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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

What the Kids Wore // Maxomorra Summer

The weather keeps changing its mind about whether summer is on its way or not but we have been enjoying checking out Maxomorra's summer collection.  They sent us an under the sea print t-shirt for Finn and a rainbow spaghetti strap dress for Cora.

I love the rainbow print, although I was initially dubious about the straps on the dress as Cora is still quite petite.  They work really well though, staying up and elasticated and comfy.  As the weather wasn't quite summer warm we layered it with a vest and leggings.  The cotton is soft and everything is organic.  The dress is sized 86/92 which translates roughly as 18-24 but Cora is very petite for her age and so it was quite long.  I would say the sizing is probably quite accurate.

Finn's t-shirt is also super soft organic cotton and we love the bright print.  The red trim makes it look great and the size 98-104 (roughly age 2-4) fits him perfectly as he is an average sized just turned 3 year old.  

The collection is full of fun and playful prints and I have bought quite a few bits for the children already! Both prints are available in a variety of items from underwear, pyjamas, jumpers and trousers and the entire collection is organic.  

If you look at the bottom of the Maxomorra website you can see the full collection and also which retailers are stocking your favourite items.

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Friday, 2 March 2018

What the Kids Wore // Maxomorra

Finn adored his sister as soon as she was born, but there relationship has only got stronger as they get bigger.  Cora is no longer just a baby to stroke and kiss, she is now a playmate, an equal and an accomplice.  They snuggle up close to watch TV, they play together, they feed each other and they giggle together as they jump on my bed.

They were sent these outfits from one of our favourite brands, Maxomorra which I started buying when Dylan was only little.  Their new spring and summer collections are full of bright and playful prints and we love the crocodiles and bumblebees.

Finn is wearing the long sleeved top and baggy trousers and Cora has the twirly dress and all are made from super soft organic cotton.  I love how each print comes in a variety of different items (perfect for sibling twinning!).  I think these photos show how playful the clothing is as well as how nuts my children are!

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

I think these photos capture their toddler energy, their spirit and how much fun these clothes are.

Maxomorra organic kids clothing,

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What the Boys Wore - Maxomorra

I love the colours of Autumn, the rich reds, browns and yellows and now that Finn is walking and understands a little more, I am getting to experience the change in seasons through his eyes.  The leaves that now coat the ground that was once fresh and green, the crunch underfoot which was before a squeak, the gusts of wind that make him hold his breath and giggle.  

We have been at the park so much over the last couple of weeks as it is in the middle of its transformation and whilst the centre still looks lovely and green, along the walls the trees are turning brown and there is so much to explore.  With Dylan at school and Archie at preschool three days a week, I have lots of time to head out with Finn and Cora (who tends to sleep through these things still).

Of course Autumn leaves make for a great excuse to take out my 'big camera' and the change of lighting from the bright summer sun is fun to learn about and much easier to photograph.  Maxomorra sent us some items from their new collection and I adore these velour frog dungarees and the co-ordinated top.  The colours are perfect for Autumn and the brown is very practical for a newly walking toddler!  Everything is made from organic cotton and the sizing is pretty generous too (Finn is 19 months and wearing size 80/9-12 months here).  

Finn has a real talent at finding rubbish wherever he goes so we always seem to end up litter picking at the park.  He finds a stray can that he wants to carry around so I remove it and bin it before turning round to see he has found an empty bottle and the process is repeated again.  The squirrels that run around the trees at our park are a great distraction though, as are the dogs that he wants to chase around.  

Every visit to the park seems to be different at the moment and this is definitely one of my favourite times of the year - the changes are so subtle each day but so dramatic and Finn has the perfect attire for exploring it. 

Thank you to Maxomorra for sending us these beautiful clothes.  If you want to check out their new collection which features several prints with each one coming in different items from dungarees to dresses to hoodies to onesies.  Some of our favourite UK stockists are Catfish Kids, Dapperbaby, Juicytots, Kyna Boutique and Uni and Jack

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Monday, 25 April 2016

What the Boys Wore - Dapperbaby

I love dressing my boys, picking clothes that suit their personalities, their colourings and their lifestyle.  Finn needs comfort, the right fit for crawling and the right shape for his growing pot belly.  Archie needs freedom to run and jump, he doesn't want to be restricted, his clothes need stretch.  Dylan needs to look 'cool', or whatever a 4 year old considers cool, because he is starting to want an input in what he wears, but he also like soft and bright.

