family by our sides.  This month has been all about Christmas, with shows, parties, celebrations, novelty clothing and plenty of mince pies.  This month has been one for reflection, for planning and for spending time together.

This month I have loved hosting Boxing Day celebrations with Ed's family, getting an extra Christmas in before my sister left for France, living in chunky knit jumpers and taking part in secret santas and shopping for the perfect gifts.

Ed has loved the excuse to eat chocolate everyday, drinking stout, celebrating Christmas with family and starting his garden gnome collection.

Dylan has loved being the Second Shepherd in his school nativity, writing Christmas cards, playing superhero top trumps and having some time off of school.

Archie has loved getting new Pokemon cards for Christmas, playdates with his school friends, a school Christmas party and having his brother around over the holidays.

Finn has loved chocolate coins, opening presents, exploring at the beach and jumping in puddles at every opportunity

Cora has loved her new pram and baby doll, reading her 'that's not my' books, pulling everything off of the Christmas tree and practicing her squats in the kitchen.

And because I can't not think back to the whole year, 

This year I have loved spending more time with Dylan without the little ones around, watching Archie settle in so well at school, hearing Finn's speech come on so much and seeing my last baby grow up.

Ed has loved taking the kids to a music festival, moving into our new house, getting the boys into Pokemon cards and skiing on the red slopes.

Dylan has loved starting year two, reading Horrid Henry books, Pokemon everything and skiing on the blue slopes.

Archie has loved camping with the bears, pokemon everything, making new friends at school and Kinder Eggs.

Finn has loved his first festival, Cora turning into the perfect playmate, spending time with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunty NatNat and Umizoomi.

Cora has loved learning to walk and run, playing with baby dolls, moving into Finn's bedroom and Mummy cuddles.

I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us.
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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Me and Mine in November

November has been the month that Autumn became Winter, even if not officially.  We started the month in light jumpers and thin tights, mild mornings and trips to the park after school  yet we are ending it wrapped up in hats and scarfs, with the heating on, candles burning and the anticipation of Christmas everywhere we look.  November seems to be very much a transition month and it has passed quickly and without standing out too much.

I don't feel like we have done much, but friendships have been established, play dates enjoyed, the outside world appreciated and all four children seem to have grown in the past four weeks.  We didn't manage to get a family photo on time, so this is a very last minute phone snap before the school run this morning - only three of us are dressed, the house is messy and not everyone really knows what is going on - we will always make sure we get a photo, even if it is by the skin of our teeth.

December will be full of excitement and magic, Christmas and fun and I feel like our simple November leads perfectly into it.  This month 

Becky is loving a night out with the reception mums from school, playing football, a day out with my big two boys and going to the Mother and Baby awards.

Ed is loving is new breadmaker, getting Sky for the house, discovering that we have underfloor heating in the kitchen and celebrating friend's birthdays

Dylan is loving arts and crafts with Aunty NatNat, a day in London with Mummy, preparing for the school Christmas show and asking 'who would win in a fight' questions about animals and mythical beings.

Archie is loving playing Pokemon cards, talking about Pokemon cards with his friends, drawing Pokemon and thinking about Pokemon related presents he can ask Father Christmas for.

Finn is loving scooting to nursery, getting himself dressed and undressed, chatting to the older ladies in the cafe and the new playgroup we have started going to.

Cora is loving carrying around her dolly, walking on the school run, splashing in puddles and having her hair brushed.

Hopefully our December photo will be a bit more organised!

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Me and Mine in October

October has been mild and bright and full of orange with the falling leaves, the odd sun and sky in the middle of the month and the pumpkins at the end.  We have been busy and we have had fun and our Me and Mine snaps were taken on Saturday whilst we were at Port Lympne.  

This month

Mama is loving freshly baked bread each morning, getting my yellow coat back out, the warm winter duvet and falling asleep listening to the bears on our overnight trip at the zoo.