We have found brands that fill every criteria and the places we buy them from and whilst I love discovering new brands, there are some old favourites that I go back to every season.  Dapperbaby is one of my go-to online retailers as the lovely Emma stocks a mix of our favourites alongside new brands that I can't resist trying (and always love).  Her service is amazing, my orders tend to arrive the next day and a little bag of Haribo always makes me smile!

albababy, dapperbaby, alba playsuit, 13 month old

Emma sent us a few pieces and this playsuit from Albababy was the thing I was desperate to open.  The colours look so perfect together, it is practical for Finn to crawl and move in, the shape and cuffs mean it will last for a long time and I love how he still looks like a baby in it.

I bought my first Albababy item quite recently and have been slowly stocking up ever since, the quality is outstanding and I love the cuts of the classic pieces.  These are definitely clothes that you can keep for future children and Britney bump will have plenty to grow into. 

Albababy isn't just for Finn and Archie was sent this classic brown and white striped top.  His wardrobe contains a lot of patterned trousers and I know that stripes are guaranteed to go!  The cuffs on this are currently folded over and I think this will last him a very long time too.

These dog leggings are from Maxomorra, a company I have written about several times and who make up quite a chunk of all three boys' wardrobes.  Archie loves leggings and with potty training they are ideal for him.  He loved the design and they are perfect for this in between weather where it isn't always warm enough for shorts but he doesn't need anything heavy.

Archie really likes to put clothes to the test, and these definitely passed!

albababy stripes, maxomorra leggings, maxomorra dogs, dapperbaby, scandinavian kids clothes

Archie is wearing the leggings in 98/104 and the top in size 104, he is a pretty average sized just turned 3 year old.

One of my favourite things about Maxomorra is how they make a print work for all children.  Many of their designs come in baby vests, leggings, dresses, hoodies and t-shirts alongside other items making it great for matching siblings of different ages.  Emma stocks a great selection at Dapperbaby and she sent Dylan the hoody to match Archie's trousers.  Made from organic cotton like every Maxomorra item, the hoody is soft, lined, stretchy and considered 'cool' by my boy - everything we want!  I love the contrasting yellow that keeps it bright and fun.

And finally, Maxomorra make the most amazing summer suits, I just love how light, practical and bright they are.  Finn was sent the racing cars, and I fell immediately in love.  During the spring months he can wear it with a vest underneath and the dungaree look and by summer it will be a romper on its own.  The sizing is so generous that this will definitely last him until Autumn and it is super soft and stretchy making it perfect for a baby that sits, crawls and cruises.

These playsuits go up to a size 92 which would probably fit your average 3 year old still and they look so incredibly comfortable for days at the beach, exploring the garden and enjoying the sun. 

maxomorra racing cars, summer soft dungarees, dapperbaby, kids fashion blogger

And I may have taken quite a few photos of this one, because it is just too cute!  I think it is definitely going to be one of those items that Finn lives in this summer.  Maxomorra do several prints each season which include some 'girlier' colours and more neutral ones so there is something for every baby.

I really recommend Dapperbaby for fantastic kids clothes.  Many of the brands she stocks are organic, all are beautifully made and they are a great alternative to the highstreet.  It helps that first class delivery is free and Emma is happy to measure items and chat about sizing if you aren't sure what to order as well - Find her over on the Dapperbaby facebook page

learning to walk, maxomorra, dapperbaby, racing car dungarees, bib shorts

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Monday, 7 March 2016

What the Boys Wore - Maxomorra Spring'16

Back when Archie was a new baby, over three years ago I discovered Maxomorra and I have never looked back.  Their designs are bright, fun and childish, their clothing organic and soft and pretty importantly, they make clothes my children want to wear.

The Swedish brand release several drops per year, each with six brightly coloured prints and we were sent a couple of pieces from each of the spring drops.  I have lots of matchy bits for the boys, but nothing at all for Finn and Dylan and Dylan loved co-ordinating with his baby brother.  

maxomorra viking, maxomorra ss16, maxomorra dungarees

From the first drop we were sent these vikings - a huge hit with my big boy whose favourite film at the moment is  'How to train your dragon'.  He loved the print and the hoodie is super soft and comfy.  I can't resist stretchy dungarees so Finn's pair were love at first sight.  The colours really suit him and the fabric and cut make these really practical for my crawling, cruising, sleeping little guy.  

maxomorra raglan, maxomorra spaceman print, four year old maxomorra

From the second drop we were sent this Spaceman print which is possibly my favourite.  The blue is really fresh and bright and the characters are cute, yet still cool enough for a bigger child.  Dylan has lots of raglan sleeved tops as I think they really suit him and Finn's trousers are super stretchy, cloth bum friendly and have turn down cuffs making them last a bit longer.  Dylan climbed into Finn's cot after his morning nap to read books with him and they looked so sweet in their matching print.  I love how this spans the ages - something we struggle to find on the highstreet - and it looks perfect for a baby and a bigger boy.