Daddy is loving baking bread in his new breadmaker, carving a pumpkin, watching Stranger Things on Netflix and going on the safari at Port Lympne

Dylan is loving looking for painted rocks in the park, collecting Pokemon cards, hot chocolate with marshmallows and writing stories.

Archie is loving his swimming lessons, discovering all the dinosaurs at Port Lympne, a sleepover at Grandma and Granpas and playing Pokemon.

Finn is loving seeing the tigers at the zoo, looking for numbers when we are out walking, singing to Cora at bedtime and brushing his teeth

Cora is loving climbing on the sofa, being allowed to walk more outside, dancing around the living room with Finn and giving kisses to everyone.

We have pretty much no plans for November at the moment so I am excited to see how it goes!

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Me and Mine in September

September is coming to an end and it definitely feels like Autumn. Dylan is back at school and Archie is ready to start full time on Monday.  My boots have come out of hibernation (although my sandals are not yet packed away) and I have a blanket on the sofa for when my feet get chilly in the evenings.

I don't feel ready to say goodbye to summer yet but the beautiful reds and browns that are covering our walkways are forcing me to embrace everything that comes with October.  September seemed to pass so quickly, too quickly for us to manage a family picture but there is nothing like last minute and we asked Ed's brother to take one whilst we were at my niece's soft play party this morning to make sure we get one taken! The photos are far from perfect, but then so are we.

This month Mummy is loving buying Autumn clothes for the children, doing my daily steps by lunch time thanks to all the extra school runs, getting into our new routine now that we are back to school and the rich colours in the park.

Daddy is loving his new desks, settling in to the house more, listening to Archie's singing and watching Black Mirror.

Dylan is loving being in year two, seeing his brother in the playground at lunchtime, playing 'pets' with Archie (they pretend all their cuddly toys are their pets) and planning Halloween.

Archie is loving starting school, collecting Autumn things from the park,  his taster school lunch session last week and snuggling under blankets on the sofa.

Finn is loving his two afternoons a week at nursery, wearing a backpack, watching Dinotrux and playing outside in the rain.

Cora is loving shoes (wearing them, carrying them, rearranging them), playing with her wooden bobbins, walking in the park and having naps in her own bed.

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Me and Mine August

August has been the busiest month of the year by a long way.  This month we have had all four at home every day, we have been camping together at our first family festival, Dylan turned 6, I turned 30 and we moved house.  We ending the month absolutely exhausted but with lots of brilliant memories.  Thankfully the lovely Hannah at Childcare Adventures offered to take a photo of us all whilst we were at Wilderness as we have completely forgotten to take any others this month!

This month Mummy has been loving planning how the new house will look, a birthday evening out with friends, dressing Cora in little dresses now that she is walking and sunny afternoons at the beach.

Daddy has been loving folk week festivities, seeing Two Door Cinema Club at Wilderness, having space for a home office and Jack Daniels cider

Dylan has been loving turning 6, picking apples from the garden, reading Horrid Henry books and ice cream.

Archie has been loving having a big garden to play in, bouncing on the world's biggest bouncy castle, riding his balance bike everywhere and kinder surprises.

Finn has been loving playing chase with Cora, the excuse to be naked whilst it is warm and summer still, dancing to the music at Wilderness and chips and nuggets.

Cora has been loving walking everywhere, carrying shoes around everywhere she goes, her new water bottle and playing with the ice cream truck toy.

We are hoping September is quieter as I will be sending two boys into school.  I am not ready to say goodbye to the summer just yet though.
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Monday, 31 July 2017

Me and Mine in July

July has passed with a mix of heatwaves and rain storms and we have just returned from a brilliant week away with Eurocamp.  I wanted to get a few family photos whilst we were there, but it wasn't as easy as I hoped and we ended up with two.  The first was of us off to dinner one evening, standing by the lake in the rain.  The second is a selfie on my mobile phone whilst we were in the swimming pool.  It was a challenge to get the kids to stay still for long enough, but we just about squeezed the six of us into the shot to capture the moment. 

July has been brilliant, and it leads into August which is probably our favourite month as a family, with lots of plans and hopefully a little more sunshine!  

This month . . .

I have loved croissants for breakfast every morning on holiday, becoming a Godmother to my baby nephew, no more school runs and finding more time to read.

Ed loved seeing Greenday at the Hyde Park gigs, Finn's dancing, all the different French snacks (Milka biscuits) and browsing Rightmove for a new house.

Dylan loved learning to ride a bike with no stabilisers at kids club, feeding the ducks every morning when we were away, counting down to his birthday (which still hasn't happened) and candy floss ice cream 

Archie loved the water slides in the pool on holiday, his settling in sessions at his new school, getting back on to his balance bike and zooming everywhere and collecting Minions stickers.

Finn loved riding his little bike everywhere whilst we were away, spending time with Aunty NatNat, watching Thomas on Netflix and helping Daddy make coffee.

Cora loved splashing about at the fake beach on our holiday, having her big brothers off school, playing hide and seek and going high on the swings

It has been a brilliant month but we are looking forward to August now!

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Friday, 30 June 2017

Me and Mine in June

It has been a month of sunshine and heatwaves, beach trips and afternoons at the park, paddling pools and dips in the sea, and yet our monthly photo is taken in our slightly messy and incredibly cluttered living room.  This month we have been so busy having fun that we haven't managed to take a single family photo so at 5pm on the last day of the month, I have balanced my camera on the window sill and pressed the button once. In some ways I am a bit sad that our photo this month doesn't reflect the wonderful month we have had, but equally, this is us still, at the end of a lovely June.

The biggest event this month has been Cora turning one, but Dylan would probably argue that losing his first two teeth is pretty high up the list. I feel like we have had sunshine nearly every day and I am hoping July is a lot like June was.

Ignore the washing basket full of nappies that still need folding, the fact that Dylan won't let go of the x-box remote and my disastrously dyed hair, here is our photo.

So this month I have been loving spending so much time at the beach, discovering a new place to get macaroni cheese with friends, dressing up as a unicorn for Cora's birthday and planning our summer.

Daddy has been loving the hot weather, Father's day at Kearsney Abbey, sitting in the beer garden with friends in the evening and teaching Cora to walk.

Dylan has been loving his first visit from the tooth fairy, making cardboard houses and a cardboard city at school, playing Minecraft and Cora's birthday cake.

Archie has been loving starting swimming lessons, fresh watermelon in the garden after school, helping Cora learn to walk and playing with his best friend Pippa.

Finn has been loving giving Cora tax from his meals, sitting on the potty, sliding down the stairs really quickly on his belly and spending time with Aunty NatNat

Cora has been loving taking her first steps, cake at her first birthday party, playing chase with Finn around the house and giving big sloppy open mouthed kisses.
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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Me and Mine in May

Another month has passed and it has been a good one, with more sunshine than we were expecting.  Our family photo for April has us all wearing jackets but May's is full of bare legs and shoulders as we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at our favourite beach cafe for my Dad's birthday over the bank holiday weekend. 

The highlight of our month was probably our weekend glamping with Ready Camp where we all got a taste of camping without actually having to pitch a tent and we are definitely planning on going again.  We weren't organised enough to actually get a family photo in the tent this time but maybe next!

So this month,

I have been loving getting away and trying out glamping, welcoming a new tiny nephew into the family, getting all our shorts back out and the huge storm we had overnight recently that I couldn't stop watching.

Ed has been loving the first bbq of the year, the fact that Cora can say jump,  watching Finn dance and getting a new x-box

Dylan has been loving collecting Lego cards from Sainsbury's, his new bedroom,  his first wobbly tooth and his school trip to Tesco

Archie has been loving throwing rocks into the sea,  his new sandals, cheese strings in his lunchbox at pre-school and playing with his cousins at the family picnic.