Maxomorra, maxomorra spaceman, astronaut, siblings maxomorra

I find the quality of Maxomorra is great, we have quite a collection and the colours are remaining vibrant and the clothing keeping its shape really well.   I have bought several other items from both these drops (Finn NEEDED more dungarees!) and I can't wait to see what they bring out for summer.

 Maxomorra are sold through several independent retailers, here are some of our favourites that we regularly buy from:

Kyna Boutique

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Friday, 18 September 2015

What the Boys Wore - Maxomorra

Maxomorra has been one of my favourite children's clothing brands for a long time.  The Swedish company makes wonderfully vibrant clothes that encourage kids to be kids.  All their products are certified organic which means you know exactly what is going next to their delicate skin.

All three of my boys have plenty of Maxomorra in their wardrobes, but their latest collection features these adorable beavers and both Dylan and Finn were sent an item in this print. 

I am gutted that all the photos I have of both boys are blurry as I can see their relationship so clearly in them.  Dylan is always on the floor playing and talking to Finn.  He was so excited to match his baby brother and Finn just adores his eldest brother.

Finn has the zipped all in one in size 74/80 (6-12 months).  It is still very big on his, but I know it will last him all winter.  It is super soft and looks very comfortable.  The colours still stay vibrant after washing and the fit which is slightly longer and slimmer than high street brands is perfect for his shape.

Dylan has the raglan sleeved top which I prefer for him over all over print now that he is that bit older.  The colours contrast perfectly, and it looks great on him I think.  The fit stays slim and long with plenty of length in the body and sleeve.  The sizes are intermittent so jump from 3-4 to 5-6 and the 5-6 is a perfect fit on him.

One of my favourite things about Maxomorra is how easy the prints are to match for siblings as each one comes in several styles of clothes.  You can buy these beavers in dungarees, vests, trousers, rompers, t-shirts, hats and bibs and there is also a pink version if you wanted something more girly.

Maxomorra remain one of my favourite brands for all three of the boys, and their are plenty of UK stockists.  Some of my favourites are Kyna Boutique, JuicyTots and GrowingNeeds.

Disclaimer:  I was sent these Maxomorra pieces for the purpose of this review
 but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.
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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Summer Adventures in Whitstable

There is so much I love about the summer - waking up to the sun already in the sky, washing drying on the line, summer dresses, iced coffee, dipping my toes in the sea, children in the paddling pool, cider in a pub garden, and of course how easy it is to explore.  

You don't need to load up the buggy with raincovers and coats, you don't have to worry about it getting dark and al fresco eating is ideal with a toddler (or two) around.  Last weekend we hopped on the train to Whitstable, which is only about 20 minutes from us, for a change, and the sun was shining for us all day.

We have a sandy beach on our doorstop, and our buckets and spades are hung up ready to go at a moment's notice, but the pebbly beach in Whitstable needs none of this.  It is amazing how long two boys can be entertained just with water and stones.  They made piles, they had a tea party with them, they practiced skimming and they searched high and low for their favourite ones.

We wandered along the promenade first, looking at the stalls selling their homemade wares, and kids toys, and then found the fish market.  Lunch had to be fish and chips, but we went for freshly caught prawns and crayfish as they are the boys' favourite.  

picnic on the beach, whitstable beach, maxomorra sharks, brothers, villervalla sun hats
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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Life with 3 - Month 4

We have completely given up on being anywhere on time this month, but we are embracing the freedom too as we head into the final few weeks of nursery where it is allowed.  My mum told me that the reason she had a third baby so close to the first two was so that she didn't have to do the school run with a newborn, and I have to say, I think it makes a lot of sense.  Finn will be 6 months by the time Dylan starts school, and I think it may be easier to get us all out the house on time after 6 months of practice.

brothers, three under four, maxomorra, kids fashion blogger, family blogger, mummy blogger
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