Finn has been loving playing on the scooter, having Aunty NatNat around more,  joining in with more of his brothers' games and sharing his food with Cora.

Cora has been loving singing 'I had a little turtle', clapping her hands every time we call her a clever girl, walking around holding our hands and waking up for playtime at 1am.

We don't have many plans for June other than a certain little girl celebrating her first birthday! I am happy if the next month goes really slowly!
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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Me and Mine in April

April has been full of family time and adventures and choosing our favourite things about the month has proven quite tough.  The weather has been all over the place and we have bared our legs in shorts only to be reaching for our coats the next day.   This month's pictures are a first and I am expecting some sort of medal or letter from the queen for this achievement - all six of us looking at the camera.  Of course we aren't all smiling, but nobody is crying either and I love them!

We visited the Rare Breeds Centre near Ashford and they had the most beautiful bluebell woods.  I took a few pictures of the boys and then asked a stranger to take one of us and they turned out lovely! 

This month I loved having two weeks with all four children at home, taking photos in the bluebells, getting my shiny new phone and spring cleaning (parts of) the house.

Daddy loved finding a coffee Rotisserie in Hamburg, watching Cora grow up so much, getting his shorts back out and driving on the fast German roads.

Dylan loved hunting for Easter eggs in Grandma and Grandpa's garden, making pancakes at Centre Parcs, playing I spy and starting choir club at school.

Archie loved playing football in Grandma and Granpa's garden, climbing the green mountain at Plopsa, the water slides at Centre Parcs and going on the rides at the funfair in Hamburg.

Finn loved having his brothers home every day over the holidays, holding hands and walking more, splashing in the pools at Centre Parcs and going on the rides at Peppa Pig World.

Cora loved finally working out how to crawl and get around, learning to clap her hands, her first taste of chocolate over Easter and playing with the boys' toys whilst they are out.
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Friday, 31 March 2017

Me and Mine March

I started the year so much more organised than I finished the last one and I managed all of two months before I gave into disorganisation once more.  March has been the month I tried to catch up again, mastered the to-do list and completed failed at the elusive work/life balance.  

Generally it has been quite quiet with more quiet weekends close to home than anything else.  The bloke had a birthday and we had a lovely Mother's Day seeing my Mum and Dad and my brother and his family - these photos were taken on Mother's Day in my parent's garden.

We are all ready for the two weeks off school which start this afternoon and whilst we have few few concrete plans we are looking forward to some spontaneity and family time. 

This month
Mama is loving getting her sandals back out, lighter evenings, eating creme eggs and brunch outside at the beach cafe.

Daddy is loving his new coffee machine (something that seems to come up far too often), Finn's crazy personality coming out more, cuddles with Cora whilst she still feels like a baby and a big night out with old friends

Dylan is loving doing Easter crafts at school, playing games on the X-box, choosing his own sweets at the newsagents for film night and playing Mummy, Daddy and baby zombies at school with his friends.

Archie is loving building 'battle bots' with his Lego Duplo, dodging lasers and crocodiles on the walk to preschool, not having to wear a coat everyday and his new bunk beds.

Finn is loving playing peekabo with Cora, being out the buggy walking more often, singing the Tiny Tim turtle song over and over and counting things.

Cora is loving having breakfast every day, practicing her pincer grip (mostly on my skin), playing with duplo and playing peekabo with Finn.

And finally, to sum up March here is what a real family photo look like - not a single person looking at the camera!

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Me and Mine February

The end of Febraury has come around so fast that I completely forgot to write my Me and Mine post last night! I know it is a short month yet it still catches me out! February is always a busy one with half term and two little boys celebrating their birthdays and we took our family photos purposefully near the end of the month.  We threw the boys a soft play party on Sunday at a little venue right on the seafront and came straight out onto the beach to snap these.  As you can see they are all hyped up from running around and excess sugar but nobody is crying this month!

The month Mama is loving signs of spring on the way, going up to London for my friend's birthday, watching Once upon a Time on Netflix and starting the big spring declutter

Daddy is loving playing pie face with the kids, shopping for coffee machines, a week off of school runs and discovering Palak Paneer - the best dish from our local Indian.

Dylan is loving writing his own stories,  playing mummies, daddies and baby zombies, dressing up as a Gingerbread Man when they had traditional tales week at school and going swimming

Archie is loving turning 4, having a party with all his friends, building Duplo 'battle bots' and playing with the scaletrix at the Hornby museum.

Finn is loving opening birthday presents on his second birthday, eating lots of cake, riding his horsey (the Wobbelboard) and climbing on everything!

Cora is loving wires,  fish fingers with all the coating taken off, chewing on Mummy's teething necklace and singing Row, row, row your boat with Finn.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Me and Mine January

We are already a whole month into 2017 and what a crazy one it has been! In the wider world we have seen the devestation that Trump is causing and in my smaller world we have applied for a school place (Archie) , travelled to find snow, gained extra teeth (Cora) and watched far more TV than I would like.  

My photos from this month aren't the sharpest and typically we forgot to find anyone to take them until the last minute of our ski trip so there is a fading light and less than ideal background.  We managed three vaguely happy (not crying) children out of four so I am still calling it a win.  We had the most amazing family holiday and I hope I will look back and remember how we were too busy having fun to stop for photos.

In January Mama is loving seeing her sister in France, going up to London for the kids fashion trade shows, hot baths after a cold day and eating cheese fondue and raclette.

Daddy is loving skiing down the red runs, watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix, quiet weekends at home and watching how well Dylan could ski.

Dylan is loving going down the blue run with mummy and Daddy, making a holiday scrap book, birthday cake at Uncle Oli's birthday and learning about the Chinese New Year at school.

Archie is loving skiing down the snake, playing Dig Out on the tablet at the airport, finding the letter 'A' everywhere and playing with Cora in the mornings.

Finn is loving spending time with Aunty NatNat, pinching everyone else's food, turning the tv off if we put anything other than Blaze on and perfecting his pronunciation of the word 'biscuit'.

Cora is loving carbs (her favourite foods are toast, chips and potatoes), her doll from Nanny, bouncing on her feet and sleeping in the crook of my arm.

February may only be a short month, but two out of our six have birthdays to celebrate so the boys are all pretty excited for it!
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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Me and Mine December // Me and Mine 2017

Today is not only the last day of the month, but the last day of the year too.  I feel like December crept up on us out of nowhere and I am left wondering quite how we got here.  2016 has been both a great and terrible year.  Whilst in the wider world we saw many deaths, Brexit and Trump, in my smaller world we saw first, third and fifth birthdays, we welcomed a new baby girl, we celebrated as Finn learned to walk, run and climb, Archie started preschool and Dylan went into year one.  

This year has been busy, it has been chaotic at times, messy, disorganised but always wonderful.  We have all grown and learned alongside each other, we have developed new relationships, expanded existing ones and my little family is bigger and better than ever.

December has been a mixture of festivities and outdoor adventures as we have made the most of the milder winter weather.  Christmas was celebrated many times over with different parts of our families and we will be seeing the new year in surrounded by our friends.  

As I mentioned, the end of this month has crept up all too quickly so this post is both an end of the month and end of the year round up.  

This Month Mummy is loving buying Christmas presents, the look on the children's faces on Christmas morning, watching the sunset at the beach and starting running again

Daddy is loving Cora being more interactive, time off over Christmas, buying a new computer and getting back to the gym

Dylan is loving Christmas crafts, Christmas tree chocolates at Grandma's house, his new 'colour with mum' book and doing treasure hunts around the house

Archie is loving snuggling up in his dressing gown, his new haircut, his Hulk Smash hands and having his big brother around more.

Finn is loving being allowed chocolate now (the real stuff), dancing to everything and anything, pushing his new dolly and pushchair around and watching Blaze

Cora is loving her first tastes of food, bouncing in the jumperoo, sitting up to play and blowing raspberries on the back of her hand.

I have put all of our me and mine photos from the year together too - I love seeing how we have all changed and grown as my bump became a baby, as Finn found his feet, Archie lost his hair and Dylan learned to write.  

 I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us.  There is so much I want to do, so many places I would love to go, so many books I want to read and things I want to learn.  2017 will be the year Cora turns one, Finn starts to communicate more, Archie will start school and at the end of the next year we will be applying for Dylan's Junior school place!

Goodbye 2016, you have been wonderful.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Me and Mine November

We actually had our Me and Mine photos taken near the beginning of the month, which isn't very representative of a month where I have felt ridiculously disorganised.  November has felt pretty manic for no real reason and my to do list is growing faster than I can tick things off.  It has been a lovely month though, full of Autumnal colours, hot drinks, cosy knits and snuggly afternoons.

My friend Kylie (Newport Photographic) took our photos and I just love how they captured us in Autumn.   I say it every month, but getting all 6 of us in the frame is a real challenge! 

This month Mama is loving having her little sister around, Carvery Sunday lunches, Black Friday shopping and getting my slippers back out again.

Daddy is loving getting back to the gym, playing Fifa, going out more with friends and how interactive Cora is.

Dylan is loving learning about festivals, school trips to the park, having a sleepover with his cousins and making sticker charts for his brothers (and then rewarding them all day with stickers).

Archie is loving learning songs for the Preschool Christmas show, playing in the eco-garden and coming home covered in mud, baking with Aunty Nat Nat and scooting through puddles.

Finn is loving Blaze and the Monster Machine, climbing on everything, Puddle splashing in his wellies and cuddling Cora

Cora is loving being able to roll, bathtime, sleeping in Mummy's bed and being tickled around her neck.

I can't believe we are already going into December, this year has gone so fast and December is going to be busy with Christmas shows, parties and of course the big days (we are celebrating Christmas twice as my sister is going away for the big day).
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Monday, 31 October 2016

Me and Mine October

The end of the month was approaching and we still hadn't sorted our Me and Mine pictures for the month (which is no suprise really as we always seem to leave it to the last minute), but on a day trip to London we bumped into the super lovely Hannah from In the Den photography and she took some snaps for us.

Six is a lot of people to get in one shot, even more so when two are overtired and two are so full of sugar from the toffee apples they have just consumed that they struggle to stay still at all (in fact the moment the photos were taken they started running through the giant puddles soaking themselves)  I don't think we are ever going to get one of those posed shots where everyone looks at the camera and smiles but I don't care, this is my crazy bunch and I couldn't love them more.

October hasn't been particularly eventful, but the weather has been so mild that we have loved being outside, exploring and playing and not having to layer up too much.  This post comes live from Butlins where we are enjoying a weekend away together and it feels like the perfect way to end half term.

This month Mama has loved hearing how well Dylan is getting on at school on Parent's evening, taking photos in the Autumn leaves, hot coffee after a summer of iced ones and dungaree dresses

Daddy is loving playing on a giant pacman machine, Halloween, the dessert buffet at Butlins and Costa lunch on a Wednesday

Dylan is loving playing Clash Royale on the tablet, spending money at the arcades, having a sleepover with friends during half term and making a start on his Christmas list.

Archie is loving playing Pokemon, splashing in every puddle he finds regardless of whether he is in suitable footwear, learning to write his name and counting everything.

Finn is loving talking more, pressing the button at traffic lights, throwing things and moving up the dairy ladder

Cora is loving her Little Tikes playmat, midnight parties, chewing everything and growing into the next size clothing!

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